Daniel Craig Invites You to the Top Secret James Bond Set // Omaze

To support The Opportunity Network,
I’m teaming up with Omaze
to fly you and a guest to London
to join me right here on the highly confidential set
of the upcoming James Bond movie.
Not only will you be given a private tour
of iconic Bond locations
here at Pinewood Studios,
but you’ll also meet up with me.
And hey, maybe you’ll even chat about Bond
with the lovely crew who help bring the film to life.
For instance, you could ask them,
“Who’s the best James Bond?”
There’s no question. Sean Connery.
No way. Roger Moore was in the most movies,
he is James Bond.
And as you can see, we’re not averse to
having a little fun with each other now and then.
Come to think of it, Timothy Dalton was pretty solid, too.
Aren’t they great?
Click the link below and go to omaze.com/bond
and donate now for your chance to join me on set,
tour the legendary James Bond locations
and meet this um…
delightfully honest crew.
It’s going to be an unforgettable time and, best of all,
every donation helps students
from under-represented communities
achieve college and career success
through The Opportunity Network.
So what are you waiting for?
Click the link, donate and I’ll see you in London.


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