Custom 24K GOLD Hand Made Playing Card Press – One of a kind!

– Seven months ago, I got an
email from a guy named Chris, who has a YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is called Clickspring. Chris is a professional master clocksmith. You can go follow his
videos and his progress on the things that he’s building. I think it’s super interesting. Chris hit me up and he was like, “Hey man, I wanna make
a card press for you.” now, for those of you who are not familiar with a card press, a card
press is basically a way to ensure that your cards
don’t have this annoying click. Playing cards when they
absorb too much moisture or not enough, they will get this click, then they will start to bend
and make this annoying sound. And a card press was like sure fire way of getting that click out. However, they’re old and
nobody really has them anymore. This is right up Chris’s alley. Chris wanted to build one
of this card presses for me in the sort of 18th century
design that he is used to doing. So seven months later, it has arrived. Look at this, look at this thing. This is insane. This thing first of all is quite heavy. It is made of solid steel and brass, and it is 24-carat gold-plated. Yeah, I know. Check out some of the details here. Hit the thumbnail by the way. Thumbnail, right here, huh? Maybe. Look at that snake wrapping
around the C there, I mean all of this and this
is one of the craziest parts, look at the top plate. Look at this thing. Look at the detail. This is insane. Oh my God, I was absolutely
blown away, speechless, when I saw this masterpiece. The only thing that blew me away even more was seeing how he did it. Chris spent over 200 hours making this beautiful card
press from raw materials. As you can see here, he’s
using the raw materials, milling them down to create
the tiniest little pieces. Like check that out. Look at that little acorn. That was all hand notched. Not only that, he ended
up making all the bolts that fit through here. All the handles and if that wasn’t enough, he then recreated my logo, so the little C you see
here and the snakes. So these snakes were
actually like brass rods that he ended up etching
to look like snakes and milling down and then
after that bending them using heat to be exactly identical. And then after that soldering them or welding them to the C. This is insane. And it doesn’t stop there. He then makes the plate and
this plate is hand drawn, is a hand drawn free drawn design. And then had to go over an etch with like this little mini Dremel by hand. I can’t even imagine the painstaking labor that that must have took. Like from now on, every time
I have a level 10 puzzle that I’ve been on for 10
hours, I’m not gonna complain ’cause this is, this is just insane. So he documents the entire
process of how he made this. I left the link below, you guys should definitely check it out. He added also a little bit
of magic into this video so I thought it was really
also really entertaining. It’s super soothing and just
plain interesting to see how one man can make such a
beautiful piece of fine art. And how he makes it come to life. I’m blown away, I’m impressed. I’m speechless. This is something I’ll
have with me forever and to me this is priceless. And the actual price, this is probably not far
from being priceless. Anyway, I wanted to showcase that. Go show Chris some love, the link’s below. Go see his videos, follow
him, subscribe to him, if you’re interested
in that type of thing. I think it’s just genuinely beautiful. Thank you so much, Chris. You’re amazing. I can’t thank you enough. I don’t even know. Words can’t describe it. So, go follow him, do
me favor, thanks again. Let’s put this away back in the safe. While I have your attention,
I also got a package from my buddies over at Art of Play. Art of Play, they’re
website, they have puzzles, they have games, they have playing cards, all sorts of stuff. And every now and then, they
Send me these gift boxes to open up and to check out, you know, some of their new little
oddities that they’re housing. So, let’s have a look. This is it. First and foremost (chuckles). This is cool. This is, I can’t show this on camera. I can do that, okay. just gonna make sure, there’s a word. This is a jigsaw puzzle. Okay, you get the idea not
gonna show that last letter, but you get the idea. It’s gonna look great on the shelf, just gonna have to blow it out. And then Okay, there’s
one that says yeah, right. And so these are jigsaw puzzles, but they also just look
kind of cool as is. You open it up, it says yeah. And you can see a lot
of that gold foiling, which is really cool. So probably would look like
a really interesting puzzle. Let me know down below if you wanna see me actually solve a regular jigsaw puzzle. I don’t know how many
people would be interested in seeing that, but hey, you never know. By the way, everything that
I’m looking at in this box is available down below
in the link Art of Play. This is available now in their shop. This is a first look basically, no one’s seen these before on video. We also have Molecube. This is like a Rubik’s cube. So it’s like a six sided Sudoku. Let’s open it up. I mean, I think that’s cool. Those of you asking, do I
solve the Rubik’s Cubes? I don’t, and I haven’t on purpose, because a friend of mine is
great at solving Rubik’s cubes, and he taught himself. He wants to teach me and I
kinda wanna wait for that. I don’t want to spoil it. But this is cool. So when I saw this, I
first thought I mean, I first thought the whole
goal here was to sort of put all the same colors on the same side, but I guess it isn’t. The idea is to have nine
unique colors on every side. So now this is a solved state, nine unique colors that do not repeat. And it’ll never be the same. Next up, Ooh, baby, now we’re talking. Look at like this. This is called True Balance. So the point here, this is cool. The whole point here is to stack them up. oh my God, this is like the ultimate test. Test of dexterity. Oh! Oh my God, this is like a
workout on my forearm as well. We got two, we got three, here we go. I’m gonna get it. You know, we’re just gonna,
we’re just gonna probably speed ran through this whole thing. Oh! and there you go and it’s
solved ladies and gentlemen. What? How did he do it? How does he do it? I can’t even solve it if I wanted to. So that’s a solid state. All right, I’m gonna be on
this thing, this is addictive. What is this is called? True Balance, True Balance. This is just a really cool
item that is super annoying and it’s a game. Oh wait, here we go. I’m so close right now. Okay, no. I’m gonna have fun this in my spare time. This is cool, this is
actually cool and weird. I like cool and weird things. So that’s sweet. True Balance, fun game. it’s like Christmas. Next we have, ooh! Brand new cards by Art of Play. We got the alphabet
cards, check these out. Those are cool. These are like, what’s this? The Z deck, Zoma playing cards. The Flux playing cards, oh I saw these. These are dope, these are really dope. There’s a cool Cardistry video
out there with these in ’em. I gotta open these right away. Let me know if you want
a card or a deck review on any of these other decks. I’d be happy to do it if I get enough, if I get enough love in the comments. Oh, lastly but not leastly, Ace Fulton, the beautiful pink and black colorway. I love these, by the way,
these look really dope. This is like a whole new
design on a tuck case. So hold on here. Here we go. Okay, weird. Oh, wow look at that. How weird does that look? Feels great, looks great. So you can learn Cardistry with this deck. I got a soft spot for like decks that are built for Cardistry. So if you wanna see any
of these, let me know and let me know which ones
you want me to review. Check this out. Makemaki. This is a two player game of sushi. So what does it say here? Makemaki, okay. Pick up your chopsticks, who will be the quickest sushi chef? A test of skill and speed
between two sushi chefs. Set a placemat, two chopsticks and half the available
ingredients in front of you and draw a card with a
recipe from your pack. The challenge begins, the
winner is the first chef to make on their placemat
all the Maki on the card using only chopsticks. Let’s get a top down angle here, Antoine. – [Antoine] Yeah. – I challenge you to make
sushi faster than me. Let’s go. Pick up your chopsticks, who will be the quickest sushi chef? so I don’t know the rules of this. I don’t know, I don’t
know exactly how to play but ooh, this is nice. A little table mat. Okay. Your chopsticks. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Are we supposed to split them apart? – I mean, I guess so. – Yeah.
– Okay cool. What’s this? These are the oh, these
are the instructions. (speaks Italian) – Gavanti. – Got it? – Yeah. – Maybe we’ll read the English one. Let’s get this open. You wanna open that. There’s a bunch of little sushi
rolls as you can see here. And what? Here, that’s what’s gonna happen. All right, let’s do that. Okay, all right. Okay. So my guess is that, guess mix this, okay, here we go. Both chefs put a placemat
and a pair of chopsticks and a set of 24 ingredients for the Maki. Each chef will have the same ingredients. See the list of ingredients
card in front of them. What’s the, oh that’s ingredients card? – You need both of them. – Oh okay, so we gotta,
we gotta make this. Right, so you split those up. Okay, this is interesting. The youngest chef draws a card
from the middle of the pack and places it face up in the middle. Antoine, you are the youngest, you’re gonna have to
choose one of the cards. I’m gonna get my stuff ready here. Go ahead. Exactly the one I forced you. There it is. That’s our recipe and go. Oh what, it’s double stacking? Could you get that, Lee? – [Antoine] Also, we
need twice this stuff, even for the middle. Or we can’t, we can’t. – [Chris] No, how’s that work? That’s what the top has
to look like, right? Because that’s what it
looks like from the top. So you gotta be careful how you place it. – [Antoine] So you need
to put a filler piece– – [Chris] You put a
filler piece underneath. – [Antoine] Oh wait. – [Chris] Don’t swear this
is a kid friendly channel. Stop copying me. The half moons are the hardest ones. You think this is how
they really make sushi? – Yeah (mumbles). – Okay. This is where the dexterity
from all those magic tricks comes into play. Here you go, buddy. – [Antoine] There you go. – Oh-oh! – Yeah. – Dude, these are so hard to get in. – These ones. – [Chris] The little triangle. – [Antoine] Oh, you’re filling
the bottom all the way. – Yeah, you have to. – No, you just have to– – I don’t know about that. – Looks like the recipe. – Judges. Each card at the top you have
the composition to prepare and the number of layers in each Maki. I guess he found a loophole. How did you make that though? – [Antoine] Like that? – [Chris] Oh-oh! That’s so sneaky. – [Antoine] Just piece like that. – you know what, though? – I’d make a fortune if I was–. – You’d make a fortune. But mine would be better. – Probably. – You’re like the guy who
sells like a bag of chips with like half air. – That’s me. – Thanks Antoine. All right, you get the
hell outta here now. All right guys, I mean, that’s a fun game. That’s actually a lot of fun. My hand kinda hurts right now. I’ve got a little bit of a cramp. If you guys wanna check that out, I left the link to everything
we checked out here below. Everything except for obviously
that beautiful card press but you definitely can check
out Clicksprings channel. I left that below as well guys. Have a great weekend. Thanks for joining me and I’ve got a very special
guest coming here tonight. Actually today. He is, do I wanna spoil it? No, you know what? You’re gonna see him on Monday. I’m gonna feature him on Mondays video. And we’re gonna film
some really cool stuff for the coming weeks. Hopefully you guys will
stick around for that. So guys, like this video
if you did like it, subscribe if you’re new here and we’ll see you on the next one. Peace we’re out. – [Female Narrator] Enchante. (upbeat music) Enchante. (upbeat music)


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