Crown of Katun Resort : Altai Republic : Russia

Today is Friday
Its 11 am
Today I woke up late
I am at ‘Crown of Katun’ resort
This is situated in Barangol on Chusky Tract
Chusky Tract is an ancient highway
This used to be a trade route between Russia, Mongolia and China
Now I am going to show you this resort
You can do a night stay here if you are travelling from Novosibirsk to Tashanta
You can reach here by public transport, bla bla car or taking lifts
Let me show you this place now
This is a cottage having 3-3 beds on ground and upper level
Those stairs will take you to the upper level
Tariff is 400 Ruble for one person
If you are travelling in a group then you can take the apartment
its the same apartment where I stayed
6 people can stay in that apartment
The apartment has attached toilet, kitchen and the fireplace
Apartment tariff is 2000 Ruble
These bungalows and cottages do not have attached toilets
You have to go there to use the toilets
Russian toilets are dry, just as we saw in Spiti, India
Over there are the toilets
Come here and relax for 2-3 days
“eat drink and be merry”
People managing this property are good
Enjoy the beauty of Altai mountains and River Katun
You can also do adventure sports like river rafting
This is the place for Bonfire
They can also take you to a small excursion
You can also go to visit Tashanta and Kosh Agach with them
Though you will be charged extra for those services
This is the place for 3 people. There is a heater inside
Please do not litter, Use these dustbins
These are the charging points, also available inside the rooms
Do not forget to carry adapters with you if you are travelling to Russia
Use universal adapters. They can be used everywhere in the world
They are not very expensive and can be bought online.
This is a bungalow
This is a small winter bunglow
400 Ruble for one person
800 Ruble to book the whole bungalow
These summer bungalows get very cold in winter
But you get a beautiful view of River Katun from these Summer bungalows
He says that this is the most popular summer bungalow
The reason is the balcony which gives you a beautiful view of River Katun
You can stay here even for a week and do a new activity every day
So this is Crown of Katun
Its 11:30
Time to leave for Novosibirsk


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