Cosmic Colonies Preview (Rundown)

hey everybody today rato previews a prototype of cosmic colonies but before I get going please turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you’ll know what they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to our cosmic colonies I’m doing a two-player rundown today and this is my little asteroid I’m trying to build on and here is jens and as part of set up each of us starts with one of the basic building resources you can see there are more of them available to be collected and we also have four worker cards dealt out randomly to everybody I’ve got the electrical engineer the conversion BOTS the housing warehouse and the cadet the plucky cadet Jen she’s got her own and I also have a secret objective all things being equal I would like to make these two types of buildings on my asteroid because they’re worth an extra two and an extra one victory point at the end of the game so that is what’s up and how does it work well this is a very very simple game each round what happens is everybody in secret chooses one card they’re gonna play and then we all reveal at the same time and there’s a few different things on these cards the most important is the initiative value if I play a nine and Jen plays a three she’s gonna go first and that could be bad for me because most of the time there are very very limited resources to be found on these asteroids and very very few buildings that we get to build so you want to go as quick as you can but a higher or I should say a faster initiative card generally means a less powerful worker that can give you special abilities so on your turn you are always either going to gather resources or use those resources to build on your asteroid to build your colony and which worker you choose will help you with one or the other of those actions now the interesting thing is I’m playing the advanced version a day where each worker has a day and a night power which means if I play the warehousing expert during the first round of actions that’s the daytime I’ll have this collectability whereas if I waited and played the warehousing expert in my next round which is nighttime I would get a build bonus action instead so a big part of the game is figuring out how do I want to play one card and then another card to be able to maximum to leverage these abilities to the max so I don’t even looked at what I’ve got here all right electrical engineer is nice it fairly quick with the speed of four and if um but before whatever I’m gonna do whether it’s gather or build I get one free electricity from the supply so I’ll have a little bit more energy to build this building or this building or this building I should say as well as you can see this needs to energy and oh I forget well basically the oak crystal or Jew energy and a crystal this needs to life and a water this one needs to a pair of something and then something else and remember these are the two that I would like to build so that’s something to bear in mind as well so anyway um which of these am I gonna play so yeah if I do this electrical engineer in addition to collecting and getting to plants or to water or to I would also get one extra energy but if you look at the nighttime action if I use this instead of during the day just to get one extra energy if I use it at night and I build at night I get one extra energy for every ice space I cover on my board and now this is my board here’s what I’m building and you can see there are all these little ice chunks so instead of just getting one extra energy during the day if I use this at night and say I build something like this I could get one two three extra energy so it makes a lot more sense to use this at night so maybe that’s what I want to do because I mean we are trying to build as fast as we can basically there is a little reminder over here that the more of these mineral deposits we cover up with our buildings the more points we score and but by the same token the more of these empty dirt areas that we cover up the less points we score so at the end of the game I want to have all these dirt areas still open and exposed but I want to cover up all these mineral deposits to maximize my score and there’s a little summary for everybody right there so so if I’m going to okay yeah I think I’m gonna want to play this at night to get the herbs yeah the electrons need to get the extra energy and I want to cover up like you know yeah three ice and I know I want to build these because they’re worth an extra point so that means I want to get some more of the I want to grab these two life tokens so I’m gonna do something else I’ll go on ahead and have my first card be the cadet the cadet is the fastest character in the game i guaranteed will get what I want when I play the cadet but that’s what because the cadet doesn’t know anything she’s just very plucky uh-huh but she has no special ability so this is the card I’m gonna play and while I’m thinking about what I’m gonna do Jen she has her own hand of cards and this is one too many hoops let’s just go ahead and remove one of these randomly because we should start with four so right Jen has got a logistics expert a mining expert a botanist and the expediter the botanist is cool because you can spend an extra two life at whatever you do whether you collect stuff or build stuff after you’re done if you have an extra two life lying around you can spend them to build one of these little Botanical Gardens so that you could get like two builds in one turn if you can time your botanist correctly during the day now that’s if you’d use the botanist during the day if you do the botanist at night you only have to spend one so as a general rule the night time powers are a little bit more effective than it not always um so if I’m gonna play them but if Jen’s gonna play the botanist she wants to do it at night because she could build this with only one life so uh which is he just gonna play well let’s take a look at what her secret goal is all right so she wants to build these that need more water and these that need more energy so again that secret I don’t know what it is Jen’s trying to build she doesn’t know what I’m trying to build which of these cards is she gonna play in secret so the mining engineer if you use during the day for a build action turn your crystals into wildcards so that’s pretty interesting that means Jen could build immediately yeah okay Jen and she will go very very quickly um and then that means she could still build at night oh my gosh yes this is gonna be a very good turn for Jen here jen has chosen her card and now everybody you know if there are more players we buddy tell everybody choose then everybody reveals and Jen thinks she’s gonna go first but surprised I’m even faster than her with my little cadet so I’m gonna go with my speed of 1 and then Jen is gonna go with her speed of 2 and my cadet we already know what I’m doing is I’m grabbin all the plant building material there is and you can see I can hold up to 9 in my storage okay so that was the first card I am I’ve played okie-doke and I’m done all I did was collection Jen is a little bit more ambitious though she’s got her mining engineer she is going to do a build right now cuz she wants to take advantage of that power and the crystal that she started with is a wild so that means Jen is going to pretend this crystal is a water so that means Jen has to water and with two water and one power as you can see Jen has a pair in a single Jen is gonna build right out of the gate and now for the rest for tonight if I had wanted to build this at night which remember I do want to because that’s a piece that gives me two victory points ah so it’s gone this is a game of razor tight margins it’s tough to get the resources it’s tough to build you want to go as fast as you can so Jen is the first to build using her mining engineer this is a while she says it’s water so that’s two water and an energy okay and now she’s gonna place this now the first tile you can place wherever you want but after you’ve done that subsequent tiles have to build off of this tile so that is something Jen has to bear in mind and Jen wants to cover as I was saying she wants to cover as many of these minerals as possible and not covered dirt wherever possible but that’s gonna be tricky oh so say like Jen goes like this so that’s really great hey she’s covered for minerals but how she ever gonna build something over there they’re all there might be the special Oh there’s one particular card that occasionally lets you build these little singles and if that card is not in the game that worker might not be in the game Jen doesn’t see it in her hand and she doesn’t know it I don’t have it so if Jen does this she’ll never be able to cover this up unless there’s some other stress power sometimes there’s special powers that like you build over empty empty spaces and and break the rules in various ways so this is nice except jen is giving up the opportunity to cover that um although you know the you get the least amount of points for covering up ice this is a reminder how it works at the end of the game if Jen has no exposed ice she gets five points so if she goes like this she’ll probably never get this particular ice covered up so the best she could do is four points if she gets um their remaining ice covered up and there’s a lot of ice out there um where as opposed to if Jen were to cover up all of the red which is tougher to do because they’re spread all over the place in there they’re kind of spotty so they’re tough to get Jen could get 15 points hmm so um maybe Jen wants to go like this now again she’s making this little orphan she might never get to be able to cover that up but hey she’s covered up to red one brown and one ice and she hasn’t covered up any dirt and now she’ll have to spread out from here in future rounds I think Jen will go like that and she’s gonna hope that the card which I think just got removed yep Jen doesn’t know it the artists card is not in the game this is the one that lets you build those little artists colonies in there Jen’s hoping that I’ll hand her the artist um but unfortunately it’s not in the game so she might have a hard time building that but that’s okay it’s impossible to fill your entire asteroid it’s impossible to avoid covering up some dirt areas and therefore effectively losing points this game is very very challenging with its Tetris style laying and you know laying of pieces anyway so that was Jen’s turn and now she’s practically broke okay that was our day phase and as you can see if I’d wanted to build this today it’s gone now each of us is gonna play another card and go into the night phase and now I am going to play my electrical engineer because that was my plan because after I’m done building I’ll get um energy for all the ice I’ve covered so Jen I haven’t thought about what her plan is let’s see so she wants to oh yeah I did think about her plan is yeah she’s gonna do the botanist okay so we both reveal at the same time Jen has a very slow 13 versus my 4 so once again I am going first and it’s nighttime so using the electrical engineer I’m gonna build which is gonna get me a free energy for each ice I cover so let’s go ahead and build this because remember it’s worth an extra point to me although that secret it takes to plant to plant one water and I would like to I’ll probably go like this cuz I can expand in all directions from here I’m covering three can I cover for ice any place no I don’t see any place so this is the best I can do I’m gonna kill right there and I’ve covered three ice which because of my electrical engineer means I get three energy so I am setting myself up well for the future nice okay so that was that that was my second card played I’m pretty happy with that Jen second card played was the botanist and alrighty after a Krissy so after Jen’s action whatever she’s gonna do now whether it’s build or um collect afterwards if she has any green she can spend a single green to build one of these greenhouses for the botanist so Jen she can’t build anymore she doesn’t have any more resources so I think Jen is going to collect some stuff so I’ve already taken all the plant life so Jen can collect some energy some water or some crystals and by the way you will notice there’s only two of these remaining however this is kind of a waste of the botanist because the bodice could collect up to four resources so if this were a little bit later in the game and some for energy built up Jen could get all four energy now you have to pick just one depot you can’t mix and match unfortunately so Jen is gonna waste this botanist a little bit by only getting two energy to water or two crystals we’ll see which one is she gonna choose well she knows next round she’s gonna still have the expediter and the logistics expert in her hand maybe she should look to see although she also knows she’s to get a couple of extra new cards in her hand as well but she doesn’t know what they’re gonna be necessarily hmm let’s see here so this one lets you move tiles around after the fact oh that’s really interesting and the logistic you can move a tile on your X right so you can move tiles so maybe Jen doesn’t have to give up on that and let’s see the expediter you can build again so you could get two builds but you have to be able to pay for both of us this is after you sword up a bunch of resources and you can pay one for your alright so none of these points anything but remember Jen wants water because these were third these were two points so I think Jen will collect all the water so Jen did a collection action instead of a build action she could have taken up to four but there were only two in the depot she shows and now after the action she will spend one green construction to get an extra botany and where will she put this well it has to expand from here so she could just go like this cover up two more spaces or like this or like this she go like this so she could get up here but then she’s covering up dirt which means she loses points or I should say you it’s lost points opportunities every UNAC every exposed dirt at the end of the game is worth a point I think jennel just keep it easy and go like that let’s say that and so she is starting to build up two builds in one round although at the end of the round she does not have much in the way of resources where I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going into the next round and that was it the first day of our cosmic colony building is over and this is a very soon gain because it’s a card raft style game but it kind of flips the script instead of you know passing you know in like a seven wonders everybody plays a card and then hands the rest of the cards to their neighbor in this game it’s the opposite the cards you don’t play you hold on to the card you did play or what gets handed to your neighbors so now if I were playing with three or more players the two cards I played would immediately go to my neighbor and my and my other neighbor would hand me two cards in the two-player game there’s an extra step that goes through there’s kind of like these virtual neighbors here so I am going to end up this virtual neighbor is gonna hand me these two cards and on this virtual neighbor is gonna hand Jen these two cards and then I am going to put these in the queue for Jen and zoo cards Jen’s played these to go in the queue for me so eventually I am gonna get the cards Jen play Jin is gonna get the cards alright played but in the meantime I’ve gotten two new cards and they are the land surveyor and the collector bots each of which have different powers depending on whether I play them during day or during night they have different speeds and they have L got collector vault I could collect five resources that would be huge but there aren’t five resources to be out anyway these go into my hand these other ones Jen just got herself a hydro engineer oh if there’s not enough water to when you collect water you can take it directly from the supply that hydro engineer finds that water somewhere and an architect so jen has these two workers to add to her hand and the last thing we do is we refill the board all anything that got built gets replaced with a new one and all the depots get more resources building up in them equal to the number of players we’re playing a two-player game so there’s two here so now there’s a lot of energy not much plant life not much water and a lot of crystals so now you can see in a future round as these build up it becomes much more attractive to play cards like the botanist that could let you pick up four resources all at once although even if you’re picking up a lot of resources you might not be able to use them to best effect because you can only store up to nine so you are recycling through these things as fast as possible and we are now going to start round two of eight we once again are going to pick you know a worker to play and then another worker to play we will deal with the initiative we’ll have a day action and then a night action and so on as we try to build up more and more and more of our cosmic colony and that folks is the basics of cosmic colony now before I get to my final thoughts I just want to point out please bear in mind this was a paid preview so you should take any subjective opinions I have about the game of the green salt and with that all the way my subjective opinion is Scott olives mr. tiny epic guy um he has done it again this is a wonderful design and in fact I think for Jentezen my taste this is probably one of his best designs to date because it is so harsh trying to build a colony on an asteroid there are such incredibly limited resources available and the puzzle the Tetra sea style puzzle of trying to figure out how to best expand around your particular asteroid belt is a very compelling thing because as I mentioned briefly in the video it is impossible to achieve everything you want to do with these because of their unique design you don’t want to cover the dirt you want to cover all these things because there’s tons of points to be had but you have to expand from a given area but in every given round there are only a handful of buildings that you can build and if you don’t go quick if you see that I’ve collected a lot of water and you know you want to build the water reclamation plant – you got to be prepared to not be able to build it this round unless you go super high with initiative but the faster you go the less powerful your bonus action is from the worker and then there is that extra level of complexity because do you play a workers for their day or their night ability and in fact there is an advanced variant to the game where instead of playing one seeing how it all shakes out and then playing a second one and seeing how it all shakes out you have to pick both of your cards and before you know what your opponent’s gonna do and then if it turns out oh I wasn’t fast enough in the building I thought I was gonna build this turn with these two cards isn’t available then all your plans have to change it’s this initiative system works really wonderfully and I’m combined with a super-tight and restricting tetris style polyomino puzzle makes cosmic colonies a very very sharp game it’s really quick and while it works wonderfully for me with the way I just demonstrate for you these very very this tight economy and this one-two punch of how to use the day and the night ability um it is a little bit thinking and if you’re thinking all that game might be really cool but it may be a little bit too heavy because this is definitely a gateway plus style game the interesting thing is it comes with a whole different set of worker cards that do not have a day and a night they only have a single action and if you play with those workers the game becomes much more newbie friendly much more gateways because you don’t have the extra level of complexity of deciding well should I go for the eyes should play this for day and this for night but if the thing doesn’t work out what am I gonna do instead it becomes oh you play this card just for the bonus and either collecting or building and the end game scoring becomes a little bit simple too because you don’t have to worry about covering up dirt and stuff like that so the game comes with lovely gateway style rules so you could play this game with just about anybody if they have an interest in the subject matter of colonizing far-off asteroids for mining and you know either way it’s a very very sharp and impressive polyomino tetris style game I’ve been playing a lot of these over the last few years there’s been a huge explosion of them and this is definitely one of the higher ranked ones to Jen’s in my tastes I mean it just works about our only real issue with it and you know this is just gonna be unique to us it can be because it is so tight and so restrictive it is very easy if you are not fast enough to get really cut off and suddenly well the card I’m gonna play what am I gonna do this the one thing I want to do with this card I can’t do because you played a lower initiative to me and it just so happened you want to do the same thing build the same building game the same resources and it can be a little frustrating that’s something you gotta know going in um you know I I don’t Jenna I haven’t found that this is a game where we purposely think right I know what it is you want to do because fortunately our goals are secret so nobody necessarily knows that that’s my favorite type of building to build so it’s not like you can kind of hate draft that’s the other thing too I I really like about this game I have played so many drafting games over the years so many seven wonders or sushi go inspired style games and this is such a breath of fresh air that instead of playing a card in handing the rest to you no no I know when I play these cards not only am I gonna use them but afterwards I am going to give them to you and these are good cards if they weren’t good cards I wouldn’t have played them so I am actually helping you out and you know that as you see cards get played you know oh that’s a nice card that’s gonna be coming my way in a few turns and you could start making long-term plans for that this is such a cool variation on the whole oh well okay I’m going to play this because I just don’t want you to have it because it’ll get removed from the game and I’m gonna hand you the rest um the the thematic conceit is that you know we’re all in the same asteroid field and these workers can basically orbit around the table going from one worksite to the next to the next so it Ematic aliy makes sense which is really cool but it creates a very very interesting level you know an extra level of thought that above and beyond everything else that’s already going on in this game with the super-tight resources the super tough um a Tetris puzzle and then you’ve got this hand management thing going just makes cosmic colonies the bee’s knees um you know Scott alms he has been on a tear for the last few years just putting out in game after game after game and you know they haven’t always hit with me and Jen a hundred percent some of them have just been monster super successes this is definitely one of his best games to date I mean it’s to be I didn’t come from gambling games cuz you’d call it tiny epic asteroid or something like that although it’s not there’s no nothing tiny about this this is a bigger broader scope of a game but ah I just enjoy this one so much and I’ve had a great time playing it and that’s it folks cosmic colonies which is on the Kickstarter right now by the way so uh thanks for watching I hope you have a very very nice day talk to you later so long bye bye


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