Clock Solitaire : Clock Solitaire: Sample Hand 1

So, we’ve learned about the solitaire variant
Clock. Let’s make sure we know how to play
it. How does it start? Well, you deal out
your cards. What I’ve got here are twelve
piles of four cards, each for one spot on
the clock face. You’re playing so this is
set up for you. This is twelve or noon, this
is six, and in the middle goes a thirteenth
pile of four, and that’s where you begin.
We turn up a queen, the queen goes into the
twelve spot and we’re underway. Jack goes
in the eleventh spot. I’ve got another jack,
it’s going to go here. I have another queen,
it goes here. There’s a deuce, a two, it goes
in the two o’clock spot. There’s a ten. Three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten o’clock.
There’s a three, it goes over here on three
o’clock. And there’s an Ace. Remember Ace
is played at one o’clock, and we will pick
up at this point on the next segment.


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