Classical Musicians React: Red Velvet ‘Russian Roulette’ vs ‘Rookie’

“I think this is one of the best Red Velvet songs.” “Yeah, and you know what is the like, visual difference, I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more, This bass player is killing it, a real bass player.” *fancy intro* *Umu speaking* “So, this is Red Velvet’s late 2016 release, it’s called Russian Roulette, And starting with this song, so Red Velvet originally had a Red side and a Velvet side, And the Red side was more poppy and upbeat, And their Velvet side was more R&B and laid back, Well they combined the two sides. And, in the music video the girls are trying to kill each other over a dude.” “Over a dude?” *Umu speaking* “Y’know, yeah-” “So basically real life.” “Lift off in 3, 2, 1.” *Russian Roulette starts playing wHAt A bOP ooF* “I like how they’re using their voices as percussion almost.” “Yeah.” “aaaAAhH thE chiPtuNe soUnds, So good.” *agreed* *Seulgi is so pretty wtf* “Ooh, I dig the bit, synths.” Edgy, bright timbres. “There’s a fat beat on those drums.” “You like your fat beats don’t you.” “I do like-” “Fat basses?” “I do like deep grooves.” “Yeah? Do you prefer fat basses or skinny basses?” “Um, I’m gonna have no comment.” (Imitating the rising pitch) *bEAT dROP Oh YEAh hEARTBEATBEATBEAT GETEMM* “See that’s how you know there’s a drop coming, When the ascent occurs.” “Is this in Minor?” “I don’t think so.” “Well now, now it’s in Major.” “It can be-” “I can’t tell, I can’t tell at all.” “I really like the aesthetic, It’s kind of like, a very playful, playful visual accompanied by a very playful audio.” “The chords are mostly like, similar to other songs, But it’s just a little crunchier, And that extra crunch makes it better.” “Alright, like the tune is pretty cool.” “Yeah, the tune is okay, I don’t know, the chorus and the verse have an unbearable sameness.” “Oh, that’s kinda true.” “Like, with the drum set, it’s like a beat that’s totally associated with like, disco music, Specifically in the 70s and 80s.” “And that’s reflected in the film here, I mean, this is very 70s and 80s kind of style.” “Yeah, like how he [the drummer] is accenting the ands of the Eighth notes and not the down beat.” “Yeah.” “Russian Roulette, yeah, that, What is that, a Sharp Fourth?” “It’s One Two Sharp Two Three.” “Oh.” “If we’re talking Major, but no, if it’s in Minor we’re talking Sharp Four.” “Gotcha.” “It’s interesting that it’s never really established Major or Minor, ‘Cause they ended on an E Flat Major chord, And then it goes, it’s like switching back and forth constantly between E Flat Major and C Minor.” “Oh, except that weird ass-” “Woah.” “Minor Three.” “Is this a bridge they’re like, They’re just doing this acapella thing with the chords, But there’s also some weird stuff going on harmonically, Which makes me think it’s a bridge.” *Mesmerized by RV’s dancing skills* “I love how they just, don’t show us the aftermath.” “aaaAAHHHH AHHHHSAHHAHS” “wHAT-” “Did you see that? They were going to crush the girls under the piano and just push it down the stairs.” “Jesus.” “It has like a game vibe to it, like the synth, I don’t even know what sound it is, but Doesn’t it sound like a video game? So it’s kinda like they’re like, fighting each other in a video game.” “What a trip.” *Still mesmerized by RV’s dancing* “Red Velvet is toying with my emotions” *same tho* “You know that, I was actually just thinking, the sort of like, screechy-” “Uh-huh.” “Yeah, it’s kind of like that, it was a chiptune melody but it turned really screechy, That actually reminds me of- (Unintelligible) The Red Velvet Underground (?) “Gosh, they’re so damn good!” “Yeah man.” *Umu speaking* “Yeah so thoughts on this one musically, was it-” “Just, thumbs up all around, I thought. You know know i, it repeats itself enough times, But like, the chords they use has such a like, It’s, just the progression itself is fundamentally great.” “The last chord of the song is-” “It’s not a very augmented bass chord isn’t it?” “Yeah, it, it is an augmented, it’s-” *Umu speaking* “Fans are gonna hate me for this camera angle, I’m done.” “It’s a G dominant Seventh Sharp Five, Very typical Jazz chord.” *Umu speaking* “Okay.” “G, yeah, it’s like G dominant Seven, And then you add a bit of an augmented touch to it, which is sharped Five.” “Kevin, okay, do you have some paper just-” *wow such skills piano good* *applause* “I liked it, I like how they had their voices, And they altered them to the rhythm and used them, like you assigned a voice, a key on the piano and you’re like, Voice, Chord, instead of a piano, It was nice, Also, there were, there’s like some some chromatic movement in the chorus, I think, And just kind of like the whole song, if they made the progression a little different, It could have sounded like really happy and cheery, but they didn’t there was like minor stuff in it which-” “There was a mixture in there.” “It’s still, yeah, modal mixture I guess, it still made it kind of happy and oh yeah, But, it wasn’t like supEr pEPpy Oh mY GoD!11!” “Yeah, I don’t know, I mean, I think it’s my least favorite of the Red Velvet songs that we’ve heard, Because what I liked so much about the other Red Velvet songs was that they kind of stood out, I didn’t really think anything about that particularly stood out. I didn’t dislike it, It didn’t impress me as much as their other stuff that we’ve listened to.” “It lacks a little bit of the quirk, That things like the giant cat in Ice Cream Cake, you know, brought to the table. “I think-” “It didn’t really do it for me.” “I thought it was good, it was very techno, it went on a little long like you think it could have been one course shorter.” “But I thought it-” “I also think anything other than the same beat the entire time would have been nice.” “That’s true” “I thought the UM heart beat-beat-beat I- that’s production that I appreciate you know what I mean; wherever they make it sound produced.” “Well. I thought it was really really cool how- like I mentioned before in the verse at least in the drums because that’s what obviously my ears drive to. It has a beat that’s more Similar to like a rock beat or something like that and because of that it feels more open like the groove doesn’t feel super Choppy and when they emphasize the- in the chorus like that disco beat where they’re emphasizing the downbeat with the upbeat like on the hi-hat It gives it more of like a pushing feeling like they’re on top of the beat, so it was a really nice contrast.” “We’re gonna go into another playful song except more musically interesting, more musically complex. This is called rookie This is Red Velvet’s comeback in early 2017 and actually the song was originally a very polarizing song that many didn’t know how to process but after the first week of live stages The song rose in the charts and became a hit collecting nine wins on music shows and becoming one of the most Successful girl group songs of the year.” “Damn.” “You’ll see a weird flower guy in the music video.” “Y E S!” *Umu* “Yup..” “That’s the video director.” “I love weird people.” “Fun fact this song was composed by nine different people.” “What?!” “Yeah.” “I- This better be funny; incredible.” “Ah bee bee bee” *counts down in some language fam wyd* *Wow another bop I love my queens ಥ_ಥ* “What the f-” *me* “HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” “I.. See what you’re doing.” “What a good beat!” “Ohhh! She’s like we boutta slaaAAaAy.” “Ooh that bass. I was just listening to reggae.” “Very sassy.” “That bass just reminded me of it.” “SPRECHSTIMME?!” “Oh but it’s done so well.” “Sprechstimme.” “What?” “Sprechstimme.” “I don’t know what that is.” “SCHOENBERG?!” “Oh.. Ohhhhhhhhhh” “S-sing.. Isn’t it sing-talking? Speech-singing.” “Yeah.” “Speak-singing.” “I knEWWWWW as soon as I heard a clap, I knew she was gonna do that.” “It almost goes into like a quality half-time.” “Yeah.” They did it all the time or they have a minor It’s like yeah real good Here’s why I don’t like it if it never leaves the same register they are always in the same register, and the only time they change is to go higher and it’s Really annoying because they don’t sustain notes Okay Like it come on Astro Make this one the best red velvet Yeah, and you know what is the black visceral difference, I’ve said this a thousand times I’ll say two thoughts or more this bass player is killing it a real bass player So I could understand what people that I like it, but like I still don’t I don’t not like it Because as you say is it of a quarter. It sounds like a low corner. I think of my I am saying So there’s a good sustain pedal, I just went Who’s crazy they keep up his huge kilduff with like the brats and whatnot Yeah exactly This is really well thought out. You can just tell it just unlike suspense It’s mixed really well too like it’s the balance awesome. Yeah Green-screen oh I like this I want this it’s cool I see like there behind the scenes a little bit at the very end of things just like take a bow Clean up all those balls Stage crew That waving You didn’t wait back so mean. What do you think of that overall musically? I thought the rhythmic motif of the lookey lookey lookey lookey was very strong and very catching yeah catching catchy I just like how for example in the lyrics in the chorus. Yeah, there’s like a lot of rhythmic motif It was rhythmically active even if maybe most of the verses weren’t necessarily singable because it was like a spoken rap I thought they had an idea of what they want to do know pretty successful and Creating that the world is dull now. Yeah exactly. I feel it is Never going to be as colorful again like I know like you were like Elia singing is better than this single species stuff Because like you know we don’t get as much from a lot of content, but like the things that again the instrumentals like oh I’m so busy I’m like they were so melodious if you listen to the trumpet like they’ve got melody concepts going and there’s nothing there’s nothing really pep Pepi preppy about there. It’s it’s not like the rap verse and shake it off by Taylor Saline none Yeah, but but in this one it’s clear that the pitches or the contours Is there’s still a lot of quality to it instead of just feeling that good? It’s actually really interesting cuz uh what happened it was at some point the brass echoed the chorus And they actually approximate the pitches of their voice and made it into a melody mm. Which was really cool I thought they had a lot of really interesting vocal harmonies in there even though there was a lot of like not vocal singing There was a lot of just like talking and doing whatever yeah, I think it’s interesting how even when there was like a Different section with the you know they were kind of playing around with the harmonies a little it was kind of almost like a bridge But the backgrounds didn’t change. I think that’s kind of cool that they were able to make that work Here’s what my problem was with it. Is that they barely say. Yeah, it was very speak saying it Was just like speaking it won’t you make but even just the chorus think the whole thing was basically speaking in a lyrical way It’s like why I don’t like look what you made me do look what you made me yeah No It isn’t exactly that I am a firm believer that any chorus that doesn’t have singing in it is a terrible course If it’s a song that Mike has vocals I and when you have something like that where not only is it speaking, but it’s speaking in a high register It was really just like grading grading Pitch it’s like oh my god. I don’t want to listen to it I mean I can see how this would be really cool song life Yeah, I would do really well in those types of things because it’s a hype song without any of the like Musical part, it’s just like a very energized song and yeah What do you think of this one compared to the last one and like how red velvet is now combining the red and velvet sides? I dig it You know because I think that they kept the integrity of the velvet side and they keep the fun like silliness and the joy of the red side I like the second one because I feel like it’s more upbeat and more cat she Russian and wet was really good but Yeah, it had like a simple theme in that course that immediately stuck into my head. Yeah, I like it cause it’s more moral No I agree with you, I fall the second one while the first one was really good I thought the second one had a better idea a bit of focus and better execution How what do you think of these last two red velvet releases compared to like you know? I don’t like it in this I mean I’ve always liked their velvet side especially yeah And some of the red songs are really good based off this I’m not sure if combining them is going to be something that is going to is gonna work I think it’s better to have them separate because it gives you more variety Combining that was just kind of you’re gonna get lost and trying to figure out what your identity is they already had two great Identities that were good on their own. I’m not saying that people should always stick to what they know like that I think change is always good and always Should go back, but I think this is not the right. Yeah, all right. This is not the right direction Do you like this new sound from red velvet I do I think it definitely like I can hear both sides in every song They’ve been combined for it. I mean I do like the element of like there’s two sides And you kind of know what to expect it because like with that uh Like idea in place. It’s interesting to see what they do with that I would love to still see like a few songs where they still did just like individual sides But overall I think this is a lot more musically Complex interesting. I think it makes for better Write and replying to you wanting to hear those their b-side songs still have velvet songs and red side songs It’s just for the main releases that it’s well then perfect then I think they handled that super well Hello, everyone welcome to our channel if you’re new I’m the channel runner and producer of this series Thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it Don’t forget to subscribe also if you’re curious to see what else we’re going to react to in the future Go ahead and check the description for a bunch of links that I have playlists and schedule edges also Please check our patreon if you want to support us patrons get access to unedited full-length reaction videos access to exclusive content As well as early access to all the videos posted on here and more so thank you so much And I hope you have a wonderful day

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