Chicken Roulette Challenge!!

*Chicken’s national anthem* J-Fred:♫♫Ohhh say can you seee♫♫ *Laughing* Bryan:What’s up you guys welcome to Team Edge today, we are playing squawk Matt:Squaawk Bryan:Lets play! J-Fred: wait do we want to explain how to play? Bryan:No, they’ll see how as we play J-Fred:so we gotta to roll the dice. Bryan: BORED!! J-Fred:If i get 3 i gotta squeeze this guy 3 times *Burp* Bobby:You gotta push em down J-Fred:Oh i gotta push em down 3 times. If he freaks out and squawks and lays an egg You’ll’ll see Matt:How do you know they’ll watch WAHT IF THEY CLICK OUT?! [Don’t click out] Bryan:Alright J-Fred go first. Matt:Why? Bobby:It says youngest goes first Bryan:2 Matt:You didn’t do it! Bryan:You didn’t push it at all! Bobby:You didn’t push it all the way down J-Fred:Where?! Matt:Cmon what do you mean where?! You already did two! Bryan:Stop it *J-Fred laughs* J-Fred:1 Matt:Dang it! Bryan:No you want 1 J-Fred:SQUAWWK! *Chicken squawks* Bryan:Alright so open up the egg J-Fred:We want it to explode Matt:Its an egg Bryan:If it lands on this little birdie.. You get to grab one of these little chicks from right here. If it lands on the fried egg,you get nothing. So whoever collects the most chicks wins J-Fred:Have you ever seen a chicken lay a fried egg? Its pretty incredible. Matt:Its on a hot day Its a hot chicken on a hot day. Bryan,go! Matt and Bryan:2 J-Fred:Squeeze it! Matt:Squeeze it good Squeeze it right Matt:you stink Go joey J-Fred:His noises makes me gigs Matt:1 J-Fred:Yes…oh no not yes I want like 10 Matt:No Its my turn. Bryan:1 Matt:Uhhhh AGHHH! *Laugh* Got you two! J-Fred:You would’ve done that even if it didn’t make a noise. Matt:No i wouldn’t have. *Intense music* *I don’t even know* Matt:Shhh,im doing my thing Hey,hey,hey,hey im doing my thing. AUGHH! *Laughing* Bryan:You got another fried egg! J-Fred:That scared you! Matt:No, i got shell in my egg. And a lot of people eat it! J-Fred:Oh,you’re hurting it! Bryan:Awww Matt:It’s soo sad. AND A LOT OF PEOPLE EAT IT! Matt and J-Fred:Stop Bryan:Goshh Matt:Joey go! J-Fred:I hate it! Matt:Stop, just stop messing with it! J-Fred:Like this video if you want to see us destroy it at the end But were gonna do it anyways because we can’t see while right now Because the video’s not out. Matt:Suck it! Matt:1 J-Fred:IS THIS A 1 SIDED DIE? Matt:DAANNNNGGG! Bryan:2 Matt:Dang it,hes got it. *Gasp* *Clap* J-Fred:2 *Chicken squawks* J-Fred:YYAAY i got a chick! It cracked out. Matt:Thats not legal. Thats not a legal move. J-Fred:Im the first one to get a little chick baby. Matt:Thats not a legal move. *Animal abuse* You have to crack it yourself. J-Fred:No, you don’t Matt:Ok.. J-Fred:Sigh of relief on his part. Bryan:7 Matt:That was a 2 Matt:2 *Chicken Squawks* J-Fred:YAASS Bryan:This is stupid J-Fred:WOOOO Matt:Dude, I say rigged J-Fred:YOU HAVE EGG ON YOUR FACE MISTER Matt:I say this game is rigged *Triggered* Matt:I say its rigged. J-Fred:Oh is that what you say? Matt:Yes i say that J-Fred:I Heard. All the media is talking about it Theres been news articles Matthias says Squawk is rigged Bryan:Go! Bryan:3 J-Fred:YESSS! Bryan:So stupid J-Fred:NOOOO Matt:Yes, tis I Matt:Yess Bryan and J-Fred:Awwww *Chicken squawks* Matt:Well? Matt:Its a BIRDIE! ♫♫It’s a birdie, it’s a birdie♫♫ J-Fred:Wait.. Wheres my second one? YOU TOOK MY SECOND ONE NICE TRY [Didn’t you throw it across the room?] Bryan:I didn’t take your second one bro J-Fred:GIVE IT BACK! Bryan:Check yourself J-Fred:No, give it back dude Bryan:I did not take it. Joey, we all know you have 2,okay so don’t You have 2 J-Fred:No at the end of the you’re gonna be like “YOU DON’T HAVE IT” Matt:No, hes trying to get yours J-Fred:Open your mouth Bryan:Why would I put it in my mouth? *Chicken Squawks* Matt:Joey. J-Fred:Give.Me.My.CHICK! Bryan:Fried egg! NUNUNU fried egg! J-Fred:I’m like a mother that needs her baby,GIVE ME MY CHICK! Bryan:I don’t have it. Matt:Thats an offensive term! J-Fred:IM NOT LEAVING HERE UNTIL I HAVE MY BABY! Matt:I thought he took it too. Gimme ma baby. Bryan:Im telling you I don’t have it. Matt:Can you drop it? J-Fred:NO, NEVER DROP A BABY! Matt:2 *Chicken squawks* Matt:That was an egg Bryan:Aww, it still landed on the fried egg. Matt:AUUUUGHHHH! Bryan:AUGH! J-Fred:You sound like Ganondorf Matt:Ganondorf!!*Laughing* Matt:Ganondorf, I’m pretty sure that’s not how you say it J-Fred:Ganandarf? Matt:Yeahh GANONDORF J-Fred:2 *Chicken Squawks* Bryan:Fried egg! J-Fred:GIMME MY CHICK>:( Matt:OOOOH my gosh Matt:Joey stop looking under the table that’s impolite J-Fred:Im looking for my chick, dude. Matt:Thats impolite! Matt:Is it my turn? Bryan:No its my turn YOU JUST ROLLED A FRIED EGG! Matt:HE did! J-Fred:GIMME MA CHICK YO Bryan:Ok you’re right Matt:These cheaters dude. WHAT YOU JUST INFLUENCED THE DIE. Matt:Oh yeah i knew what i was doing. J-Fred:Yeah that’s i just said Bryan:What? No J-Fred:1 J-Fred:YES J-Fred:2 *Chicken squawks* J-Fred:YAA OH STILL WIN EVEN THO YOU GUYS BOTH TOOK IT! Matt:*Laugh*We both took it? J-Fred:You were both conspiring You were like”Hey lets both take it” And you both put a finger on it, and went like this.. Matt:MMMHMM Matt:Can you put the thing back dude? Like seriously! J-Fred:GIMME MA CHICK! Bobby:OH GOSH I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WAS THERE! J-Fred:I have 2 and you guys have none Bryan:You have 3! J-Fred:Yeah, thats true Bryan:YOU DUMB Matt:Are you guys ready? Bryan:Ya, go! *Chicken squawks* THAT WAS 4 YA CHEATER Matt:What are you talking about?! He said go! [1] [2] [3] [4] [CHEATER COMFIMED] J-Fred:Did you take another tile? Wait how many are gone? Matt:Just go J-Fred:HES CHEATING HES GOT ANOTHER Matt:Yeah thats what i did. In my hand I would’ve done this..If I cheated *Chicken squawks* J-Fred:YAA I WIN THERE’S NO MORE LEFT I WIN Bobby:No, who has the most. J-Fred:Iv’e got 4 Matt:Or do you… Bryan:YOU HAD IT! Matt:Where are they? J-Fred:Iv’e got 4. Matt:I have 3. *Definitely didn’t just grab piece* J-Fred:I have 3 You took mine Bryan:You just stole his. *Argument* Matt:I literally saw you just steal it! J-Fred:Prove it! Matt:Replay that J-Fred:Don’t hurt him! It’s actually a she.. *Chicken national anthem* J-Fred:♫♫Ohh say can you seee♫♫ *Laughter* ♫♫BY THE DAWNS EARLY LIGHT♫♫ ♫♫WHATS SO PROUDLY- Matt:No no ♫♫WE HAILED♫♫ J-Fred:Ouchie I won Matt:That was loud J-Fred:You’re hurting Mrs.Hen *Chicken cry* J-Fred:WHY IS IT SO FUNNY?! Bryan:Oooooh J-Fred:Guys make sure you go check out Gator Gulf That we did,on this channel Matt:What is it? J-Fred:Also,make sure you check Super Hot in real life. thats a video game we played, but in real life. Matt:But whats Gator Gulf right there? J-Fred:Its Super Hot. Matt:What is it?


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