Chicago’s Best: The BallPark Pub

(upbeat rock music) – When we say South Side,
you probably think White Sox. – [Hawk Harrelson] “Yes!” – And what better place to get
a taste of the neighborhood then at the Ballpark Pub? All right, Richie. We’re clearly in
a South Side bar. Noisy, we’re near the park. – Yes.
– What do you call the park, we
should start with that. – We call it
Comiskey Park, still. (upbeat rock) – [Marley] Walked in the door,
you have a batter’s box? You step on a batter’s
box when you walk in. – That’s our signature,
you come in here, you feel like you’re at home. – This is a neighborhood bar. We feel comfortable. – They welcome everybody. – You could wear your
Cubs jersey here. Maybe a little
something, but, you know, I’ll still buy you a drink! – That food is phenomenal. – The food’s great. – My mom’s out of town now,
so I have my dinners here. – Order up! (bell dings) – [Richie] We are known
for our cheeseburgers. – Are we gonna eat
a burger today? – Absolutely, the Ballpark
Pub’s Signature burger. – [Marley] What comes on that? – [Richie] Grilled onions,
bacon, and cheddar cheese. – [Marley] Oh, you
didn’t even lose me. – [Richie] Oh,
barbecue sauce, too. – Yes!
– We make everything from scratch,
everything’s hands on. Nothing out of the freezer. – [Customer] You see this thing,
it’s hard to handle, a little
messy… Oh! – Cool, who am I cooking with? – You’re cooking
with Nicky today. (“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
music) (bell dings) – [Marley] All right, Nicky. – We’re gonna make our
Signature Ballpark Pub burger. – All right. – [Nicky] Half pound.
(burger sizzles) Get some bacon, three slices. – [Marley] Onions? – [Nicky] All right, then we
get some grilled onions, yes. – [Marley] More? – Another handful.
– All right. – [Nicky] A little
salt and pepper. – My burgers are ready to flip? – [Nicky] Not yet, not yet. – [Marley] Sorry,
got antsy there. – Sometimes you’re
hungry, right? – When it’s a cheeseburger,
I’m always hungry. (Mmmm! sfx) – Okay, so this is the part
where we hit fast forward. (electronic whirring) (Nicky mimic
electronic whirring) – Oh, it’s time to
flip the burger! -[Marley] Shout out to Mark! Now we know why you
love this place. – [Nicky] Let’s turn our
buns over, lightly toasted. – Turn our buns over. – “Oh, behave.” – [Nicky] I didn’t say
it Marley, you did. – I just repeated it! “Fuggedaboudit” – [Marley] Time to
stack the burger. We pile on the onions,
the bacon, and now. – [Nicky] We got our
sharp cheddar cheese. Kinda like a diamond,
like a home plate. – He says diamond,
you think baseball… I think this. (bell ringing) – [Marley] The burger goes into
the broiler so the cheese can
melt. And she’s ready! (punk rock music) Manners first, I
hear very important? – Yes, elbows off
the table. (claps) Lean over. And dig in. – Okay!
– You ready? – I can manage this. – What about cheers? – Oh, burger cheers!
– All right! – It’s like you’ve watched the show before!
– Yeah, of course! Mm!
– Oh my gosh. – Oh my God. – The barbecue sauce! We haven’t reinvented
the wheel here, but seriously, you
guys do it right. Oh, I just put my, I
like rested my arm, almost my elbow on the table!
– It’s all right. We’ll edit that one out. – Okay, good, he’s
editing now, too! – [Sound Effect] Hey! – [Nicky] You wanna race?
-[ Marley] Okay. Oh, crap! (whoops sfx) I can’t eat like
this, I can’t move! I’m just gonna tell you now, you have barbecue sauce
– It’s right there. I feel it.
– All over your face. (Marley laughs hard) Why is Ballpark
Pub Chicago’s Best? – [Nicky] Well, because we are
Chicago. Richie and I grew up here, born and raised in
Bridgeport, Armour Square. – [Customer] Woo! – [Nicky] This is our place. – I’m not sure I’ve ever
heard a better answer than we are Chicago. – Yeah, Chicago’s Vest! (claps) (patrons clap and cheer) – [Marley] That’s it! That’s
a wrap! (glasses clink)

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