Chef Showdown | Season 3, Meet the Judges | Topgolf

We’re back. [MUSIC] Right, I’m mean season
three super exciting. What I’m most looking forward to is to
see these new chefs, all executive chefs. What they’re gonna bring to
the table number one is pride. And second of all. They’re executive chefs. They really have a great
skill set by themselves. And every single one of them
has a story to tell and a great point of view with cooking.
>>The chefs think they know what they’re in for, for this season.
>>I’m ready.>>With every season, we wanna go above and beyond,
from the season before. Let’s do this. We’re throwing in some new surprises. To our typical Topgolf
team line challenge.>>This is isn’t good for me at all. [LAUGH]
>>This is scary.>>They think they gonna come in and hit some balls, we’re twisting it up a notch.
>>Ooh.>>And we’ve got some even more intense competition here in the kitchen.
>>Yeah dude.>>We have a whole slew of guest judges.>>This sauce is super balanced.>>From all corners of the culinary world, and they’re all bringing their
unique expertise to the table.>>Tailgate worthy.>>Suet!>>I have expectations that these chefs are gonna take it to
a completely different level. [MUSIC]>>Scott Conant, as far as judging
accolades go, he’s the expert.>>You just overcooked this burger.>>Where Topgolf fits in, I bring the tribal knowledge. It was missing a component,
maybe a dipping sauce. It’s a perfect complement.
>>She listens to the things that I say, I listen to the things that she says. Probably one of the better
relationships of my life, actually. [LAUGH] So this season, I’ll be looking
for a chef who can really fight under pressure, grace under pressure.
>>Nervous, man. We’re coming down to the wire here.
>>What I’m looking for is the passion behind the plate. That’s what Topgolf is all about. There’s a lot of love in everything we do,
and I want to see that shine through. The winning chef for season 3 will not
only follow In the footsteps of Kat and David and
get to wear that green chef jacket. But they also get their dish
on our fall menu nationwide. And as we continue to grow, that audience will grow as well.
>>This season of TopGolf Chef Showdown
is gonna be a blast. Tell your friends. Call your neighbors. Tell your dog walker. You’re gonna wanna watch.
>>It’s getting real.>>We’re really bringing in some intense challenges, an amazing finale,
so let’s get in the kitchen and start cooking.
>>That was a lot of fun, but there’s still a lot
more cooking to be done. Follow us to see how
this culinary battle ends


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