Checking your Positional Awareness with Poker Copilot

In Poker, you learn almost from Day 1 that
position is important. The closer you are
to the button, the more aggressive you can
play. The further you are from the button,
the tighter you should play.
A hand such as Ace-Jack is a marginal hand
when you’re under the gun, when you’re
first to act but it’s a much stronger hand
in the dealer position and everyone has folded
before you. That is, the closer you are to
the button, the more aggressive you should
play pre-flop.
The question is – are you actually doing
this correctly? Is your pre-flop positional
awareness good? It’s hard to tell but Poker Copilot can tell you.
In this video, I’m going to show you Poker
Copilot’s leak detectors. I’ll show you
how you can use them to find and fix recurrent
errors in your playing style.
So we’ll start by going to the positional
awareness. I think this is a really good leak
detector to start with.
To find the leak detectors in Poker Copilot,
in the main screen go to the left-hand side
here and scroll all the way down to the bottom.
And there, we have our five leak detectors.
The one I want to show in this video is positional
awareness. So, just click on it and it opens.
There is some information there which explains
exactly what this leak detector does. I’ll
tell you in this video what it does.
It shows you whether you’ve got good positional
awareness. So, let’s give it a try. We have
a choice of doing it for Ring Games or Tournaments.
Let’s start with Ring Games. Just click
on the button. Instantaneously it seems, we
have this report showing me my pre-flop positional
What it shows you here is your VPIP in each
position; that is what percentage of the time
are you voluntarily putting money into the
pot? On the button, it’s 24%. This is good.
Cut-off, 20%, 19%. And Poker Copilot tells
us here it’s good, good, good, good.
Then we get down to this position. Compared
to other positions, you are to lose here.
It seems that when I’m under the gun. I
am actually being a little bit too aggressive
and I need to do something about that. Poker
Copilot has found a leak. If I fix it, I should
win more money or lose less money.
But there is something I want to point out
here. This has run on all your hands. It’s
mixed in all the types of tables you play,
all the game types. I actually think you should
run the leak detector on a specific table
size and specific game type.
So you can do that in the filter bar. It’s
the same filter bar you see throughout Poker
Copilot. We’ll set it here to 9 Max. We’ll
set game type to No Limit Hold’Em. Now,
let’s run that again.
This is better. Here we can see that I’ve
got good all the way down. It turns out that
actually when we take the table size into
account, I do have positional awareness. Run
this Leak Detector, if it tells you you’ve
got a problem then it’s easy enough to fix
You can also run it here for Tournaments.
Here I can see I’ve got two problems. This
is handing you really useful information.
This is just one of the five leak detectors.
They are all useful. They’re all going to
help your game. Take a look at them and I
hope that they help you fix some leaks and
do better on the poker table.

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