Cheap resort in pundaquit beach | Villa Janella

She’s acting up because of the rice..
Kaye : If the rice is hard, I’ll make you eat all of it
Kaye : what?
Mami : it’s good..
Kaye : Now you’re happy huh?

We’re going to eat while waiting for the kids.
She’s not the kid..
She’s old

Kaye : the waves are strong I can hear it..
Me : You can hear the waves?
Kaye : it’s strong
Me : what did the waves say?
Kathleen : woooh
We’re here at San Antonio, Zambales
in Pundaquit Beach
The reason why we’re here..
Cause there will be a power outage back in Olongapo from 1
pm to 6:30pm
Then we thought of going to the beach..
the waves..
Kathleen : Look it’s already big from there

for those who want to go here
We are staying here at, hold on someone is taking a picture..
Kaye : one more, one more, one more..
Kathleen : why me?
Kathleen : you’re the one whose supposed to be over there.
For those who want to go here. We’re staying at Villa Janella..

($7) 350php/head for adults
and ($3) 150php/head for kids
it’s open cottage just make sure to bring your own food

We’re going to try those big waves out
the waves are big
swimming pool for now..

it’s 4pm
last 1 hour and day tour is over
We’re going for a swim then shower off
then back to Olongapo

Don’t shout just let it be
if you get tired just float

keep going
Keep going you’re almost there
keep going don’t stop
don’t check where you’re at..
to the right, to the right
you’re going in circles
you’re going in circles

keep going

open your eyes and see where you’re going


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