CGR Undertow – ELEMENTAL MONSTER: ONLINE CARD GAME review for PlayStation 3

Card battle games are one of those genres
that you either love it or you hate it, and
I never really loved it. I just never could
get into it. I’ve tried a couple different
games, but each one just didn’t really feel
like my cup of tea. So would Elemental Monster:
Online Card Game be the one to change my mind
and have me running out for virtual booster
packs? Well, no, but it is still a fairly
good card game.
The game strangely enough has a storyline
to go with the single player. The people of
a land are obsessed with turning ordinary
objects into cards and using their power.
The best at this come to be known as masters.
But an evil master unleashes a terrible monster
that threatens the world, so you, a young
master, must quest and defeat opponents as
you journey and train to defeat the monstrous
beast. What this is, is a series of card battles
against progressively harder opponents and
boss characters.
The card battles revolve all around match-ups,
just like the NHL playoffs. There are five
different colors, each representing a different
element. Blue is strong against red, red against
green, green against blue, and light and dark
are opposites. Even from the first move you
have to decide. You can have six cards in
a deck, three up and three down. When a card
dies, its under then comes into play. The
round starts with you summoning a monster,
and your opponent will do the same. Most cards
have two different abilities on them, and
some abilities cost energy to use. If you
want to start getting fancy, you can use abilities
from other cards, for a price. Some attacks
can do damage to nearby cards, and some have
you regenerate health. Defeating all your
opponents cards will have you win the game.
The combat is pretty straight forward and
really easy to grasp, but deeper strategies
are always there to learn.
Defeating characters will earn you new and
more powerful cards, which you can use to
make better and better decks, and that is
where some of the fun is. But the rest of
the fun is in the online battles. It is great
to have a deck that you are so proud of and
take to the online realm and see how weak
you really are. It is very…humbling, to
say the least.
Elemental Monsters is a solid addition to
the card battling genre. New cards get you
excited and defeat is sickening, but so if
the life of a card master.


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