Casumo Live Dealer Blackjack Big Win Straight Flush

body language,
unless you know how to manipulate your own body language
in a way that you know in a way that you can deceive people.
well I guess like high end poker players, spys, ex-KJB agents etc., could possibly do
unless you can do that your body language is gonna
let you down or give you up rather most
of the time you know you’re thinking you’re sweet
but ahhm, your body language like
I’m pretty sure you can train that like it
takes probably years of training
yeah true actors like that’s their daily
lives to convince people that..
straight flush for withit…
Ouuu, ahh missed
I like I skipped over it didn’t even
see it right off the bat but congrats withitkid
that is proper
well played reevew congrats on the victory
Donny specially the grass on the double
first straight flush today well first big sign
but even it’s pretty nice starting it off
with a straight flush
only going up from here.

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