Castle of Good Hope & Grand West Casino Kapstadt / SA- Vlogs Season 4 Ep. 4

( What happened before.. )
So, its day two now, we are leaving to drive to a casino and play a bit
We are driving to the Castle
We are driving to different places
So we’ve got a lot planned today but that you will see in my next video
So just click here
Click there to come to the next video
Good morning from the Avanza
We are in Seapoint now, its a part of Cape Town
And we will start our daily trip to different places now
We will drive to the Casino, maybe to Africas hugest mall…
We will visit her Uncle tonight
So for now thats our plan for the day
So I will check what I will be able to film there now and you are going to see that in this video
If you haven’t seen how we arrived in Cape Town go and also check my last video, its in the description down below
So our trip in Cape Town will continue now
We just arrived at the Castle of good hope
Where the first europeans came in the past
You will find a military museum and those huge canons here
They actually fire those canons here
So you can join live and watch it, not those huge ones here …
…but smaller ones. Check out, how much power his little brother got
Richard also want to fire the canon for a “tip” of 100 Rands
We are on top of the side walls from the castle now
You can walk around the whole thing here
And you’ve got a nice view from the canons to the city
We are at the Grand West Casino now
I don’t know if I am allowed to film a lot in there…
But they’ve also got a bowling place
Arcade Games, a ice Skating ring
So its all in that Casino, I am just not sure if I am allowed to film in there now
They use to be a bit careful with that
If I can film, you will see it now
If not… well then not
We are done with our gaming here, we won such a Tetris Jenga game
For 1000 Tickets and we had about 1300 tickets in tital
Justine got a little monkey and also a colouring book
And some gum
There is an asian store here, they’ve got sweetcorn fried in little cakes
That is very very delicious
We will enjoy that, visit a candy store and then drive to her uncle where we will gave some pizza later
More in my next video

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