Casino war progressives betting strategy

Hi guys welcome to my channel today
I’m gonna show you how to use and progressive betting strategy to play the casino war and profit over
$200 in
Five minutes.
I am buying
$2,000 to start the game the base bet is $10
always saying in the first bet
Okay, so the game star right now
i got 4 dealer got A‘s this is the higher card you can get
in next i am betting $20 the white paper is match play from casino is free
if i win that i will win extra $20 if i loss it is loss is free anyway
Next one. I’m getting that 40 bucks beacuse losses $20 previous so i have to keep betting
i loss again the dealer is very hot
now It’s gonna be $80 betting
7 over 3 i loss again. The next hand is gonna be $160
10 over 2 i win this hand so as you can see a win 160, but I’ve lost $150 in the previous two heads so technically i just win $10 in th is run
J over 7, i loss it
So “casino war” is one of the easiest game in casino
Basically just compared to card. the highest card win.
“A’s” is the highest card,”2″ is the lowest
As you can see, I always keep my base bet in $10
The table limit is $1,000
The reaso n why I don’t make my base bet higher because it need “space”
Allowed me to lose a few hand.
we using a progressive betting strategy if we lost the first hand we need double betting what we betting previous hand
so, mean’s if this table limit $1,000 only seven hands allow us to betting
to reach limit
That’s why I need to keep the base bet low
There’s a few key’s to used this strategy
First: the game Iis running really fast
So as you can see on the video i will holding the chips on my both hand
The game is running fast you need to get ready before you betting. so you can make money really fast
once I lost
My hands already to pull out the chips for the next head if my hands winning
I already know what’s gonna be the next because once I’m winning, I always stay back to $10. That’s really easy
Second don’t panic
On winning everything’s easy you’re on “THE ZONE”
But when you’re losing we start to follow your plan, you have to follow your plan don’t panic don’t get emotio nal
Don’t betting what you are not supposed be betting.I saw a lot of people
they star losing a few hand they got panic, they’re not followed the plan and everything gonna be different
so don’t do it. Just follow the plan beca use you
Are going to winning one hand eventually
The only thing you need you do it, it’s just the one hand once you’re winning one hand. Everything’s back
And everything’s gonna be okay back to normal
Number three: is setting your target always said your target just really important
for me
I’m always setting my target is 10 percent what I buy in on a video it shows that buying $2,000 for me
That’s 200 profits to me that’s good enough for the day
$200 not bad at all
That was for you guys
if you try to use in this strategy, you’ll have to set your target
Cannot stay in casino too long people like to casino they enjoyed it
they have fun that’s totally makes sense, but
you cannot
Stay on the table too long. That’s different. Okay, don’t stay on the table too long
Using that winning money to enjoy it. get some drink have some food really nice all right!
don’t stay too long on the table once you’re winning, you have to walk away
If you follow that advice
i guarantee you can consider casino as
free ATM machine
You just follow your plan. Everything’s clearly, right?
there’s no emotional thing involve on that thing in table that just like your
Business don’t do anything stupid. You’re gonna be fine
That’s for other people
they don’t follow the plan. Everything goes to downhill everything goes wrong, and then they were considered “ALL-IN”
It’s not fun at all
Too much pressure on the “ALL-IN”thing everything goes wrong
Generally, the energy won;t allow you to have it
Energy is bad too. So why should do that
As you can see the video
i just winning 5 or 6 head in a row. There’s another 60 bucks
it’s coming not bad at all and
Also, I was keep counting on my chips
Once I reach my target i am just walking away
thank you guys watching my video now. Good luck! 🙂

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