Cash Game Festival 2017 – Sviten Special Poker Tutorial by Peter from Sweden

hello welcome guys today we’re going to teach how to play sweeten special game from Stockholm Sweden so everybody goes with five cards and we play a draw poker hand and Omaha and on the board so it works like this everybody gets five cards now what you’re supposed to happen is we’re gonna have small bite and we’re going to have a big line the best thing to do now is to choose to play the draw hand so if everybody shows them you’re supposed to have maybe like a pair or two pair or a flush draw or maybe like a straight draw to get the best draw hand possible but that’s half the pot the second half of the pot will be the Omaha and it’s going to come here on the board and of course you use two cards from the hand and three cards on the board always so the betting goes I thought you just call yeah normally you would raise what you call cuz you tried I’m leaving without that right there now guys we’re going to have a flop and in this game since we use so many calls we don’t burn any card so we put three cause up on the board like this yeah monster and we start with the maxing taking knowledge it’s true I think start what do you want to do my team I think you have a good hand and online you check yeah good Jake’s you get me I think we special things first because oh okay if you check then well done then we change college after messing around on the flop we change cards Maxine you start bottom is over there so you saw change one many one change I changed one and here we have 153 so in this game when we change one we get one open and it’s optional if you want it if it suits you you can take it if not you can discard it and get another one so it’s all fun open you liked it this is suit you know take it away you get one in dark you will show it later here one open okay salute you that’s a wonderful take one more and in this case you get three ecology and directly now we have the turn you can show your college guys silicon Maxime is your church do you think you have go down here yes so you’re going to bet obviously because you have fun holy holy you before thee I am calling because I think I between the five Arkansas yes to the calling omega-7 700 look like a Man Thing yeah and still no burn cards in this game the three votes I’ve seen and of course this is the fourth game so you can only bet the pot but but it has less than the pot so it’s good bet call a showdown maxime of course has the best hand on the board quads but you only have to care and here we have trips so it’s a split on this is the game and how it works now we’re going to try this without showing the cards okay this is a fortunate please fourth game off-limits split thought but the trick is to scoop that means to win the draw hand and OMA hand will the goal is to win multi-bit and in key game yes okay in five card draw game and party mekomo yes we are small and big line maxing stones up to that six and we have a call or six and one more call still on burn cards we have the flop we start here check check check [Music] and the check so we change cars guys you can change from zero to five cards come on to cut that down is it to the courts and to and immediately now we have the turn and we check we have a bet great we have an all-in of 10 I think yes we have one more Lin and cold so now in tournament we have showdown in cash game we don’t have to but we have tournament rules here so we sold out okay so we got stage now we can see when we can all fight this hand is what we call free rolling because he has the best the best low hand with tricks and he can actually win the board with a five or a ten yes Alton so it’s deuce and here we have I think King seven based on my hand so in this case we have split pop pick between this hand and the tip six sixes we had very good handle so we lost a small blind big blind then we have action five lap pot seven are you putting nearly seven actually got the net we have a call and we have an all-in for six you have two in the size of take an exchange card when they are not in like that yes of course you can we change after betting round on the flop start here check no we changed cokes talking here come to this group one okay we thought was well open here you want it get a new one and we have the term but what is a twenty-something so I will point it go so now we all can hear any money American so I have a great time to open you know I have 5m plus we have enough no rush let’s see what happens so it’s the same you to split the flush and the set of 8 I get to the edge and on the board we have on the main hope we have 3/8 win the hand and not flush taken six back

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