Carson City the Card Game Final Thoughts

hey everybody finals last time for Carson City the card game oh yeah baby this thing lives up to its big brother uh-huh Carson City is a fantastic so clever so smart so fun so kampala compelling and compulsive work replacement and this is in fantastic little auction card drafting tile laying game all squished into one there is a lot of game in this little box which basically just holds a bunch of cards and that’s it but Xavier Shores one of my favorite designers of all time he definitely cracks my top ten you know behind Carson City behind tois I mean I’m just absolutely phenomenal designer and this is a great great great little game this destroys haunt you for me or hanging garden or any of those games where you are getting cards and then stacking them on top of each other trying to make this little tableau uh-huh because that this is a fun puzzle in large part because it’s very restrictive no rotating cards no slipping under only on top and you know only be upgrade certain things the puzzle of this is great in and of itself but then when you layer in a very interesting and tense auction every round you have to spend so much time thinking about the world from your opponents perspective what do they value and based on what they value how are they going to bid or if you’re worrying about the virtual players um what have they already played and what is the likelihood they will be able to play something that beats me so I’m hedging my bets against them or I am trying to get into you know so I’m getting into the statistical analysis base with the virtual players and I’m trying to get into the headspace Plus the statistical analysis with the human players either way whether you’re playing this solo or – I haven’t played with three or four um but I mean Jen I we’ve had a blast playing this thing with the dummy players always creating that extra tension because I think I know what she wants and I think I know what they’re capable of doing and then I have to evaluate what do I want the motion if I can’t get what I really want am I going to be satisfied with second place or will I be pissed off at myself and I should go just you’ll hand it off and go with the low one and take the third place or the fourth place oh my gosh it’s so sharpen fun and I will admit I was kind of surprised having played a fair bit of Carson City that the cards themselves the the special buildings don’t really do that much that’s special they’re all almost all of them with a few exceptions variations on hey this called the the more mountains you have or the more houses you have or the more empty space you have or the more of some other type of building you have I will score you more points that’s all they all do and I was surprised by that because Carson City does so much more cool stuff on top of that but then I realized that’s okay because this has all the characters so that’s mr. hat there has all the characters so many characters all these characters from the the original car game I think there might be some new ones too but reimagined and these are game changers and trying to decide not only which of these is the best partial land for me or no I don’t want the farce of land I want that character because this can change everything for me these characters have very cool game-changing powers you’re gonna see a ton of them but the order they come out in you know when they’re gonna be available some of them you get to use twice over the course the game depending on when you get them oh my gosh Oh much awesomesauce so much variety and I understand having evaluated just how cool and powerful and variable these things really make the gameplay that’s why you know Xavier or Xavier or you know that’s why he went simple with the buildings it was a good choice that the buildings were as complex as they were in Carson City it would be too much mind exploding the buildings are just the right amount of fun with this little puzzle but then you’ve got all the tension of the blind bidding auction by the way I should say for the record normally I hate blind bidding auctions with a passion one of my absolute least favorite game play mechanisms of all time but here it works so great this is maybe the best blind bidding auction game I’ve ever seen and it makes you do it 18 times over the course of the game for somebody like me and Jen we both hate I cannot stress enough I know it’s a strong word but we despise blind bidding but this is blind bidding back to back and it’s so great in large part because you will always get something I mean you’ll never I mean that’s really when blind bidding really truly blows yeah okay I guess I’ll do three and I’ll hope for the best and oh you bid me and I lose my stuff and I get nothing you always get something here it’s just the question of will you get something you value and that’s what adds that extra layer of complexity to the core decision of am I gonna bid my 9 am I gonna bid my 3 am I gonna bid my 1 the auction is great the puzzle is great the cool special powers are great and folks I’m here to say the dummy players are great too interesting I’ve seen a lot of pushback from you know the game is only just now coming out it’s coming out for our essence feel some people have played it and I’ve seen several people complain about why in a two-player game do the rules say that you at the end basically it’s super simple all you do is you take the cards that um you know mr. boot has and you just really quickly in like 20 seconds add it up and you compare their score to yours why bother that it’s a waste of time sure in a solo game like what I was doing it makes sense cuz you guys see if you won but who cares since we played game oh that drives me nuts when people see that they’re totally missing the point the reason they are here in a two-player game and the reason they can win because they can win if the human players just completely ignore Oh we’ll give the dummy player a 15 point card oh they don’t player got a 12 point card oh they don’t flavor got a 10 point card oh he got an 18 point card you’re gonna lose he’s gonna win and that’s why um you know in a drafting game I guess cuz purchase an auction then it’s a draft and then it’s a puzzle of yo tiling game three things back to back with cool special powers of plenty oh my gosh so awesome but the reason they can win is so that I got to pay attention to you know maybe prevent Jen from getting the perfect card for her you know if I was playing a human player you better believe she would try to stop me from getting this prison cuz this is a 12 point card for me and maybe it’s nothing for her maybe she’ll be able to use this but her getting it keeps me from getting 12 points so you know that that kind of hate drafting is always a big part of these games um you know and that tension of will I get what I want because my opponent can see what I want and might take it from me if they value it in a way as well the dummy players are important threats as well if you do not pay attention to them and prevent them getting what they want you’ll lose and so to anybody out there who says you oh yeah I got it but it we just completely ignore the dummy player scores you’re denying yourself half of the experience of this game because it’s brawny because it’s suddenly an asymmetrical game I’m playing against gin I’m telling you your human player we’re playing mind games trying to get into each other or maybe doing a little hate drafting trying to keep track of what you played or not and then there’s these other two guys they’re playing a radically different game they’re just picking random cards and just trying to grab points they value these cards completely differently than we do a card that might be oh yeah that’s nice I could maybe use that but maybe not and yeah maybe you could use a little bit but oh my god for them it’s 18 points you got to take that into account because then it makes the decision for the drafting even tougher and even more fun I am blown away by this it’s there’s so much game in this tiny little box two decks of cards really really great stuff like I said totally totally lives up to the pedigree of the original Carson City I so look forward to someday getting to play this at a four player because like I said there’s nothing wrong the virtual players work fantastically there are really crucial component to the fun factor if you pay attention to them which you should if you don’t pay attention to but again I’ve seen several people on board game geek just say yeah we just ignore their score I’m sorry folks you’re really robbing yourself of a lot of the fun of the game because the draft it gets instantly more boring if you only have one person to worry about instead of three people um but I’d love to try it before I guess it goes up to higher player accounts and then there’s more cards out oh yeah I can go up to six players I’d love to try that someday too cuz I don’t think he would make the game wouldn’t really get any longer it’s still just the same number of rounds um it’s just maybe the draft is gonna take a little longer it everybody reveals the same time everybody builds at the same time gosh I can oh my god wow wow there’s my one word review or my final thoughts for Carson City the dice game and that is it folks I want to say thank you very much for watching and have a very very nice day I talk to you later so long bye bye


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