Card Games : How to Play Golf (Card Game)

Hi, my name is Windy, and this is how to play
Golf, the card game. Golf is played between
two to four players. The common version is
“Four Card Golf”. So the dealer would deal
four cards to each player and then place the
rest of the deck for a draw pile. The players,
without looking, put their cards in a square.
Then they may secretly look at the bottom
two cards that are closer to them. The point
of golf, like in real golf, is to have the
lowest score possible. Like golf it is played
between nine to eighteen hands, or rounds.
So once you’ve looked, the dealer takes one
card and starts to discard to the card pile.
Here is a ten. So when your turn you’re allowed
to either draw a card from the draw pile and
look at it and decide if you want that card
in your setup or not. You can replace either
the ones that you know or your mystery cards
with the card that you drew if you like it.
You place it underneath, and then you take
the old card that you don’t want that was
in your setup, you’d put that at the top of
the discard pile. If, on your turn to drew
a card, and you don’t want it for your setup,
then you can simply discard it. On your turn
you also have the option of, instead of drawing,
taking the face-up card, the first on the
top off the discard pile, and using that to
replace one of your cards, but then your opponents
will know what was in there. If you decide
to take a card off the discard pile you must
use it to replace something on your setup,
you can’t just decide to put it back down
again. The third option on your turn is to
“knock”. That means that you do nothing and
the round is going to end. So you do nothing,
everyone else takes one full and normal turn.
They’re allowed to either draw a card and
discard it, draw a card and replace one of
their cards, or use one of the discard cards
and use it to replace one of their cards.
When everyone has taken one full turn, everyone
turns up their cards and they score. Remember
you’re trying to get the lowest score possible.
Jacks and Queens are worth ten points, so
you don’t really want those. Ace, 2-10, are
just worth their face value. Kings, however,
are worth zero points, so the best hand would
be to have all Kings. And that’s how you play


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