Can We Break Shaq’s Poker Face? // Omaze

You wanna come party with me in Vegas?
I’m serious.
I’m teaming up with Omaze
to give you a chance to hit the Strip
with the Big Aristotle.
I’ll put you in the “Real World” Suite
at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino,
hook you up with VIP access to my DJ set,
and most importantly,
we’ll play a few hands of poker together.
Which means you better start practicing
your poker face now,
because mine is perfect.
Watch and learn.
Wait, wait.
All right.
Let’s go, Shaq.
You’ve got two free throws!
Shaq, what are you waiting on?
[whistle blowing]
Shaq, come on.
Come on!
What are you waiting on?
Get the ball!
Come on, Shaq!
What are you waiting on? Your team needs you!
That’s a fail!
See, I’m like a little kid when they meet Charles Barkley:
completely emotionless.
For your chance to party in Vegas with me,
click the link, or go to
The best part is every donation benefits SAGERSTRONG
and their mission to support leukemia patients
and their families.
Enter now, and I’ll see you on the Strip.
Bring that puppy back over here.

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