Can TWINS Guess If Their Twin Is LYING? | Poker Face

– I have to think ahead.
– Sure.
– I have to think ahead.
I have to be two steps ahead of you.
– I did not wake up thinking
that this was gonna
happen to me today.
– ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪
– (FBE) So today,
we are playing Poker Face.
It’s our version of various
bluffing games
you may have seen
around the web
with some Princess Bride
thrown in.
– We were already on
an episode of Poker Face.
– That I lost.
– Well, if you look at the episode,
I was the real loser.
– (FBE) Each round,
one person gets to look
in their box and will decide
to keep the box in front of them
or switch with the other player.
The other player then
can make the final decision
to keep or switch.
Whatever’s in the box
in front of you at the end,
you have to deal with.
– So, the second person
has the main decish.
– I’m getting stressed.
– I don’t know.
It’s hard because I know her
so well and I know her things
and I know she’s horrible
at keeping things secret.
– I’m horrible at secrets.
– (FBE) First up is a fun
cocktail party,
since you’re both over 21.
– Ay!
– What?
– (FBE) In one of your boxes
is a yummy Sex on the Beach
In the other box
is a Smoker’s Cough shot,
which consists of Jager
and mayonnaise
that you have to down.
– Whoa, wait.
– That’s disgusting.
– That’s hard liquor
and just I’d not–
Ooh, it’s gonna hurt.
– Don’t talk.
– What are you feeling?
– It’s just hard,
’cause I know if I choose
something, you have the decision
to switch it up, too,
so that that’s hard.
I have to think ahead.
– Sure.
– I have to think ahead.
I have to be two steps ahead of you.
– Okay.
You watch a lot of true crime
and you’re just gonna
break everything down,
so everything that I do,
every look that I make,
you’re probably literally
right now examining
everything I do.
– I think she started off
with the “Oh no,
it’s the horrible one.”
So I would switch it.
– Hey, it’s my decision.
You can’t make my decision
for me.
– I’d rather be on your end
right now.
– Really?
– I don’t like making
the first move.
– Okay.
– I’m gonna switch it.
– Huh, okay.
– I’ll keep it.
I’ll keep my box.
– Oh my goodness.
I think you started off
with the, “Oh, you’re
gonna switch.
You should switch
’cause it’s horrible” first
to get me to switch it.
– Or did I do that
just to make you think that?
– I will keep.
– I think you have
the bad one in yours.
I think I wanna stay, too.
– You got good at this.
– I got good at this.
– God damn it!
– Yes, oh my God.
– It’s gonna hurt.
– Oh my goodness.
This looks so cute.
– I don’t even like
the name of it.
She got a cute little–
you have a straw?
– I got a straw.
– That looks like puke.
– Ew, don’t say that.
Don’t say that right before
you’re gonna take it.
– Okay, here we go.
– All right, cheers.
– Cheers, bottoms up.
– Oh God.
Oh God, oh God.
No, I feel so bad.
He’s gonna hate me.
He’s gonna get me back.
– Ew.
Ugh, oh my God.
– Can I smell it?
– It tastes–
It’s really salty.
– I feel like I’m about
to just die right now.
I feel like Brandon’s
gonna kill me.
He’s gonna kill me.
Look at him!
Look at that.
He’s plotting.
Oh God.
– (FBE) So, next one
is a ball of fun.
– Oh no.
– (FBE) In one box
is stress balls for you to enjoy,
in another are cow balls,
as in bovine testicles
which you will have to eat,
not a bite nor a nibble,
the whole ball.
– Oh my goodness.
– I did not wake up thinking
that this is gonna happen
to me today.
– You gotta put a whole
cow ball in your mouth.
– Ew.
I don’t even know what
those look like.
– You’re gonna find out today.
– Don’t do that.
Oh my God, don’t do that.
I don’t know.
– Ooh, this is strategic,
’cause I don’t know what
you’re gonna do.
– Hm.
He’s giving me a straight face
right now.
You’re not giving away anything.
– See, I’m like, don’t punish me.
– I’m gonna switch it.
– You’re gonna switch it?
See, I wanna be like,
“Don’t punish me, Kelli.”
I just wanna do that thing,
like “don’t do it”
but I am the one that makes
the ultimate decision.
– I’ll switch.
– God, okay.
You’ll switch?
Okay, okay.
– I’m gonna keep it.
– Okay.
– Shoot.
She’s way too calm.
– You’re not giving me anything.
I have no information from you.
I’m gonna keep it.
– Oh no.
Absolutely not.
– Oh my gosh,
I did so good on that.
– Oh God.
What the [bleep] is that?
Oh [bleep].
– Oh, they’re heavy.
They’re heavy.
– Ew, that is so gross.
– It’s an alien sac.
– Those are big as [bleep], boy!
– (FBE) Now, because we’re not
complete monsters,
we did deep fry them.
– Oh, yes.
– Wow, they almost look worse.
– You got it.
– I’m crying.
– It’s just a beef ball
in your mouth.
– Oh wow.
You just went right in.
– If you notice,
I’m not looking at it,
’cause I don’t wanna look at it,
’cause it’s like,
oh, this is what I’m eating,
so it’s really gross.
You wanna try it?
– No.
– It’s this that sucks.
– Okay, okay, I see.
It’s ’cause you’re looking
at these balls
and it’s making it hard
for you to take down
the deep fried ones.
There goes another piece.
Here, you’re the one who’s
Hold one of these.
– Oh my God, thank you.
– Now that I keep looking at it,
it’s making me more
sick to my stomach
and then thinking,
this could get worse.
– Does it taste like anything else
you’ve ever had?
Like regular beef?
– I [bleep] swallowed that [bleep].
– Whoo!
– Oh God.
– (FBE) One box has in it
a backscratcher
to make you feel good.
The other is a labor pain
simulator that won’t quite
feel as good.
I’ll have the winner
zap the loser on the high mode
for one minute.
– Oh my goodness.
– No!
– I know, dude.
– No.
One minute of pain?
That’s horrible.
– Okay.
– What did you plan for me?
– I don’t know–
I don’t know how to trick you.
– I don’t want any one of us
to get this.
– Neither do I.
– I think you laughed because
you have the backscratcher
in yours which means
you get to give me pain.
– That’s so mean.
I would never do that.
– You look so sad.
– My face is literally trembling.
My lip’s quivering.
– You look so scared.
Oh my God, okay.
– I suck at this
because I don’t know
what your thought process is.
We should be able
to read each other’s minds.
We’re twins.
– I’m gonna switch it.
– Switch it?
– I’m gonna keep it.
– Okay.
I don’t know.
You’re so hard to read sometimes,
but I think you tried to–
when you started laughing,
you kinda gave it away.
– I’m gonna switch it.
– Can you tell me why?
– No, ’cause I don’t have a plan.
I just kinda wanna get
this over with.
– You know what,
I’ll switch it.
I feel like she just took
a breath of relief.
– (FBE) You guys can go ahead
and open your boxes.
– [Bleep], [bleep]!
– No.
I don’t like this.
– Why this [bleep] look like
an MP3 player?
– (FBE) You guys can
open your box.
– I don’t want to.
– Yay!
Did I get it again?
Wow, I’m really good
at reading you.
– (FBE) A minute starts now.
– Please be nice, please be nice.
Ah, my throat.
– I just did one more.
One more?
– I’m supposed to be cramping?
I’m cramping.
– Oh God, oh God.
– How high are you?
How high are you?
– I only pressed it twice.
– I’m bracing myself.
Oh, it tickles.
– I just wanna know who was
like, “You know what we should do?”
– Ow, Kelli.
– What?
I’m just doing what I’m told.
– I gotta stand up a little bit.
I gotta stand up a little bit.
Ow, ow.
Oh [bleep].
It’s shocking the [bleep] out of me.
– Ow.
– Does it really hurt?
– It stings.
I don’t thin–
– Oh my gosh.
Ali, this is not even halfway.
Actually, does it go all the way?
– No, don’t.
– (FBE) Okay, your minute’s up.
– Oh my God.
– That was like–
it felt like so much more.
It’s still going.
– Oh, sorry.
– Brandon, you’re a champion
for all the women.
– What are we naming this kid?
– Your choice.
You went through the labor.
– [Bleep] Jager.
– Jager?
– I’m not ever coming back
with Jeannie again,
you hear me?
You won this one.
You won them all, Jeannie.
You take it, I’m sorry.
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– Bye.
I feel pain.
– Hey guys, I’m Katie,
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