Can Couples Guess Who’s Lying? | Poker Face

– Yup, I got it. OHHH!
– (laughs) – Breathe, honey. Breathe.
– (laughs) Oh, I hate you. – Hold your breath.
Hoo, breathe, breathe. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We’re about to play a game
of deception and deceit you might know as Poker Face.
So in this episode, we will see if one married couple
and one dating couple can spot when their partners are lying.
– Ooh. – Okay. (laughs) – Ooh. I can’t wait.
– Uh-oh. – I usually pick up
on the kids pretty well. With her, she has a good poker face,
’cause she just sits there and goes…
(laughs) – (FBE) So, we are going
to put you through three challenges, where you have to manipulate
each other. – I’m excited.
You’re hard to read sometimes. I feel like I know you
very well, though. So, I think I’ll be able to tell.
– Yeah, that’s true. – (FBE) Each of you will have
a box in front of you, one with a fun item inside
and the other with a not-so-fun item inside.
Each round, one player will look inside the box
in front of them and decide to either keep or switch
their item with the other player. After that player has decided,
their opponent will then have to decide if they wanna keep
or switch the box in front of them based on the other’s poker face.
Whatever ends up in front of you, you have to endure.
– Okay. – “Endure.”
This doesn’t sound good at all, yeah.
– Doesn’t sound good. – I love you, and that’s why
I have to lie to you. – I love you, too. – (FBE) First challenge.
Because we are very immature here on the React Channel, in one box
is a lovely smelling perfume; in the other is fart spray.
The loser will have to spray themselves twice
with the fart spray. – Ohhh! That’s wrong!
– Oh, this is gonna be good! – If I lose, everybody
in the room is getting some. That’s all I know. (laughs)
– And I have to drive home with him in the car?
– You know you’ll make fun of me if I smell like farts.
There’s a lot on the line right now. – (FBE) Jason, if you would like
to open your box… – Okay. Ooh, this is a nice one.
Ooh. (sucks in breath) – Uh-oh.
– Okay. – There’s no good strategy,
so I’m just gonna smile. And okay. – You’re lying.
I can already see it. – (FBE) So Jason, are you gonna keep
the box where they are or swap them? – I think I’m gonna swap. – I’m gonna swap.
– My first instinct was lie. That’s what I thought
before you said anything. So, I think she’s lying.
– Or did I just say that and make that expression
so you would think that I was gonna lie to you, but I was
actually telling the truth? Or am I telling
the truth right now? – I choose to keep.
– Okay. You’re gonna keep it? – Mm-hmm.
– I think I’m gonna give it back to him, ’cause I don’t
think I want it. – You sure about that?
– Yeah, I’m sure. It’s all yours. – Good job.
She’s made her decision. I mean, she’s gonna have to live
with the consequences either way. – (FBE) You guys can
open your boxes. – Okay.
(laughs and claps) – “Liquid Ass.”
– And I have this fancy bottle of nice-smelling perfume,
(sing-song) and you have to spray yourself with fart.
– I had the perfume. – Dang you!
Are you serious?! – No, I have the fart spray. (laughs)
– Oh my gosh! (laughs) – Ahh!
– This is not gonna be good– – Babe, this is just for you.
– No, no, NO, NO! – It’s all from love.
– No! – Oh. Ugh. Get it out. Ugh. Ohhh! That’s bad! – You’re walking home.
– Oh, it’s in my mouth. – I’m not going in the car with you.
– It’s in my mouth. It’s in my mouth! – (FBE) So now, we have
a spicy challenge for you. One of you gets
a sweet lollipop to enjoy. The other gets the Toe
of Satan lollipop to suck on, which claims to be
the spiciest sucker in the world. You have to endure it
for one minute. – Oh!
– Oh, no! – I think I have a reputation
on this channel for not being good with spicy foods…
– Which means you’re getting the spicy food.
– …because I always cry,
and my eyes start watering every time I have spicy foods,
which is the worst. But that’s not gonna
happen this time, because you’re gonna
get the spicy lollipop, and you’re gonna smell like farts,
and I’m gonna be doing just fine. – (FBE) Dana, this time,
you get to look in your box first. – All right-y. (chuckles)
Okay. I think you would really want this.
– (laughs) – You would REALLY, REALLY want this.
– Mm-hmm. Okay. – Do you prefer sweet or spicy?
– You know that. Come on. – (laughs) He’s a spicy person.
– I like the hot stuff. – You do like the hot stuff.
– I like the hot stuff, so… – And this is a hot one.
You’re gonna love it. – Mm-hmm.
– (FBE) Are you gonna keep the box or swap them?
– Okay, I’ll keep it. I want it. – Okay.
– I’m gonna lie and tell you that this is a lollipop. – I have no idea
what you’re doing right now. I…
– Just look into my eyes and figure it out.
– Are you gonna keep or swap it? – I’m gonna keep it.
– I can’t tell. He’s trying to seem all cool
and smile through it and stuff, but his smile kind of
twitched a little bit, and it seemed like he was
getting a little scared. Uh-huh, and now he’s overdoing it
to try and make me think twice about it.
I’m gonna swap the boxes. – Part of me wants to switch
just in case it is the lollipop that I’ll be the one to endure it,
but, naw, I kind of want her to do endure it.
After the fart spray, I want her to endure it. (laughs)
I’ll keep it the way it is. I think she wants me
to swap it ultimately, and I think she’s telling a fib. – (FBE) Okay, you guys
can open your box. – Yup, I got it. OHHH! I thought for a second when
you smiled at me as I switched them that he was like, “Yeah, you got it.”
And I didn’t wanna take back my choice, ’cause I already did it.
– I got the lollipop! (laughs) – I’m actually curious to try this.
I honestly am. I’m curious to try it,
but I know it’s gonna be hell. – I was being nice,
and I was really wanting you to take that, ’cause…
– Oh, nice for a change. Oh, okay.
– (laughs) – Oh my god! – It looks more like
a devil’s fingernail. – (FBE) Okay, so you guys
can enjoy your lollipops. I will set the timer.
– (Dana) Lick away. – Love you.
– (Dana) I love you, too. Cheers. Oh!
– Oh! – (both laugh) – Mm-hmm.
– Hold it on your tongue. How is it?
– Really hot. – Really hot? Okay.
– It’s like… oh, it’s really hot. (laughs)
– Is it hot? – Oh. Oh. It’s– oh.
I told you would’ve wanted this one. This is such great revenge,
because this is the first time where there’s been something spicy,
and I don’t have to do it. His face is getting red!
Oh my god! Someone else is finally
in my shoes. – (FBE) Okay, you’re done.
– Yay! Sorry I dropped the other one. – Oh. I can’t even inhale.
(groans) Woo! That’s hot.
– Minute’s up. – Wow! It is really hot. – (FBE) So, this next is
a return of a fan favorite. One of you will have a back scratcher.
The other gets a labor pain simulator stuck on them for one minute.
– Oh my god. Part of me really
hopes I get this one, because I feel so bad
for him right now. – Okay.
– That’s all you. I’m sorry. – I’ve been through labor,
so let’s hope he gets that. – Really?
– Okay, I’m gonna open my box. – Oh, god. That smell.
I still can’t get it. I don’t even know what that is.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Hmm. I’m gonna keep it.
I think I’m gonna keep– Yeah, I’m gonna keep it.
– I wanna swap. – We’ll keep it as is.
I’m thinking he’s gonna be the bigger person and take one
for the team a third time. – Of course. I’m a glutton
for punishment. Of course. – (laughs)
– I think she’s being nice, but she also questioned herself.
But I think she’s being nice, so I’ll be nice to, too.
I wanna swap. – Nooo! – Yes!
– Dammit! – (laughs)
I get the lovely back scratcher!
– Darn it! Ahh! – Oh! What do I do? – I feel so bad right now. – What’s the maximum setting?
– (both laugh) – All the way up, huh?
– Okay. That’s okay? That’s good? That’s good?
– Yes. – All right.
I don’t hear pain. I don’t hear suffering.
– Oh, there. I feel the pressure now. – (Jason laughs) – I’m starting to feel
weird little things. Go– oh! I feel it now.
– (both laugh) – I’ll let it gradually go–
– Ahh, okay. Yeah, I feel that. Okay, okay.
– Breathe, honey. Breathe. – (laughs) Oh, I hate you.
– Hold your breath. Hoo, breathe, breathe.
– What does it feel like? – You know those workout machines
that you step on– ohhh! (laughs) Okay. – Ohhh! I can’t– (laughs)
– Damn! Oh, [bleep]. Oh, I love you so much.
I wish you were doing this. – (laughs)
– Is it painful or– – (laughs) OH! Oh!
How far are we… – (FBE) How did that feel?
– It felt great. – (both laugh)
– That hurt! It did. I could tell when
he bumped up the intensity. And yes–
– No, I didn’t touch it. I didn’t–
– Nothing compared to actual labor, but… close. – (FBE) So, who do we think
did better in this challenge, the married couple
or the teen dating couple? – Okay, married couple has
a lot of experience, so they would know each other.
But dating couple, I think we still have fresh ideas
on how to trick each other. – Yeah.
– From the beginning, I would have thought we would have
been better at it, but I have a feeling
we failed worse than they did. Losing’s very bad.
– I didn’t mind losing one of out three.
– Ah, of course. – Thank you for watching us
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– Hey, guys. I’m Katie, a React Channel producer.
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