Camp Netanya: The Santorini of Batangas │ Greek-inspired resort and hotel

English subtitles are enabled. If you wish to disable it, go to the settings. How are you? For the past few days, the weather hasn’t been that good. It was raining for many days now because of the typhoon. Because of this, it was hard to schedule a ride. In fact, our tour was cancelled twice already. Nevertheless, it won’t stop me from sharing a very memorable trip we had to this amazing place which is Camp Netanya in Mabini. You will forget that you’re still in the Philippines. Later, you’ll see. And because this is s Batangas revisit, I might as well share it to you even if we drove on 4 wheels. I was with the ultimate commander-in-chief of MoTour, my wife. This was out trip again, from Laguna. Going there is less than 100kms from here whether you take the Star Toll expressway or the service road. We suggest that you buy on your way the things that you might need because the nearest 7-11 from the resort is almost 10 kilometers away. You’ll experience heavy traffic in Bauan but the rest of the way is fine. You won’t miss the resort because it will turn your head of its beauty. The parking area is quite spacious but just in case, you can still park outside the gate. It’s safe anyway since there are guards all the time. Did you know that this resort was damaged by the earthquake last April 8, 2017? Yup, it was just 8 months ago. But if you see it now, it’s as if nothing happened. You see that spot where the vehicle was hit by a block of concrete? That’s where we parked. No wonder it was the only available slot. This resort is Santorini inspired from Greece and it’s very evident as soon as you enter. Just look at her attire. While waiting for us to be checked in, we checked out the pool area and it was really beautiful. (lady explaining options to do island-hopping) While we were checking in my wife repeatedly mentions to the staff that it’s our anniversay because usually, they give you some favors and it worked. We saw with our own eyes that the staff changed our room number And we were very delighted because apparently our room was upgraded to the corner one facing the spectacular view of the resort. There are parts of the room that were not perfectly clean like this coffee powder and some stains on the comforters. I was also amused by their toilet bowl high tech You often see these on Japanese restrooms and some hi-end hotels here in the Philippines. I didn’t know how to operate it at first but after a while, I got it. Nice! We won’t ever be thirsty again. We roamed around and enjoyed the place while there’s still sunshine. The accommodation includes free kayaking and snorkeling complete with life vests and gears. You need to go further if you want to see some fish and corals. Its underwater view is far from the likes of Palawan but it’s acceptable for me since it’s nearby. If you want a much better view, there’s an option for island-hopping with additional cost but we did not opt to do so because we want to make the most out of the resort. We went to the pool afterwards. And this is where we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve seen. We had our dinner here at their Greeka restaurant to try out their food. We asked for their best-sellers and ordered baby-back ribs, with pasta and chicken. We found the buffalo wings a bit different from what we expected and what we are used to. We also ordered their cake with matching greetings. Overall, the food was good, but on the pricier side. The day after, we just enjoyed our room while staring at the breathtaking view. If you’re wondering about the rates of the hotel resort, I’ll leave a link at the description below. Because their rates vary depending on the time of the year and discounts, it’s best to inquire directly to them. We used Traveloka App that’s why we got some discounts. They also have day tours and here’s their rates Overall, we were very happy with our anniversary celebration. It may not be very affordable but it is so worth it. It is indeed a very memorable experience. Thank you for those who vote for our next long ride’s destination. We will keep the whole thing open for a few more days and then we’ll plan.


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