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This is Camden and welcome to Joolz Guides
rock n roll camden pub crawl. Camden’s famous for its market, its live
music and of course its pubs so we’re going to do a sort of pub crawl and try an take in
some of the most significant musical and historical locations en route. And it’s also famous for being where Bob
Cratchitt and Tiny Tim live in Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. But we’re going to start in Chalk Farm. The reason we’re starting here is because
behind there is the railway In the 19th century when Camden started to
get industrialised all these houses around here were built for the workers who worked
on the railways They were from England, Ireland, Scotland
and Wales and they used to get into lots of fights with each other So they decided, I know, we’ll build a whole
load of pubs for each nationality So the Dublin Castle was for the Irish, Edinboro
Castle for the Scots, the Pembroke Castle was for the Welsh people Yeah, the Windsor castle has typically closed
down but that was for the English but we’ve got plenty of other ones so that’s ok Over there is Chalk Farm Station which is
where Madness took the photo for the album cover Absolutely. That was their second album, one of their
best in my opinion. It wasn’t actually that entrance though. No you’re right, let’s go round to the
other side. I think that the camera was down there and
they were like here…like that. Up there is Haverstock Hill leading up to
Hampstead. Noel Gallagher used to live up there. Supernova Heights is up there , the Steels
Pub and everything. But we’’re going that way towards Camden This is such a pity. This used to be Marine Ices. This was my favourite ice cream parlour. Everything’s closing down. I feel like Charlton Heston at the end of
Planet of the Apes. You maniacs. You blew it up. Oh damn you, God! Damn you all to hell!! That’s how I feel when I look at this place
and see what they’re doing, it’s madness. This is the Enterprise, I did a stand up comedy
gig here A perfectly reasonable place to take your
second pint especially if you’re going across the road to The Round House to watch a gig. This might look like a kebab shop but it’s
a very special kebab shop I remember you used to be able to come here
any time of night and it would have all walks of life from businessmen to beggars crammed
in the back watching this French Elvis called Daniel Jeanrenaud. And there were these old saxophone players
too. Great times man. And it would have poor people, rich people,
a man from the city having just come back from a late night Yeah they used to play late nights. He played a good ten years I think. Good, why did you change it though? The council reduced the hours, we had to close
earlier than used to.. I don’t know, he says that they’ closed
down but I bet you any money you can still go in there. I reckon they must have a lock in. There’s got to be. Just opposite there is the Roundhouse which
used to be for train locomotives to pull in and turn around. They had a sort of turntable like you got
on your Hornby railway. But it got turned into a warehouse because
the trains got too big to fit on it. In the 60s it turned into a music venue and
loads of famous people played there like David Bowie , Rolling Stones. Led Zeppelin played their first gig here and
they say this is where punk was born when The Ramones played here. Oh, and that’s Anthony Gormley on top there. This is where George Michael did a free concert
for NHS nurses, he’s a really nice bloke George Michael. And The Doors did their first and only UK
concert here I do believe. This used to be Bartok and before that it
was The Belmont. It was quite popular with musicians because
there used to be a recording studio just across the road. Lemmy from Motorhead used to be seen by the
fruit machine in here. In fact he was seen by the fruit machine in
any pub he went to. When I’m not wearing a bowler hat and cravat
I’m one of the world’s Hawaiian shirt wearers. And I can’t resist. It’s an illness. All my Hawaiian shirts come from here. dungaree and Hawaiian shirt combo. Now we’re talking. The reason why there’s all these horses
everywhere is because this used to be the stables and this was like the Camden goods
depot bringing industry and jobs to the area. The horses lugged stuff around off barges
and trains to be taken off around London. The last horse was retired in 1967. It’s amazing really that they still had
horses up until then. We’re going to the Amy Winehouse statue
which is in the stables market where they don’t like you filming so we’re probably
going to get chucked out. They had a fight, The Sex Pistols had a fight
in Dingwalls which we can’t show everyone now. In there is where they took the photograph
for The Clash album cover. Thanks to the nice woman in the office she’s
phoned all the security guards and told them not to let me film in here so we have to do
this a bit surreptitiously. This is what I have to put up with, in case
you’re wondering why you don’t get a video every week on the channel. Because honestly anywhere, I had a big argument
with them in the bakery as well. The Hawley Arms is where Amy Winehouse used
to drink and she used to have a special drink called a Rickstacy which I suppose for the
sake of this I have to have one Three parts vodka, one part banana liquor,
one part Southern Comfort, one part Baileys. But you don’t do them anymore? In that case I’ll have a pint instead. It sounds disgusting. There’s Dingwalls. It’s where the bass players from The Clash
and The Stranglers had a bit of a fight and it resulted in The Stranglers being ostracised
from the punk scene. And there’s this little bit on the right
there where the cow barges go inside and it’s called dead dog’s hole because it’s where
all the detritus and dead dogs and dead bodies used to wash up. It used to be…trains used to go into there
in the 1800s and they’d lift off goods and stuff and put them onto.. Stop saying yeah. You sound so interested! When morning TV was quite a new amazing thing
in Britain… it was like, Oh wow we’ve got TV am it starts
at 6am all those egg cups on there were because it
was the tv am building but now it’s the MTV building I did used to work there and there was this
woman who was doing the hair and make up for Adam Ant when he came in
and she came down the stairs in a terrible state crying,
she was like, I just had to attach his toupee she was mortified as were we all that poor
old Adam Ant the 80s beauty icon for all of us nothing to say about this pub except that
Pat who used to do the quiz in there he used to think he was hilarious
he used to say there’s a free pint for this and he’d ask a question
someone would answer the question and he’s go
stand up, what’s your answer? Go the the bar
Get a free pint…….of water, you’re wrong, sit down!
but he did it in a northern irish accent whereas I did it in some sort of weird Welsh Australian
accent. Do you know that song by madness? Walking round you sometime, hear the sunshine
and that’s a song about Arlington House is this house which is a doss house just along from the homeless hostel is The Good Mixer a notorious Camden hang out for musicians and fans and stuff. It became really popular after Blur started
hanging out here in the 90s because this has always looked like a bit
of a scuzzy pub to me. It looks like the kind of place to get beaten
up Listen you don’t get beaten up in a place
where everyone’s a fan of Brit pop. Dude everyone in there now is a vegetarian
and remembers the good old days of boys who do girls who like boys I need to pop in
Are you in a band? I heard only people in bands are allowed in
here. There’s Amy playing pool. Apparently she was known to have a game of
pool in here. have you ever been to Mecca Bingo? I went with you! This is the dublin castle this is one of the
most famous music pubs in camden. Amy Winehouse used to pull pints behind the
bar here. I think it all started when Madness played
there around 1979. I bet you any money you’ve played a gig there. I have indeed, I’ve played many a gig there. How many bands can we see that have got names similar to other bands but aren’t actually
the real thing the real thing . Yeah like the Sex Sells
Deep Fury , Deep Purple The Uptown Monotones is a kind of like a mixture
between the Boomtown Rats and the Undertones The Flaming Lips
Squidge Squeeze People are really getting a bit desperate
with band names these days arent they. Johnny Cash, oh god I just got that, I’m so
thick Have you ever been to the rock n roll rescue
shop? So where does the money go to though? Tony Blair’s new wallpaper for his Las Vegas
penthouse suite. Wonderful
It goes here see there…
and the last thing it goes to is bees, we give money to bees. I’m pretty sure this is Depeche Mode’s keyboard. It is. This is still programmed for one of their
gigs It’s got all the songs programmed in for I
think it was the Violator Tour or something but the bloke in the shop doesn’t know how
to use it properly so he’s terrified of turning it on and deleting everything
When I work at Rock n Roll rescue I like to drink Amphtamine Annie’s coffee! The Camden Palace which down there, t was
actually the Camden Theatre opened in 1900 it’s called Koko now
Oh beg your pardon, I’m so old school! For about 15 years
Bon Scott who was in AC/DC, the last place that he went for a drink was in the Camden
Palace. He staggered out and he stumbled down towards
the Dublin Castle and he bumped into an old school teacher of his who thought he looked
a bit worse for wear and he sort of helped him into a cab and then he died later that
night. Just opposite inverness street market is the
electric ballroom which is one of the most famous and iconic music venues in camden. It had many incarnations under the same ownership. In th 70s when they first opened up as The
Electric Ballroom the first band to play there was a band called The Greedies
and that consisted of Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, Paul Cook who was the drummer
from the Sex Pistols and the guys from Thin Lizzy and I think Gary Moore. Sid Vicious was present at that gig and it
inspired him to form a kind of one of band called The Vicious White kids and do a show
called Sid Sods Off to raise money for his trip to New York with his girlfriend Nancy. Actually it was a trip from which he would
never return. Why didn’t Sid Vicious ever come back? Because he had a drugs overdose and after
having been accused of murdering his girlfriend. Weird because when that film Sid and Nancy
first came out the one starring Gary Oldman, that was the first time Iever went to the
cinema to see an 18 certificate film, it was called an X in those days. Funnily enough, I went to see it in the Camden
Plaza cinema which was just opposite the Electric Ballroom and I didn’t realise the irony of
that or how appropriate it was until now. This is one of the oldest pubs in camden. It’s been here for ages. I think it’s from 500 years ago, although
it wasn’t called the Worlds End back then, it as called the old Mother Redcap. Where there was a cottage where this woman
called jenny Bingham used to live. Jenny Bingham was pregnant by the age of 16
but the bloke who made her pregnant got hanged at Tyburn Gallows for having stolen some sheep. her next bloke disappeared mysteriously, then
her parents were hanged for witchcraft, her next fellow got found burnt to a cinder in
an oven, but she was let off because it was found out that he often slept there in order
to escape her nagging tongue, which is fair enough I suppose. She ended up just sitting on a stool here
with her red cap and black cat. She was a bit scary and regarded to have mystical
powers or something. I’m more of a melodic death metal kind of
guy. I’m a rocker I’m a metal head I’m a punk. I’m all of those things. I like everything from Elvis to death Metal,
I span the generations. People wearing all sorts of outlandish mad
stuff, yet the only person who is getting stared at is me. Madness actually used to live upstairs? I didn’t know that, I know Madness used to
buy their Doctor Martin boots at this shop. Is that the one about which the song is? Our house in the middle of our street. This fellow says that that’s the one he’s
talking about. That’s what I thought, that’s the first ever
Doctor Martin shop. In Camden Town I’ll meet you by the underground. This is the Devonshire Arms. It’s on kentish Town Road. It used to be a proper like goth biker leather
type hang out. You might look at that thing on the ceiling
and think it’s just an air conditioning unit but actually it’s a relic from the days that
you could smoke in pubs. It’s actually a smoke extractor. Now when you go into a pub it just smells
of B.O. and sweat and beer. If you look at the poster as well they all
have a nice yellow tint. More of a goth pub back from the early 80s. We’ve got live music there’s a stage down
there. Yeah we support lots of local bands. Tonight we’ve got a band called Gattaca. Very good. Check them out youtube facebook. And in general you can find us on facebook
as in The Dev N.W.1. full schedule of shows. One of the most famous musicians to come out
of Camden was of course Amy Winehouse. I’m just coming up to her house where I think
she died. Number 30 Camden Square. It seems to have turned into a sort of shrine. Amy winehouse died on 23rd of July 2011 aged
just 27 of alcohol poisoning. She was the first British female artist to
win 5 grammies. People keep trying to nick the road signs
as sort of mementoes. Not to be encouraged that kind of behaviour. I’ll buy you both a drink for your help. So after that rather sombre interlude this
is our final pub. This is the one that was built by the English
for the Scots. Don’t ask me why it’s spelt like that. I’ve heard that it’s because the English were
trying to take the piss of the Scots or something. The idea was that the Scots the Irish, the
brits and the welsh were all fighting each other That’s why they built these different pubs. Cheers
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