Cala Millor Majorca Spain: Tour of beach and resort

Hi and welcome.
In this video I want to give you a tour of
Cala Millor and the smaller resort next door,
Cala Bona.
So you can see what to expect, or, if you
already have been here, so you can see it
all again.
So this place is pretty nice in the daytime
but especially at night.
Some nights they also have live bands and
its a nice place to have some drinks and listen
to some music next to the beach.
This is one of the play parks in Cala Millor,
they are open all day but mostly popular in
the evening when people leave the beach.
There is this one and some other onces further
down towards Cala Bona.
Most of these offer bouncy castles, trampolines,
and more funny games for the kids but also
a little chill out bar area for the parents
of course.
Here I am gonna go quickly inland and show
you some of the backstreet shopping centers.
They are normally not busy in the daytime
but more at night.
If you wanna go on a boat excursions to have
a look around the area then you can start
those from here.
The boats go several times a day and there
are special options to visit the markets in
Porto Cristo on Sundays would you want to
do so.
So next up is gonna be Cala Bona, right next
to Cala Millor.
In a lot of ways its similar but just smaller
and more chilled out.
There is also a harbor and some very nice
This is hte harbour area of Cala Bona.
Like I said a lot of nice restaurants to choose
from and normally a lot less busy then Cala
So I hope you enjoyed this tour of Cala Bona
and Cala Millor.
You can also have a look at my other videos
covering these areas as well as the rest of
If you want more information about holiday
in Spain or need help finding the right holiday
destination or hotel for you, you can also
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