Bushiroad Retailers Conference 2019 – Vanguard / Buddyfight / Weiss / Rebirth

Good morning, everyone,
esteemed retailers, guests, and colleagues.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule
to attend the Bushiroad Retailers Conference 2019.
My name is Rudy,
and I’m the Director of Sales and Development.
Today, I’d like to share with you
our exciting plans for the coming year.
Please take note that there will be a Q&A session after,
so kindly hold any questions
that you may have for then.
Also, please put your phones to silent mode.
Before we begin,
I’d like to introduce to you
the founding father of Bushiroad,
Mr. Takaaki Kidani, to say a few words.
Mr. Kidani, please.
Hi, good morning everyone.
Thank you for coming today.
I am the CEO of Bushiroad,
also, I’m the head of TCG Projects.
As you know,
I’ve been in Singapore from 2014
to 2018.
I have gotten a lot of experience in Singapore,
and, hmm, my experiences in Singapore have been very beneficial for me.
last July,
we published
our stock in Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate [your support].
I think of today’s Bushiroad Retailers Conference
as a very important conference.
We have already held this conference in many cities.
For Japan, we held it in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka,
Fukuyama, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.
In Asia,
it was Taipei, China, Bangkok,
Next month, it’d be Seoul.
And today, it’s Singapore.
Oh, this is Bushiroad’s HONKI SENGEN to TCG (Trading Card Game).
It represents Bushiroad’s commitment to TCG,
to our retailers,
and also to our players.
our staff will explain about
our business, TCG business plans,
and our strategies.
And also, our passions.
Please sit back and
enjoy today’s conference.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, Mr. Kidani.
I’ll now begin our presentation.
So, first up will be Cardfight!! Vanguard.
First, I’d like to talk about the animation for Cardfight!! Vanguard.
Cardfight!! Vanguard has gone back in time with this new arc.
It features Shinemon Nitta as the main protagonist.
For those of you who don’t know,
Shinemon is the Card Capital store manager
from the very first season of Cardfight!! Vanguard.
He was the store manager of Card Capital
where Aichi began his legendary journey
into the world of Cardfight!! Vanguard.
So now let’s take a look at a quick recap for the animation.
In 2011, Aichi began his journey into Vanguard
and discovered various ways to play the game
while making many friends along the way.
At the end of his arc, a new protagonist was introduced.
Chrono Shindou.
That arc concluded in early 2018
with the introduction of many new mechanics.
Such as Limit Break,
Legion, and Generation Stride.
Following which, the story line was rebooted,
bringing Aichi back.
This time, the story followed the manga more closely,
and introduced the super popular Imaginary Gift mechanic
which we see many players enjoy today.
So this was Shin Nitta in the original Cardfight!! Vanguard 2011 series.
And now this is him, 10 years before, in his high school days.
Some great news for fans of Shinemon.
The voice actor, Syuta Morishima,
will also be voicing the high school Shinemon Nitta.
As most of you probably know by now,
Shinemon’s main clan is Genesis.
And he will be using brand new units.
These units have already been revealed online.
But we’ll talk more about them a little later on.
So in the Shinemon arc,
we see the return of popular characters.
Such as Mark Whiting,
who was Aichi’s history teacher in the original season.
Rive Shindou, who is Chrono’s father.
Tatsuya Tachibana is a brand new character.
The clans that these three characters use,
namely Nubatama, Angel Feather, and Nova Grappler,
will be featured in the upcoming V-BT07, Infinideity Cradle.
Now let’s take a look at some of the key units from each of their clan.
While Hanzo from Nubatama, and God Hand Dragon from Nova Grappler
are completely brand new units,
you might recognize Ergodiel from Angel Feather.
This unit was originally released in BT06, May 2012.
Of course, since then it’s received a great buff,
and amazing fancy new artwork.
These ace units have been revealed online,
and it’s a hot topic among players right now.
Next, I’d like to introduce all the antagonist characters.
The main one being Esuka Hibino.
She’s the head of a major corporation
that’s trying to buy over Card Capital in a hostile takeover.
Clans that the antagonists use will be featured in V-EB10,
The Mysterious Fortune.
Now let’s look at some of their key units as well.
Again, you might recognize Sephirot from Neo Nectar,
and Agravain from Gold Paladin.
Reason being, these were originally released in BT08, which was May 2013.
and again, BT06, May 2012.
Of course these new units, also, have received major buffs
with new abilities as well as awesome new artwork.
Isabelle from Great Nature, however,
is a completely brand new unit.
And her abilities of what she’s capable of
have not been released anywhere yet.
So please stay tuned to our official channels for more information
about what all these three units are capable of.
So here’s a quick synopsis of the current arc.
We sincerely hope that you have been enjoying the subtitled version so far.
The English dub of the first episode
will begin airing tomorrow (Sept. 28) on our YouTube channel.
So please, Like and Subscribe to our channel.
So that you’d be notified when new episodes are uploaded.
For both subbed and dubbed versions.
As mentioned earlier,
let’s take a look at Genesis units used by Shinemon Nitta.
This new key unit from Genesis will accelerate
the speed of gaining Force markers
to unlock something new called, Astral Plane.
So what the Astral Plane is,
it’s a special Rear-Guard circle
where you can call the first ever Grade 5 unit.
So for Valkerion, I’m sure the first thing you’ll notice about it
is its extremely high attack power at 70,000.
But not only that, with its ability,
it can gain up to three drive checks.
Take note, however, that these drive checks
will enter the soul rather than your hand,
because of the Astral Plane restriction.
And this is also something Genesis plays around the most.
So the new Astral Plane has been released online
and we’re very happy to say
that there has been great interest in this new mechanic.
Players are also excited about this unique characteristics
as it sets Genesis apart from all the other clans.
One topic that has been generating tremendous hype among
players online is the potential growth
that the Astral Plane mechanic has.
And to be honest, we at Bushiroad
are excited about what the future holds for this mechanic as well.
So, V-TD09
will feature Shinemon’s new cards and mechanics.
So please look forward to it.
The release for this will be today (Sept. 27th) for the Japanese version,
and November 15th for the English version.
On top of that, for this TD, I’d like to point out
is that instead of the usual three Gift markers that we provided,
there will be five Gift markers
so as to accommodate the Astral Plane’s ability.
One week after the release of this will be V-BT07,
where the clans of all the protagonists will be released.
V-BT07 will contain many new and exciting units
plus some familiar ones
that have received power-ups and new abilities.
So please check out our schedule for the animation right here.
One thing we like to highlight and reinforce
that for each season every clan
will definitely receive at least one power-up.
So please stay tuned.
So here’s the schedule of clans that are going
to be supported in the coming months.
In the top row is the release schedule
for the Japanese version of the products.
At the bottom row is the English release.
One thing you’ll notice is that for the English version,
February will be an empty month.
This is to avoid the Chinese New Year issues that we face with shipping.
So in other exciting news in the world of Cardfight!! Vanguard,
the extremely sought after
Bermuda Triangle is getting a new booster release
on January 31st, 2020.
We haven’t announced the exact release date yet,
so you guys are the first to know about this.
We’ll be announcing the exact date online after the presentation.
Also for this set,
popular previously released units such as
Riviere, Pacifica, and Coral
will return with buffed abilities.
Order sheets will be sent out immediately after this presentation.
Now it’s time to talk about something very exciting for Vanguard.
Vanguard ZERO!
Vanguard ZERO being the main content from Bushiroad
for the Tokyo Game Show that happened two weeks ago,
is in its final stages of development
and is slated to be launched this year.
We’re also working on the English version
to be launched not too far behind the original Japanese version.
Now I’ll like to share some features of Vanguard ZERO in the coming slides.
So the first thing is,
Vanguard ZERO will feature many nostalgic scenes from the animation
as the story will be based on the original story line from 2011.
The story will be told Live2D characters,
as well as original clips from the animation.
Of course Vanguard ZERO will be released worldwide,
so players will be able to challenge each other
from across the world in this streamlined version of Cardfight!! Vanguard.
This will be a great entry point for anyone
who wants to step into the wonderful world of card fighting.
So besides being able to purchase packs in-game,
players will also be able to craft their favorite cards
with the materials that they collect whilst playing the game.
Now the next feature is called “My Room” feature.
I’m sure players will want to take a break from
intense card fighting,
and this will be the perfect place to do it.
The amazing thing about this “My Room” feature is
it will have original
fully voiced never-before heard stories
from your favorite Cardfight!! Vanguard characters.
On top of that, players can also customize the room
with fancy furniture and trophies
that they collect while playing the game.
You’ll also be able to visit
other players’ room to check out
who’s got the fanciest furniture
or the best trophies
to see who’s got the best bragging rights.
Be sure to take a look at your friends’ room
or any other players’ room that might interest you.
Now let’s move on to Future Card Buddyfight.
So after the exciting release of our very first
collaboration title, Detective Conan (a.k.a Case Closed),
we’re very honored and happy
to be able to release Buddyfight’s second collaboration title
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!★PICO, which is now on sale.
This title will feature chibi versions of
all BanG Dream! characters.
The fantastic feature about this title
will allow you to have all five characters
on the field, instead of just the regular three.
And to celebrate this release,
we’re having an event in conjunction with Genesis Frontier,
at SingPost Center this Saturday (Sept. 28)
where players will get to enjoy fun-filled BanG Dream! activities.
They’ll get to try out these cards at the demo areas
and even take part in many more fun activities.
So we hope to see you there.
Next up on our exciting collaboration list
is [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS Theater
which is releasing November 1st 2019.
This will have a new feature
that interacts with the Buddy Zone
and will be revealed soon,
so please stay tuned to our official channels.
We have many more new collaboration titles coming up,
but unfortunately I won’t be able to reveal them today.
So again, please stay tuned to our official channels
for more information about these titles.
Now let’s move back to our awesome main line of products.
The next one we have coming up
is the Soaring Superior Deity Dragon, S-BT06.
This set features many new cards
and even a new attribute for Legend World.
The best part about this set
is what originated as an April Fool’s joke
has now come to life in this set.
So, what’s new about it is
the Dangerous Veggies makes its first appearance.
For more information about the Dangerous Veggies,
please go to our official website which contains much information about it.
And now,
something that we’re very excited to announce is that Genesis Frontier
will be producing exclusive playmats only available
to Singapore and Indonesia.
To my knowledge, these playmats are very limited
so you should place your orders ASAP.
And fortunately for everyone,
Sharon is right here,
so you can approach her immediately after the presentation
to place more orders.
And now for the first time ever
for Buddyfight English version,
we will be doing a Re:Collection
which is similar to a Revival Collection for Cardfight!! Vanguard.
This set will contain the most popular cards in the world of Buddyfight.
All in one product.
Not only are these cards highly sought after,
they will also be reprinted in never-before-seen styles
where the cards will be extremely shiny and frameless.
So that players can appreciate the full beauty of the artwork
for Future Card Buddyfight.
And if you thought this would be exciting,
the next slide is brand new information which we’ve never released,
online or anywhere else yet.
So you’d be the first to know about it.
What we’re going to do on December 20th, at the end of the year,
is the Collector’s Glory set.
So similar to Vanguard’s Collectors Set sold at CharaExpo USA in limited quantity
that was exclusive to CharaExpo USA,
we have created this Collector’s Glory set
for all Buddyfight fans worldwide.
We have a product sample that we’ll be showing you later.
And this product will also–
oh, Terence is holding it up right there.
And this product will also be printed in limited quantity again.
So similar to the special playmat that Genesis Frontier will be doing,
I suggest that after this
you approach Sharon to see how many pieces you can get ASAP,
because it is truly in limited quantities.
The order sheet for this will be released immediately
after this presentation as well.
So here’s a quick recap of the products that are releasing
at the end of the year for Buddyfight.
I do believe that most of you
should have received, or will be receiving,
our product release schedule poster.
So please, if you can, put this up in your shops.
So that your players know what products are coming up at the end of the year.
Alright, so we know that
the Buddyfight animation
has come to an end,
and a lot of players are sad about it.
And so are we at Bushiroad.
However, we’re very happy to announce
that the stories for the Buddyfight Universe are far from over.
Check out these translated side stories of new characters
that continue to flesh out the world of Buddyfight.
They’re available on our English website for free.
Not only that, our Buddyfight team
has been working very hard to produce
videos that come up every week called
This Week in Buddyfight,
which showcase everything
or new information of Buddyfight that was shown that week.
And now let’s talk about Weiss Schwarz.
I know that most retailers here
buy Weiss Schwarz Japanese version
instead of the English version.
So please bear with me
while I talk about the localized titles of Weiss Schwarz
that we have in the coming months.
So, starting with BanG Dream Girls Band Party Volume 2.
This product releases October 18th as a Booster Pack.
And one thing I’d like to highlight about this
is that it’ll have 75 different sign cards.
Next up will be Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.
This is a new entry to our Weiss Schwarz series.
And will release on November 15th
with a Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack.
Next is the popular Fate series.
This is the 6th series for Fate,
and this will be released on December 13th with a Booster Pack.
Alright, Goblin Slayer!
Goblin Slayer in the Western market is extremely popular
and many of the players have been requesting for it
for a very long time.
And we’re very happy to announce
that we’ve finally managed to attain it.
This will be released January 31st
with a Booster Pack and Trial Deck+.
Last but not least,
we have Sword Art Online Alicization.
The key thing about this release
is that they will be a new mechanic
basically giving a new way to play SAO decks.
This set releases February 28th 2020
with a Trial Deck+ and Booster Pack.
So for all the WS Japanese that retailers buy
in case you missed the release dates and titles that are coming up,
please take a moment to check this out.
Okay now we’re going to move into English Original titles.
As most of you know, this year we had two English Original titles.
The first was Cardcaptor Sakura
and the second was Batman Ninja.
And these were very well-received,
especially in Western market such as North America.
We’re very, very happy to announce that
we’ll be doing two more English Original titles next year.
And we’ve already confirmed which two titles we’ll be doing.
Of course I can’t tell you which titles that we’re going to do right now,
but I can personally assure you that these are very major titles.
And if you guys don’t buy WS English products,
I believe these titles will make you want to buy the English titles moving forward.
Now I’ll like to touch on something
that we’ve been working on the past few years
with Genesis Frontier,
which is the School Outreach Program
starting in 2017.
In March 2017 till May 2017,
Buddyfight was used as part of a character-building program
for 20 primary schools in Singapore.
We’re happy to announce that this reached approximately
10,000 primary school students
throughout the country, and they were given bookmarks
and goody bags featuring Buddyfight characters.
In the following slides,
we will show that we also
working to promote Cardfight!! Vanguard
in schools in Singapore.
But this time we did not only approach
primary schools, but secondary schools as well.
We approached 12 secondary schools
and 8 primary schools for Cardfight!! Vanguard.
Many interactive sessions were held in these schools
to help students find their own character strengths
in relation to the characters from Cardfight!! Vanguard.
For this we managed to reach approximately
6,000 students.
And a lot of students were very happy
with the goody bags given out
which contained Cardfight!! Vanguard products.
We hope to be able to continue working with Genesis Frontier
of such ventures that will help produce
a brand new generation of card game players.
I’d like to take this opportunity
to thank Genesis Frontier for this initiative.
And we hope to continue this success for many years to come.
Alright, for this, I’m personally super excited
to announce our latest project
called Bushiroad Fighters Navigator.
Or BushiNavi, for short.
So BushiNavi,
its aim is to be the one-stop solution
of all Bushiroad games and tournaments.
The aim is to increase efficiency in running tournaments,
and as a means for players to track their own performance
of the games that they’ve been playing over the years.
and as a means for players to track their own performance
of the games that they’ve been playing over the years.
We are currently working on adding in more features
that will benefit both tournament organizers and attendees.
Of course unfortunately,
again, I am unable to reveal more.
But more updates on this project
will be announced as it nears completion
because this project is slated to be launched
in 2020. So please look forward to it!
Now, I’ll like to talk about the Bushiroad Championship Series,
or BCS, for short.
As most of you know, BCS 2019 is currently ongoing.
I thought we’d like to share some information
we feel that you might not know.
For BCS 2019,
we’re very happy to announce that tournaments are being held
in 27 locations, 5 different continents across the world.
This is definitely an increase from BCS 2018.
On top of that, there are 4 brand new locations
that we’ve never ever held a BCS regional at before.
These locations are
Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Peru, Costa Rica.
And just as a reminder,
BCS Singapore is being held next weekend, Oct 5th – 6th.
So retailers, please remind your players to get ready
for intense competition for those two days.
As you know, the winners of each of the game
will be given a sponsored invite
to the World Finals which will be held in Tokyo, Japan.
The date has been confirmed
on January 19, 2020,
and will be held at Asakusabashi, Hulic Hall and Conference.
Now I’ve come to the end of my presentation.
However, I’m very excited to introduce to you
Keita Mori, who will be talking about
a brand new card game, called Rebirth.
Mori-san, please.
Hello everyone, I’m Keita Mori.
Director of TCG Marketing in Japan.
Let me introduce our brand new TCG Game,
Rebirth for you.
The game Rebirth for you is designed by the company, Yuhodo.
With Yuhodo, we’ve already produced the game like Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz.
So please look forward to it.
And the game experience for Rebirth
will be very casual.
One game takes 10-15 minutes to finish.
It’s not too difficult, not too long.
If you know the past brand called Victory Spark,
the game Rebirth is very similar to it.
So, if you love that game, you’ll love this one too.
And the characters for Rebirth look like this.
Cute, mini characters.
So let me give the launch date.
It’s on March 19, 2020,
with four trial start decks available.
The MSRP is 1,000 Japanese yen.
Of course, Rebirth will have a mini anime before its launch.
And it’s not only Rebirth itself,
but we will also have guest collaboration titles lined up.
The first one is Girls Band Party!★PICO.
And the second one is from Kadokawa, Isekai Quartet.
The third one is our brand, Revue Starlight Re LIVE.
The next one, GochiUsa,
Is the Order a Rabbit??.
And finally, this is a new one.
The Touhou Project will be joining our Rebirth project.
So let me wrap up
the release schedule.
We will have four trial start decks on March 19.
And it’s selling at 1,000 Japanese yen.
We will have more information to be announced.
Alright! That’s it for now.
Thanks for listening.
We’ve come to the end of our presentations,
and thank you for your kind attention.


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