BUGS Take Over the Rainbocorn Toy Hotel !!!

– [High-Pitched Voice] Tic Tac Toy.
– This video is sponsored by Zuru.
Welcome back to the Toy
Hotel, Addy and Maya.
– Thank you, Lucy, we’re
always excited to be here.
– Well, let me tell you,
you two picked the perfect day for a stay.
– Why is that?
– Well, today is international
egg day, and to celebrate,
each suite comes with one of these
brand new Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprises.
– Really?
We are obsessed with Rainbocorns.
– Yeah, but we haven’t seen
these giant Rainbocorns before.
– Well, they are the
biggest Rainbocorns ever,
and they include over 25 magical
and bow-utiful surprises inside to unbox,
including these cute big bows.
– Let’s get to our room asap then.
– Okay then, bellhop Jason,
can you come escort these
ladies to their room please.
– Absolutely.
– Thank you.
– Oh, just backpacks today girls?
– Yep, we came straight
from toy school today.
– [Jason] Great, well follow me.
(pop music)
– Here’s a Rainbocorn
Big Bow Surprise Addy.
– So bellhop Jason said
that they could contain
a llamacorn, a unicorn, or a flamingocorn.
– Oh, I can’t wait to
see which one we get.
– Well let’s get hatching then.
– Okay!
– Let’s flip our sequin hearts
so we can see what our Rainbocorn loves.
– [Both] Three, two, one, flip.
– It’s the milkshakes.
– Well we already know
we have a lot in common
with our Rainbocorn if
she likes milkshakes.
– True, let’s see who it is now.
– Time for a Rainbocorn hug to hatch.
Who is it?
– It’s a unicorn!
– Oh my goodness,
it’s so cute!
– It’s Bowie the unicorn.
– Check out her sparkly eyes.
– And her rainbow hair.
– And her fur has like every
color of the rainbow on it.
– And did you see her wings?
– [Addy] They’re so, so shiny.
– I think it’s time to
put her sequin heart on.
– Good idea, but later I’m
wearing that on my backpack.
– There you go, Bowie, you look fantastic.
– And I can’t believe
how much bigger she is
than our other Rainbocorn.
– I’m already in love with Bowie,
but we still have so
many surprises to open.
– Well I wanna accessorize with
that big, trendy bow that’s on the end.
– And did you know that there’s
three big bows that you could collect?
– Sure did, and I’d love
to collect them all.
– Me too, did you see how many
surprises there are in this egg?
– Whoa, it’s so many.
You can dig in first.
– Don’t mind if I do.
Uh, this.
(gasps) Look, it’s a sparkly headband.
– No way!
– How do I look?
– Adorable, you have a
magical horn just like Bowie.
– We’re twinning Bowie.
– Super cute, let’s see what I get now.
OMG, there’s a slap bracelet in here.
– Wow, and it’s furry.
So soft.
– And it has a unicorn horn too.
We’re both twinning with Bowie now.
– Time to dig in for another surprise.
Ooh, it kind of feels like pens.
– Well get it open and let’s see.
– (gasps) They’re glitter
pens in the coolest colors.
– A girl can never have too many fun pens.
– Or glitter.
– I think I have my toy
school notebook in my bag,
you wanna decorate it
with the glitter pens?
– Um, yeah.
I’m gonna use this one to make hearts.
– I’ll use this one to write X-O-X-O.
So cute.
– [Maya] I’m gonna fill it in now.
– Bellhop Jason, do
you know if chef Pierre
is ready for the big
afternoon eggstravaganza?
– He sure is, I was just in the kitchen
and the Rainbocorn themed
cake looks delicious.
– Perfect, and is everything
set up for the egg spoon races?
– Yep, it’s gonna be a fun-filled
international egg day at the Toy Hotel.
– Oh, I almost forgot,
housekeeper Natalie has
all the rooms ready, so
can you take all these
Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprises and make sure
there’s one in every single room.
– I’m on it.
– Perfect, thank you bellhop Jason.
– Looks great, so what do you think
we’re gonna get next Maya?
– Only one way to find out.
(gasps) It’s a bracelet
with a Rainbocorn charm.
– And look, is that Bowie on the charm?
– It sure is.
I’ll wear it as a bracelet today
but tomorrow I’m gonna
wear it as a hair tie.
– Great idea, let’s see what I get now.
– What you get, what you get?
– (gasps) Stickers, and
I got two sheets of them.
– They’re so, so shiny.
– [Addy] There’s Rainbocorns and bows,
and rainbows and ice cream.
– You want to decorate our
toy school pencil cases with stickers?
– Absolutely, we could stylize everything
with Rainbocorn magic.
Here it is, let’s get started.
– I’m gonna find a Rainbocorn.
– And I’m gonna get a bow.
(pop music)
– This is gonna be so, so cute.
– Oh, for sure.
– Ooh, I didn’t see the shooting star.
– One more.
– I think it looks great.
– Me too.
Okay, I think we should dive
in for another surprise Addy.
– Okay.
What’s it gonna be?
– I don’t know, but I
can’t wait to find out.
– It’s another bow!
– That is so me.
– Yep, and I’m gonna bring
out my overalls for this.
– Love it, let’s see what this is now.
Whoa, check out all this.
– No way, Rainbocorn glitter,
stencils, and a brush.
– I think it’s time to add some magic
to our toy school folder now.
– For sure.
One folder coming up.
This side’s already glittery,
so let’s do the back.
– Sounds like a plan.
– [Addy] I’m gonna do the heart.
– And I wanna do the doughnut.
– Here goes nothing.
Okay, press it down, now
peel the clear film off.
– And now we dust with glitter.
This is gonna look amazing.
– My turn to do the heart.
– Here you go Addy.
– Miss Lucy’s gonna love our new folder.
– Oh, for sure.
I think it’s time to dust off the glitter
and take out our folder.
– [Both] So cute!
– And we still have so
many stencils to use.
– 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61.
– Wow, are these for
the afternoon egg hunt?
– They sure are, and we also have
300 candy filled eggs done
hopefully pretty soon.
– Eggcellent, ha ha, get it?
– Ha, good one bellhop Jason.
Oh, are all the rooms ready with those new
Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprises?
– Sure are, every room
in the hotel has one.
– Perfect, now I better
get back to my counting.
62, 63, 64.
– Our folder is looking so good.
– Yeah, we’ve opened so many surprises
and we still have our three
Bow-Bowcorns to hatch.
– Yeah, there’s nine in total to collect,
and they’re all cousins
of the Bow-Bowcorns.
– Time to start hatching.
These ones are so cute,
and check out the heart shaped gemstones.
– Let’s see what’s inside mine.
(gasps) Whoa, there’s so much inside.
I got Bow-Bow Kitty, plus a hair clip,
a ring, wings and a bow.
– And the collectable heart
gem can go on your ring.
– [Maya] Yeah, check it out.
– And don’t forget to put the wings
and the bow on your Bow-Bowcorn.
– Already done.
And what Bow-Bowcorn did you get?
– Let’s find out!
(gasps) It’s Bow-Bow Lion.
– Now get her all accessorized.
– Wings and bow are on,
and I’m sporting my ring.
– And look, you can also wear
a Bow-Bowcorn’s wings on your ring.
– Let’s see who else I got.
(gasps) It’s Bow-Bow Unicorn.
She’s precious.
– Time to accessorize her too Addy.
– Yeah, and we could totally swap
all of their wings and bows.
– That’s a great idea,
and let’s not forget
to put our hair clips in.
– Just got mine in, how do they look?
– Love it.
– Oh, and check out the
collectors guide Maya.
I’m gonna check off that we have Bowie.
– That sure does make me want
some more Rainbocorns and Bow-Bowcorns.
– I feel the same way.
Hey, and look, each character comes
with a different set of surprises.
There’s so much fun to collect.
– Hm, there’s gotta be another way
to get the other two giant Rainbocorns.
– Hm, thinking, thinking.
– 115, 116, 117.
(phone rings)
Hello, Toy Hotel front
desk, how may I help you?
A bug infestation?
Oh no, I’ll send bellhop
Jason up right away.
Bellhop Jason!
– So, Lucy said you have a bug infestation
in your suite, is that right?
– Oh that’s right, they’re everywhere,
we need to move rooms immediately.
– Really, well what kind of bugs are they?
Where are they?
– They’re spiders, they’re giant spiders.
– Spiders?
I don’t like spiders!
Where are they?
(Addy coughs)
– Okay.
(pop music)
– There’s one right behind you.
(Jason screams)
– I hate spiders!
– It’s time to get us another room.
So cute.
– I’m so glad we got
Bobby the llamacorn Addy.
– Switching suites was the best idea ever.
– I wanna put the slap bracelet on.
And look how fuzzy these are.
– And I want a unicorn
headband just like you.
This one is super cute.
How do I look Maya?
– Adorbs.
And here, you can have this bracelet Addy.
– Thanks, I love all the
accessories, so stylish.
– And I’m gonna check off Bobby
from our collectors guide.
That means we only have one
more giant Rainbocorn to hatch.
– [Addy] And now we have
the Bow-Bow Unicorn,
the Bow-Bow Lamb and the Bow-Bow Puppy.
– So you know when bellhop Jason
brought us to this new room?
– Uh huh.
– I noticed that the room right over there
has the Rainbocorn that we haven’t got.
– The third Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprise?
– That’s the one.
– Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
– I think I am.
– So was there really a
giant spider in their room?
– Oh, it was enormous, like this big.
– Oh wow, well thank goodness
the exterminator’s on it’s way then.
(phone rings)
Just one moment.
Front desk, this is Lucy speaking.
Oh no, not again, I’ll send
bellhop Jason right away.
– More bugs?
– I’m afraid so.
– Giant spiders again?
– Everywhere, and I mean everywhere.
– Are there any near me?
(Addy coughs)
– Got it.
– Right behind you.
(Jason screams)
– Time for another Rainbocorn.
– I just love Belle the flamingocorn.
– [Maya] Check out her
rainbow colored wings.
– I know, they’re so super cute.
– It’s time to divvy up
all the surprises now.
– [Addy] I want this giant bow.
– And I’ll take another unicorn headband.
– Then I get the bling bow.
– Those are some cool overalls Addy.
– Do you want the slap bracelet
or the rainbow bracelet?
– Slap bracelet for sure.
– I was hoping you’d say that.
These look good together.
– And we’ll share the stickers,
the glitter glue and the stickers set.
– Oh, and we gotta mark off
our last three Bow-Bowcorns we collected.
We got Bow-Bow Sloth, Bow-Bow
Flamingo and Bow-Bow Llama.
– We’ll have to get our rings on soon too.
– For sure, you know what?
I can’t believe we did it.
We collected all three of the
Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprises.
– And we got so many surprises,
it would take too long
to count them all up.
– Hey, you wanna check out early
and head home to play
with all our goodies?
– Yes, sounds like a plan.
– Well I hope you girls
enjoyed your stay here
at the Toy Hotel, here is your
bill for you to look over.
– Um, this is a little higher
than we were expecting.
– Yeah, what are all these added expenses?
– Well, that first one is
the exterminator’s fee,
that second one is the room cleaning fee
since housekeeper Natalie
will now have to clean
three bedrooms.
(Maya gasps)
And that third fee is for the
additional two Rainbocorns
that you opened which
you weren’t supposed to.
– Uh oh.
– Oh, and here is the
remote control spider
that you left in one of the suites.
– [Both] Uh oh.
– Uh oh is right.
– We’re sorry Lucy, we just wanted
all those Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprises.
– And maybe we made a few
bad choices to get them.
– Well, you certainly did.
– I’m afraid we don’t have
enough money to pay for this.
– Well luckily I have
the perfect solution.
– This is a lot of work Addy.
– You can say that again.
– This is a lot of work Addy.
– We’ll be here all night long.
– Probably, but you know what?
– What?
– It was totally worth it.
– For sure.
– [Lucy] This video was sponsored by Zuru.
(pop music)

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