Brunei’s Luxury 7 Star Hotel

Hey guys!
It’s a gorgeous day in Brunei and right now
I’m outside the Empire Hotel.
This hotel has 6 stars — sometimes 7 stars
depending on who you ask.
But either way, we wanted to come and check it out
and see why it has so many stars.
We just walked inside the front doors
and in the lobby is this huge chandelier,
which really catches your eye.
And I’ve heard estimates that it cost
up to a million dollars so
I figure that’s worth at least one star
and we’re only in the lobby.
When you walk past the chandelier,
straight ahead you see the water and the beach
and it opens up into this vast area.
I hesitate to call it a room
because I see six storeys right now.
And it’s all marble and I’ve heard
it’s flecked with real gold.
How’s the view from the escalator?
It’s nice.
You can see all…
It’s doing all the work for me.
You can see all the storeys from here.
Yeah there’s so many.
I feel like we’re in an MC Escher drawing.
Three escalators to get up the lobby.
At least you don’t have to take the stairs.
Quite the walk-out basement.
This place is massive.
They’ve got their own cinemas and the Empire Theatre.
All of these buildings
and then down here is the Golf & Country Club.
Apparently the golf course here is world class.
It was designed by the legendary golfer,
for those who know golf,
which is not me by the way, Jack Nicklaus.
Not to be confused with Oscar-winner Jack Nicholson
who’s a little more in my personal wheelhouse.
But this golf course was named the best one
in Asia-Pacific by Asian Golfers Monthly Magazine
so it’s a great golf course if you love to golf.
And what I find really interesting is that, of course,
you know they have all sorts of rooms and suites
and the largest suite here
is the size of a football field.
It has it’s own pool and apparently
the carpet has flecks of real gold.
And two of the most famous guests in that suite
were Pamela Anderson and Bill Clinton.
Not…not together.
I see a beach!
So do I.
And I also see a swimming pool that looks so nice.
One observation I have is that
the swimming pool at the back of the hotel
seems to stretch forever all the way around the back.
And then it seems to blend right in
with the South China Sea.
Pretty nice little beachfront spot here, eh?
It’s so beautiful.
I just love how there’s so much beachfront here.
Like when I walked in the front,
I had no idea that it would
open up so much at the back here.
It’s just…it’s beautiful.
And there’s lots of shade
so it doesn’t feel too hot, you know?
We’ve just come across what I think
is my favourite part actually so far.
Me too.
It’s kind of away from the manicured pool area.
Just this rocky part with gravel
that juts out into the…into the water.
It’s really peaceful and there’s nobody else here.
It’s relaxing.
Shall we hitch a ride on one of these
golf carts as they pass by?
For the breeze alone.
Let’s do it.
It’s hot!
That would be so nice.
It’s taken some time to walk around this Empire Hotel.
I can see why it has 800 employees
and took 6 years to build.
This place is very big.
But it’s been really fun.
I hope that you guys enjoyed walking around too.
What do you think of this 6-star hotel?
Does it look like what you thought it would?
How many stars would you give the Empire Hotel?
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