Breaking into Game Master Inc Headquarters to Rescue Rebecca from GMI! (Hide and Seek Challenge)

– What? That was a good nap. – Yeah – Wait Wait, why are we? Whoa, Matt!
– Hey! – Whoa!
– No, no, na, no! – I’m sorry I had to do this to you but it would’ve turned
into a Battle Royale if I did not. Rocky sent me here to help you. – You work for Rocky? – Let’s just say we
have the same employer. – [Both] What? – Rebecca’s in trouble right now I was able to stall the cerebral analysis but they’ll soon figure out
that she’s the real Rebecca and not the villain they cast. We need to get there, let’s go. – Daniel can we trust RZ Twin? – At least she knows where’s she’s – She’s gone – Go, move, move, move!
– Let’s go let’s go! – Are you sure that a suit
is the right thing to wear? – [Daniel] Yeah I’m mean you look great
– Okay – [Daniel] You blend right in – But the shoes? – [Daniel] Ah! I don’t know, maybe Don’t look down – Oh okay Okay, it worked great! – [Daniel] Let’s go, let’s go, come on. – I have to go
– Wait, what do you mean? – I need to do something for my employer but good luck you’re on your own. – What, this is my first
time being by myself Oh hold on, hold on – [Daniel] Oh yeah, sunglasses. Okay, people are coming. Hold on. Go, go, go. – We’re on our own Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay, we’re on our own. – There’s two agents – [Daniel] Right there – So, the tests are performing
well with the clones. – That’s good. That’s good. What about Rebecca? – Have we found her yet? – We have not. – Listen, Mr. X is gonna want
to find Rebecca very soon. – I don’t want to deal with this. – We would rather find her before Mr. X needs to be involved. – Oh, I just got a message. Violet’s ready. – Perfect. How did the cerebral analysis perform? – Violet, who’s Violet? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – They did say Rebecca’s – [Daniel] And they said clones too. – We need to follow them. Maybe more information on Rebecca. – [Daniel] Maybe they
know where Rebecca’s at. – Rebecca is currently missing right now. We need to get her and escape and rescue my wife. Guys don’t forget to thumbs up this video, turn on notifications, and subscribe. Do that before we see the agents again. Oh right there, right there! They’re waiting for the elevator. – [Daniel] Are we going to
ride the elevator with them? I guess so – [Daniel] They’re going to recognize me, but they might not recognize you. – Yep, I look like an agent right now. – [Daniel] Maybe you
should go talk to them. – They might think I’m Chris. – [Daniel] Oh, right. Go talk to them. – [Matt] You guys ready
for some cerebral analysis? – I think the tests came back quite well. – Should go well. Should go very well. – [Matt] Yeah, how has it been – Oh, Violet
– [Matt] Violet – Violet has been testing extremely well. I think she will be an excellent
competitor for Rebecca. – [Elevator] Parking Level Two – I think she can take her on. – The real question now is what to do with the rest of the team. Matt and Daniel? – Maybe we should talk
about this by ourselves. – [Elevator] Cargo Level. – [Matt] Alright, I’ll
see you guys in a bit. Good luck! – Guys I don’t know what just happened. I don’t know We’re goin’ back down, goin’ back down. Daniel! What? Dude, where’d you come from? – I just took the
elevator with those guys. – [Daniel] Oh, okay. What’d you find out? – They’re really looking for us right now. – [Daniel] Oh
– They said that this Veronica girl is
gonna compete with Rebecca. – [Daniel] What?
– I don’t know. Let’s sneak around and see
if we can find something. – [Daniel] Okay, okay, okay. – Here we go. – [Daniel] There’s an agent. – Come on. It’s like a face reveal. – [Daniel} Yeah. – He’s got stuff – [Daniel] Yeah he’s got stuff. Where do ya think he’s going Matt? – Around here – [Daniel] I think he
went around the corner. Did he go here? – I don’t know where he went man. – [Daniel] Wait, wait, wait! Over here. I think he just went in there. – No, I think he went here.
– [Daniel] What? No, I think he just went in there. – Let’s go.
– [Daniel] Okay? Quick! – [Daniel] Wait!
What? We’re outside? – Wait, okay, let’s get back in. We gotta find a way to get back inside. – [Daniel] Okay, okay. – Daniel where do we go? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – Eh, it’s a bunch of agent offices. – [Daniel] GMI offices. Sweet dog! – [Daniel] I can’t get inside. – Hold on, hold on. – [Daniel] Where are we? – Look, there’s a fence here. – [Daniel] Oh, look at this. Who is that? – [Matt] Look at that. Why is there somebody
in that outfit in there? I dunno. – Let’s go. – [Daniel] We’ve gotta
find another way in. – Come on, let’s go. Wow, this place is huge! – I know, this – There’s a camera right there – Oh, what? – See it? – Oh wait, there. – Do you see it? – Yeah I see it. – Okay, I gonna keep my glasses on. – [Daniel] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. You gotta be lookin’ in character. Then what am I? – You’re the Hacker. – Oh right, that makes sense. – Yep. You’re the Hacker. I’m the Agent. Remember they had like these things where they had to be like Oh yeah. – Intimidating
– And I had to I had to crawl and act – [Matt] Yeah
– [Daniel] Yeah – [Matt] So let’s go over here. We need to find Rebecca. – Yeah – Daniel is this the same office? – [Daniel] Yeah, we’ve
been here before, right? – They’re both in there. Look who it is. There they are. – I think we should
start cerebral analysis. – [Daniel] Oh, they’re leaving. They said it was time
for cerebral analysis. – No! – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, there they go! – Do you think we should go inside? – [Daniel] Let’s go in!
– Okay. – Daniel
– [Daniel] Yeah? – I saw the computer wires.
– [Daniel] Oh! – Do you think you can get it? – [Daniel] Oh yeah, yeah. Let me try. Okay, look this cable plugs into my phone. – [Matt] Nice! – Perfect, so I can download
everything into this. It doesn’t really have like a keypad, but he’s got this mouse. Maybe I can just Oh, there it goes. It’s on. Okay, there’s a lot of files and looks like Hacker stuff kind of. Okay, maybe Do you see this folder up here? It says like CA. What’s with CA? – California – Yeah, California’s a state.
– It could be California. – Yeah, uh Cheese America. – Cheese America’s not bad – I don’t wanna know why – Crossing America – Crossing America
– Yeah – Is that their goal? – What if it’s Chase Attack? – Chase Attack that happens a lot to us. – [Both] Ah, Cerebral Analysis. – That’s like twin telepathy! – It was!
– What! – We’re best friends. I’m gonna click this. This is crazy lights. What is happening? – What’s that head piece? – I dunno. Is this what happens when you
go through Cerebral Analysis? – What is it? It’s like colorful. – It’s super bright. Oh it’s so bright now. I saw a flash. I feel like I saw a flash of Rebecca. Do you see that? – I couldn’t see it. Guys comment down below
if you see any of this. – What is happening? Okay, now it’s just dark. So weird. – That’s it?
– That’s it. I don’t even know what that means. Is that what they show you
when you do Cerebral Analysis? – Did we just get Cerebral Analysis? – I hope not! I dunno!
– I feel okay. Do you feel okay?
– I feel fine. – You have sunglasses on. Maybe it blocks it. – Oh
– But I have regular glasses. I could be in trouble. – I don’t know. – Should I try and download
some files or something? – [Both] I don’t know what to do. Maybe we should get out of here. No! – Let’s go. – Hey!
– Oh! – [Daniel] Wait, wait, wait, stop! Stop!
– Wait! It’s just me! Matt, it’s me! – What just happened? – They almost had me sign a contract. They just had me film a video. Look! – [Daniel] Oh my God! – They made me dress up. – [Daniel] What? – You mean like ninja
training or something? What was that? – No, I thought you guys were an Agent I thought you were after me. I just escaped. I was trying to. – What are you wearing? – [Daniel] Wait, what are you wearing? Yeah?
– This is what This is the new villain that’s
gonna be coming after me. and Matt they’re gonna
take Peanut and Blackjack. – [Daniel] What?
– What? No. – Yes I had to see it in the videos. Zam Fam you guys know. – Okay, what do we do right now? – I don’t know. We need to get out of here though. – [Daniel] Do you know the way out? – No, I thought it was that way and that’s – We just came from there and it’s not that way. – It’s not that way either. I came from there. – I guess we gotta go up. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Maybe we gotta take the elevator. – They’re right. We might be in the basement right now, so we need to go up to another floor. – Yep, let’s get out of here. – [Daniel] Let’s get outta here. – Yeah come on! – It’s locked.
– It’s locked? – We’ll find another way out. – The front. – What about over here. It’s locked. – That’s one of the Agents
that can’t know that I’m me. – [Daniel] Okay. – Oh!
– I’m not in my disguise. – [Daniel] That’s the only way out! – Look at this, you see that, okay, Double Agent. Let’s try to… He’s on the phone – What do I do with this? – [Daniel] Hide it. – Okay, Can you hear what he’s saying? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – We’re gonna have to get really close. – [Daniel] Do you wanna
try and get closer? – Right there? – Go, go, go, go. – Listen to what they’re saying. They were saying something about me – Yeah, yeah
– and cerebral analysis. And they did the video. – I can’t believe can’t
– [Daniel] They did a video? – Yeah, so I did a video talking to me for the future about our dogs. I told you that. – [Daniel] So they’re
gonna send this video to you in the future? – I think so, I have no idea. – [Daniel] He’s pacing the hall. How do we get out of here? – I’ll act like I’m on the phone guys. – [Daniel] Okay go. – Yeah You think he can get us out? – Send some special thumbs up
that we can escape from here at the GMI headquarters.
– Okay Yep, this area is secured. – He’s still that way. – It’s like he doesn’t
know the way out either. – [Daniel] Oh my God. – Okay guys, get in
over there on the right. We’re gonna pass elevators, okay. It’s the next one
– [Daniel] So elevators keep on passing? – It’s the next one on the right – Quick he’s coming! – [Daniel] Go, go, go back right there. – Daniel you can’t be out there. – [Daniel] Okay, sorry. Matt, you gonna give us
the green light to go? – You guys, if he sees me I
think I gonna stay trapped here. – [Daniel] Oh no, you can’t be trapped. – I know. Matt’s going – [Daniel] Okay – [Rebecca] That way, that way. – [Daniel] Oh no.
– It’s right That’s the entrance. Just make a run for it?
– [Daniel] Rebecca – No I can’t. If they find out I have this disguise. – [Daniel] See him, go! – Go, go, go, go. – [Daniel] Come on! – [Agent] Agent Chris! – Yeah, I’ll have to call you back later. – What do I do?
– Hey – How’s everything? And how are you interested into assisting. – It’s going good. Just trying to escape. – Escape what? – the lies and lies and mistreats of oh you know
– Oh of Rebecca – Yeah and her Zam Fam. – Yes. – Good. Very good. I see the eagle eyes in you. – Yep. Thank you. Oh, hey speaking of Let’s go! – [Daniel] Go, go, go, go. Come on, come on. Woo me! – Alright guys we rescued Rebecca. – I can’t believe we made it out! – I think we have a lot of work to do. They’re onto us right now. – I know they are and they said they were gonna
be taking our dogs soon. I think they’re planning something big for the game for the contract we signed. – Okay guys, check out
the video right over here where Rebecca was actually inside. I don’t even know what happened in there. – Yeah, there’s a lot that
happened and subscribe. Make sure you have notifications on. Shout out to you guys
that tagged Zamolo merch. If you want any of it
go to Link is, we – Oh, he’s coming he’s coming Go, go, go!

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