BRAZIL BEACHES | Buzios Beach Resort – What’s the coldest beach?

How’s the work back there?
Never ending
Oh, my God, baby!
Look at this?!
He’s going so fast.
Ah! [laughs]
Good morning, I’m starting today here
with a good breakfast
because today, the beach
is gonna be awesome,
or, better, the beaches
are going to various
Hello family! Parking for the beach?
Remember that in my first video
here in Búzios,
I mentioned that the city
has one Main Street,
one way to get in,
one way to get out.
If you haven’t watched,
don’t need to go there right now.
There’s the link up here,
link in the description.
You can see as soon
as the video is over.
Anyways, I wanted to say that
because nature does something very similar
but with the beaches.
Búzios is a peninsula, right?
So, the water for the northern beaches,
the northern part of the peninsula,
comes from the coast of Brazil
and the Equator,
so the water is very comfortable, warmer.
As compared to the southern part
of the peninsula,
the water comes from the South Pole.
Guess what happens?!
Today we’re gonna drive around Búzios
going from beach to beach
starting here in Geribá. That’s because
I want to end at the other side.
There’s a beautiful sunset over there.
We’re doing this anticlockwise.
We’re going to so many beautiful beaches,
beautiful places,
and I’m getting in the water
to see if you can actually tell
the difference.
These alleys will take you to the beach.
There’s no oceanfront the avenue
in most of the beaches here in Búzios,
so this is how you get to the ocean.
Geribá is by far
the best beach for surfing.
Look at the waves here.
You don’t find this
in the other beaches in Búzios.
In most of the beaches, you don’t.
And also, it winds a lot here.
See my hair never stops.
So today, I want to run an experiment.
I’ll go to beaches on both sides
to see if there’s any difference.
What do you think?
Whoo! Wow!
This water is not among the best.
I think it’s more on the cold side.
The water is more on the cold side.
I can get used to it
as it’s so hot today but…
There might be a warmer beach
somewhere else.
That’s it.
Next one now.
Beaches in Búzios
don’t have an oceanfront avenue
or simply a boardwalk that you can drive
or walk and see the beach.
But in the other hand,
whoever owns these houses here
or stays in these hotels,
can’t complain, huh?
Clear water to drink.
Dirty water for feet.
Guess which one Gordon accidentally drank?
Which one you drank?
I was thirsty.
Let’s see the difference here.
It didn’t occur to you
that it was a little bit dark?
I didn’t look at it.
-What’s in this tummy now?
-10,000 worms…
…trying to crawl out.
The left side of the
beach is famous for having less waves
From here you can
also walk to the next beach: Ferradurinha
There are no roads to Ferradurinha
This beach here is a favorite in Búzios.
It’s called Ferradura,
which in Portuguese means horseshoe.
That’s because of its shape.
It’s really like a horseshoe.
There’s just a tiny entrance over there.
So, the beach right here,
because it’s not open ocean,
tends to be a little warmer,
I hope is the case today.
We started right here at Geribá.
And look at the beach
that comes next, Ferradurinha.
Oh, here’s something interesting.
Ferradurinha – it’s not next to Ferradura.
It’s not like the other beaches
like João Fernandes and João Fernandinho,
Azeda and Azedinha.
No, they’re not next to each other.
There’s a big distance here.
Basically, no wind here.
Water here is so inviting.
It’s amazing.
I guess it’s because it’s like
this tiny cove, then it gets warm.
Just destroyed the theory.
You can come to the southern part
of the peninsula.
From here, we’ll go to a viewpoint
around here.
We’ll be able to see
a little bit of the Foca Beach.
It’s a tiny beach.
You see this one right here,
Olho de Boi?
This is a nude beach.
It’s hard to get there, you know.
No wonder it’s kind of hidden.
This one next to Olho de Boi
is called Brava, Praia Brava.
There are waves there too.
A lot of surfers enjoy.
But, actually, from the previous viewpoint,
we come to this other viewpoint right here,
where you have an amazing view
of this entire end here.
From this viewpoint,
we come to another one,
which is a little surprise,
and it’s not here on the map.
We finally arrive at this beach right here,
João Fernandes.
It’s one of my favorites.
And finally, Azeda and Azedinha,
very close.
And just so that you don’t get
totally lost,
you can walk to these beaches here,
Azeda and Azedinha.
starting from Rua das Pedras
and Orla Bardot.
You can walk all this.
This is what we did in the last video.
Let’s go.
-Let’s go.
-Let’s go.
Next beach.
-Next beach.
Ready for the next beach?
-Very, very… you’re born ready?!
Where are you going?
You’ll fall there.
Be careful.
One thing I love about Búzios is that
here there are several viewpoints.
I’m going to show you two additional ones.
Here in João Fernandes,
there’s this.
Let’s go up there.
Let’s take a look at the view.
And then, I’m going to show you
my favorite one.
It’s not as high,
but the view is fantastic.
Here, you can clearly tell the difference
between the two sides of the peninsula
where Búzios is located.
Look at here.
Open ocean, a lot of wind.
The water here is from the cold stream
that comes all the way
from Antarctica and the Falklands.
As compared to here, look at that,
you can even see the continent.
No waves.
Quiet beaches.
And the warm waters from the warm stream
along the coast of Brazil.
Now, one thing to be very careful here
in Búzios is with parking.
The official parking from the city
is right here, R$ 3 per hour.
But where are you going to pay?
There’s no one here for you to pay.
Look around.
And there’s nowhere we can buy the ticket.
There’s no machine.
There’s nothing.
So, we’re kind of concerned
of leaving the car here
and getting a ticket
because they do check.
We parked anyways. Got no ticket
Now that is my favorite viewpoint,
you won’t believe it.
It doesn’t even look real.
How beautiful!
Down here, this is João Fernandes Beach,
and over there,
João Fernandinho.
That’s where we’re going.
-Is this good enough for you?
-No? [chuckles]
What else do you want?
-Oh, there you go.
The beach is so tiny here that
we only found the space behind the boards.
Look at this.
And in front of this wall,
everything is full.
Let’s go somewhere else.
There will be more space over there.
Now at the other side of the beach,
look at this,
there’s a much better structure here.
You have these kiosks,
you have where to eat.
Look at what they serve here – paella
for two people, R$ 99
barbecue for R$ 95
Verdict time.
Let’s check out the water.
[Cold?] [chuckles]
It’s all right. Yeah.
It is nice, actually.
You can get use to it.
100% approved, I can spend
the whole day here in this water.
It’s perfect.
[crowd chattering]
Let’s go to the next now.
I want to close the day at another beach.
We actually walked to several other beaches
From Praia da Armação, just keep walking
Gord! Double ‘caipirinha’
Twice the ‘caipirinha’ today
Good deal!
You arrive here at the corner,
and you think you can’t go any further?
But, no, just cross…
go through the church,
and you arrive
at the Ossos Beach.
Right over there.
I’m ready to spend the whole afternoon
under the sun.
There are two beaches here:
Azeda and Azedinha.
We got 40 minutes here
and it’s R$ 30
Do the work for me, baby.
It was so full of fish here
There’s someone swimming here.
Be careful, because there’s someone
swimming just ahead.
A lot of these boats here are taxis
because to get here,
there’s a trail,
and you got to walk a little bit.
But if you can’t
or if you’d rather not walk,
you can come by taxi.
-Sir, how much is the taxi?
-To Praia dos Ossos it’s R$ 8, to downtown R$10
-By downtown you mean ‘Orla Bardot’, right?
-From ‘Orla Bardot’ until ‘Rua das Pedras’
-Ok, great. Is this price per person?
-Ok, great. Thank you!
-How’s the work back there?
-Never ending.
Right now I’m just enjoying.
Oh, my God, baby!
Look at this?!
And you’re doing it all by yourself.
He’s going so fast.
Ah! [laughs]
The water is not cold at all.
Come here, it’s very comfortable.
It’s perfect.
Look at the traffic… You know, it’s one way in,
one way out.
So sometimes it’s like this.
-My Portuguese is really bad, ok?
-Why the price is not half?
-Because the sun…
-Half day… No?
– My Portuguese is really bad
Thank you!
What were you trying to say?
Half the day is gone, why am I paying full price?
How cool.
We’re going to close the day
at a place called Porto da Barra,
at the beach of Manguinhos.
It’s very nice,
so full of bars and restaurants here.
And they’re all really,
really nice
But the most famous thing here
is the sunset.
It’ll be right there.
Look at this area,
how charming, how nice.
We’re here very early,
it’s still an hour to go before sunset.
Good afternoon!
-What if I set up right here.
-Yeah, good.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you!
Hey, hey, hey.
Pastel, deep-fried dough
with cheese inside.
Delicious, but you could have shrimp,
meat, anything else.
Look at people already gathering
here for sunset.
A really nice atmosphere.
It’s amazing how much it winds here.
Here in Búzios, there’s generally
a beautiful sunset.
It doesn’t rain as often
as in other cities in the state of Rio.
This wind has its purpose.
It pushes the clouds
to the interior of the state.
Seriously, this is the city
with the least amount of rain
in the entire state of Rio.
So, what did you think of this tour today
to the beaches here in Búzios?
It’s very nice, huh?
We did everything by car, driving.
But if you don’t have a car here,
there are agencies or private guides
that you can hire,
and they do everything by buggy
It should be so fun.
Now I’d like to know
what was your favorite beach?
And if you know a little bit of Búzios,
is there any other beach
that I didn’t feature
and that you’d like to see?
Let me know in the comments.
I’m going now,
but next year I’m back.
And the award for the coldest beach of the day…
At least I got plenty now…
Who was that?
Don’t ruin my shot.
-I’m getting red.
-Let’s go seat then.
-You’re getting red?
You’re pink already.
How’s it going?
Is it working?
-Gotta manage this time-lapse.
Why no tripod?
Where’s the tripod?
So, you expect this will solve
the problem with the water?
Oh, yeah, I drown germs in beer.
I drown the germs in beer.

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