Due to the much anticipated Mayweather Pacquiao
I’m gonna teach you this card game
So, Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!!
Welcome to Bored Games, I’m Alberto.
I’m not gonna teach you how to Jab or uppercut
But I’ll teach you some boxing…the card
It doesn’t really require much skill, but
it’s pretty fun
Anyway, here are the supplies:
One Deck of 52 Playing Cards
A Piece of Paper (To Keep Score)
A writing utensil
Your Opponent
And You
You have all of your supplies? Great let’s
set it up!
1. You and your opponent should sit across
each other
2. Take the cards and remove all of the Queens,
Jacks, Kings and if you have Jokers remove
them too, we’re not going to use them in
this game
3. Make two Piles by separating the cards
by color
4. Place either one pile of cards in front
of your opponent and the other pile in front
of you, make sure they’re facing with their
backs up
5. At this time you and your opponent should
shuffle your own respective decks
6. Then you and your opponent will trade decks
(this will ensure, no cheating)
7. Using your respective decks, you and your
opponent will each lay 12 cards in front of
yourselves, like this. So, the tableau should
have 24 cards in total.
8. Place the remaining cards off to the side,
for they will not be used in this match
9. Next, grab your piece of paper and fold
it in half, hot-dog style is recommended
10. Using the writing utensil, write numbers
1-12 on the margins, like so…
11. On the top of the left side of the paper,
write player one’s name and on the right
side of the paper write player two’s name
12. From Player 1’s point of view of the
cards, going left to right will determine
the number of rounds of this match based off
of each set.
To further clarify, if for example I am player
1, these set of cards will be 1, then 2, then
3, 4…up 12, As previously stated these will
determine each round of the fight
Setting up, may seem tedious, however, it’s
quite easy! Anyway, Let’s carry on.
It’s time to teach you how to play the game!
The premise of the game is to have the most
points at the end of the game
Per round, both players will flip their respective
The player who has the highest value card
will win that round
The player who wins the round will take the
difference of their card and the card of their
opponent and that will be their score. S/He
will that number on their side of the paper.
For example: If the higher card is a 7 and
the lower card is a 2 then the difference
will be 5, thus the winner should write 5
on their side of the piece of paper
If both players have the same value card it
is considered a draw and depending if it is
an ace or not, both players may move to the
next round
The Ace does not count as 1, but 11. And is
considered a knockout card.
If a player has an ace and the other player
has another value that is lower than a value
5 card, then the other player is considered
knocked out and has won the match.
If the other player that has a value 5 or
higher card will still lose the round, but
they will not lose the match
If both players have an ace in the same round
they are both knocked out and it is considered
a draw
The game can end in either a draw or a win/loss.
The player with the highest score after all
rounds wins, unless there is a knockout that
ends the match beforehand.
Perhaps this information seems confusing to
some of you. So, I will play the game to you
provide with some clarity.
As always, I hope the example is easy for
you to emulate and the instructions are easy
to follow.
In the comments section below, acknowledge
a game which you would like to learn.
Please subscribe if you haven’t yet. Thank
you for watching.
That’s all for now, I’m Alberto and this
is Bored Games.


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