Boat safety for the Maldives Islands and Resorts

Marhabaa and greetings. My name is Shameem
and I am the Fleet Manager in Kurumba Maldives.
99% of Maldives territory consists of water.
So it is more than likely that you are going
to spend some time on a boat if you are coming
to this country. In this video I am going
to give you some handy hints how to stay safe
and injury free whilst using boats.
In Kurumba Maldives we are using bigger boats for the
arrivals and departures. Traditional Maldivian
dhonies also we have. Those phonies we are
using for excursions such as fishing, diving
and other trip as well.
Getting on and off the boats is something
Getting on and off the boats is something
you should be very careful of.
Please wait for a hand signal from the crew
to get on and off the boat.
Pass all the items in your arms to the crew
Hold a hand rail and make a step from the
pier to the boat.
Once you are in the boat you will be given
a general safety briefing which will help
you in case of emergency.
Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, my name
is Shameem. I am going to give you some safety information.
In case of emergency use life vest, remain
calm and follow the captains instructions.
Life jacket is located under your seat, we
also have life jackets for children.
To put the life jacket on, hold it straight.
Slip the vest over your head.
Attach the buckle and you may adjust by pulling
the straps.
Pull red toggles to inflate.
Inflate using mouth piece if toggle fails.
Blow the whistle to attract attention.
When jumping in the water cross your arms
and hold the collar of your life vest.
Make sure you cross your legs to avoid injuries
of your body by the hull.
Only get into the water after the crew instructs
you to do so.
Generally during our short transfer in the
larger speed boat life jackets are no required
to be worn.
If you are going to an island further away
in an open speed boat or feel uncomfortable
on the boat we would certainly recommend life
jackets to be worn during the transfer.
During the journey please remain seated unless
completely necessary or requested by the crew.
If you travel with children ensure that they
are under surveillance at all the time, even
during a short ride.
If you are wearing slippery shoes it may be
best to take them off and be barefoot during
the journey
On the double deck speed boats seating upstairs
or downstairs is possible when the sea is
calm and the weather is good.
For you reference please go thought the safety
information card which is will be available
always on the boat.
Our crew is fully trained on maritime safety
and sea rescue. Fire extinguishers, emergency
map, GPS, first aid and navigation equipment
are available on the boat.
It is very unlikely that you will get sea
sick on our airport transfers as it is only
10 minutes journey. But if you are on a
longer cruise, here are some handy hints that you
should follow:
If possible take a seat outside outdoors,
fresh air will help.
Breathe slowly and deeply.
Always look towards the horizon, do not look
Consult a Doctor for sea sickness medicine.
Bring an arm band with a pressure point magnet.
Staying safe on boats is very important and
with a few safety precautions your holiday
is safer.
Please give us a big thumbs up, we would love
your comments below. Also pleasure follow
our YouTube channel for more handy hints.
Thank you for joining us. Have a wonderful


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