Blackjack for Advanced Players – How To Play (and Win) at Blackjack

Welcome to this how-to video.
Today, we’ll be providing you with our “Advanced
Blackjack” guide, with some tips for players
with plenty of blackjack experience under
their belts.
When you’re at the advanced level, you can
begin to consider even more of the math of
the game.
If you are not a very advanced player, we
recommend checking out our Beginner and Intermediate
sections instead… this video and this section
is going to get very detailed and very advanced.
Thanks to the known quantities of cards in
the deck, you can get an edge over the casino
by adjusting your play based on what’s going
on in the game.
Imagine for a moment that you’re playing
There are 38 slots on an American roulette
wheel, so you have a 37-to-1 chance of getting
any individual outcome.
But what if once the ball landed on a spot,
it wasn’t removed and it became impossible
to hit that number again until the croupier
hit a reset button of some kind?
Well, now the odds would change.
Instead of having a 37-to-1 shot, you now
have a 36-to-1 shot.
As each number gets taken, the slot is filled,
and your odds keep improving.
Eventually, you’ll have an edge over the
house, because a single number bet in roulette
pays out at 35 to 1.
Once your odds become 34 to 1 of winning that
bet, you’re in a profitable situation.
As those odds continue to improve, so does
your edge.
So wouldn’t it make sense to bet less when
all the slots were available and then bet
more when more and more got filled in?
Unfortunately, roulette doesn’t work that
way, but blackjack does.
In most blackjack games, once a card is dealt,
it’s gone from the shoe of potential cards
until the dealer resets it by shuffling the
So, if the player can keep an eye on the ratio
of high cards to low cards, they can raise
their bets when the deck has a relatively
large number of high cards.
The aces and tens improve a player’s chances
because they increase the odds of getting
a “natural” on the first two cards.
A “natural”, or a “blackjack”, is
a two-card hand with an ace and a 10 or a
face card, and pays the player at better than
even-money odds, typically at 3-to-2.
If the player has a better chance of being
dealt this kind of hand, they can raise their
bets accordingly and get an edge over the
You don’t need a photographic memory or
anything to pull this off.
The aces and 10s are assigned a point value,
and so are the low cards.
By tracking those points, a player can get
an idea of the ratio of high cards to low
cards in the deck.
Two other things you can do to give yourself
an advantage are shuffle tracking and watching
for dealer tells.
Sometimes cards can clump into sequence or
packs in a deck, even when they’re shuffled.
If you can track these groups of cards throughout
the game, you can get an edge over the casino.
This won’t work with an online casino that
uses a random number generator, but can work
with physical cards.
Looking for Dealer Tells requires a similar
skillset to playing poker.
In blackjack, you can pay attention to the
dealer’s behavior as they look at their
hole card, and adjust your playing strategy
if you believe you have picked up on a “tell”
that hints at what the dealer is holding.
Becoming an advanced blackjack player means
learning enough about the game and how to
play it that you can consistently gain an
advantage over the casino.
… We have plenty of additional videos and
articles for you to make sure you are the
best blackjack player you can be… including
more within the “Advanced Blackjack” section…
so make sure to check out
for even more on the game.

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