Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Card Counting

Ok let’s say that I am the black jack player,
I’m the black jack player for this segment,
not the dealer. And let’s talk about counting
cards, well my advice is because of stress
put on you from one, counting and two the
heat from the casino the eye in the sky, that
little bulb thing with the camera behind it
and the heat from the casino’s security staff
and the pit staff, I’m just saying with all
that stress it’s not worth it to count cards,
especially when you consider that most people
who try counting aren’t even successful at
it. When I used to count, I wasn’t so good
at it, I mean I can keep up with the count,
I was fine with that, but things didn’t pay
off, the hands just didn’t pay off like they
were supposed to. Because statistically it
just never could get to a good situation.
But here is counting in a nut shell. You are
going to be keeping track of whether it’s
a high positive count or a negative count.
If it’s a negative count you are going to
bet the minimum. If it’s a positive count
which means that a lot of small cards are
coming out and there’s face cards, there’s
a lot of face cards in the deck to be played.
You are going to bet a lot. If you want to
know anything more about it go to your bookstore
but go with the caution that try to count
cards to play black jack for a living is a
ticket to frankly, possibly an ulcer but good


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