Blackjack Card Counting

Hi! Welcome back to the series of video tutorials on the game of blackjack
by! In this video we will learn all about card counting.
Card counting is a system of keeping track of the dealt cards in the
game to ascertain when the deck favors the player or the casino.
The main idea behind card counting is that high cards are
good for the player, while small cards favor the casino.
Therefore, the player can vary the bet to win more and lose less.
The card counter determines the odds due to a certain number
that is found by adding or subtracting a certain
digit usually up to 2 from the starting count of zero.
Card counting assigns a second value to all the cards.
Thus all small cards from 2-6 are counted as 1,
middle cards 7,8 and 9 are neutral, all high cards
– 10, J, Q, K and Aces are counted as -1.
Let’s find out how card counting is done in the real game.

As you can see we have two players at the blackjack table. The cards
are dealt and the counter starts adding the numbers in his mind.
1 for a 6, minus 1 for a Queen, zeroes for 8, and a zero for a 7.
By adding the values of all the cards together you can see the total is 0.
The game goes on, the first player stands, the second
player decides to split and thus we have two more cards –
a 9 and an Ace which add a minus one to the count.
Both players stand and the dealer flips over his face
down card. The card is a 10 and now the count is -2.
This is known as a Running count of the HI-Low card
counting strategy. It can be applied for one deck games only
and in order to use it in games with higher number of
decks you should convert the Running count into a True count.
This is done by dividing the count by the number of decks left in the shoe.
For example if the game has 4 decks left in the shoe,
the count is divided by 4 and the result is -0,5.
The general rule of card counting states that you
should bet more on a count of positive 4 or higher.
However, as there can be many decks of cards in
the game, the count may not get higher than positive 2.
The correct use of the card counting strategy described in
this video clip will give you a 2% advantage over the casino.
As there have been lots of card counters banned from casinos
all over the world, you may be wondering whether it is illegal.
In fact, the method is not considered illegal
because it is the use of mental abilities only.
Still all casinos preserve the right to refuse service to
any customer for any reason other than race or religion.
So if you are found counting cards, you will most likely be banned.
Therefore you should be very careful when using this method to not get caught.
If you decide to practice card counting in the online casino
you must know that the cards in online blackjack are shuffled
after every hand, which is why you cannot track them.
But you can practice card counting with the help of our
free game as with it you can see when the decks are reshuffled.
Now you know how to count cards in
order to have higher odds in blackjack.
We wish you luck and well-shuffled decks every time you play
blackjack. Have a great game and come visit us at


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