Blackjack Basic Strategy

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Today we will learn what blackjack basic strategy
is and how to use it to improve your blackjack odds.
In order to decrease the casino advantage when playing
blackjack online or at the land casino you should use
a set of mathematically correct decisions, called a blackjack basic strategy.
The decisions are calculated with the
help of a computer simulation program.
This program generates thousands of hands and calculates
the winning chances when you choose from the available options.
Blackjack basic strategy is created for classic blackjack rules.
However most casinos change the rules to increase the house edge.
These rules may include…
The rules about the dealer’s hand. It is recommended that you choose
the blackjack table where the dealer stands on soft 17.
The second rule deals with the number of decks
that are used in the game. The fewer decks, the better.
Another point to consider is what hand total you can double
down on and whether you can double down after the split.
Naturally, it is better to choose the game where
the player is allowed to double down on any hand.
The rule about how many times you can
split one hand also greatly influences the player’s odds.
You should choose the game where
re-splitting is allowed 3 or even 4 times.
Finally, consider the Surrender option, as it is a great
advantage for the player when surrendering is allowed.
The easiest way to find the decisions for
any blackjack situation is to use the blackjack chart.
As you can see all of the decisions are made according
to the player’s cards and the dealer’s face up card.
In order to use the strategy chart you need to find the row
corresponding to the value of your hand and find the column that
stands for the dealer’s up card. In our example we should double.
Let’s consider another example, if the player is dealt a pair of 10’s
the correct strategy is to always stand no matter which card the dealer has.
Moreover there are charts created
according to various sets of blackjack rules.
You can use a special blackjack tool called the
Strategy Chart Generator by BlackjackDoc that will help
you generate a strategy chart for any set of blackjack rules.
Most often there are separate strategy charts
for hard hands, soft hands and for splitting pairs.
Let’s take a look at the most common points of these
charts known as the 7 GOLDEN rules of blackjack strategy.
The first one states to stand on 12 against the dealer’s 6 or lower.
The second rule is to hit on 17 against the dealer’s 7 or higher.
The third one says to hit on soft 17 or
less and stand on soft 18 or more.
This is the fourth golden rule – always Split a pair of Aces or 8’s.
The fifth one states – split a pair
of 7’s against the dealer’s 7 or less.
The sixth rule is to never take Insurance or Even money.
The last one – is to double down on 10 or 11
if the card total is higher than the dealer’s up card
If you find it too hard to remember the decisions for some
or most hands you can use special tools for memorising
the strategy chart, like the Blackjack Trainer created
by Blackjack Doc which helps the players to train their memory.
The correct use of blackjack basic strategy will
help you to decrease the house edge to as low as 1%
(compared to average edge of 2% and more).
Note that most land casinos allow the use
of strategy charts at the blackjack table.
In the next video clip we will learn how
to count cards to get more advantage.
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