There’s new news at Cardano.
Keep a good eye on the investors, they can
get a chance to make money.
Today we will discuss both this and the latest
events at Bitcoin, an upward scenario in which
we will most likely experience Bitcoin in
the future, the BNB, and the issues that investors
who escaped to Tether’s USDT, especially on
the dollar, are moving.
There will be technical analysis.
In October we will also have to pay attention.
Also the main winners and backups of the Blockchain
event on October 18-19 were announced.
I announced it on the YouTube community tab
and on my Telegram channel.
I am waiting for them to write their e-mail
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There are only 4 stages.
The post is simple.
Let’s start with Bitcoin in the first item,
Then let’s continue with Cardano, BNB and
First of all, I published a video with the
name of hidden danger in Bitcoin, thanks.
Thank you.
You know, Craig Wright, he was sentenced to
pay 500,000 Bitcoins to his ex-partner a few
weeks ago in court, but he didn’t want to
go anywhere, I’m investigating the matter,
there’s no news right now.
There is no new news or progress on this payment.
Since it will not be closed, there is a court
decision in the middle of this month, I hope
this issue will not bother us.
So when you say boredom, I say, brother, when
Craigh Wright pays this 500,000 Bitcoin, the
person who gets it comes with this 500,000
Bitcoin, which is 4 million 250 thousand dollars.
With this capital and power, I hope he won’t
make hard sales and drop Bitcoin.
Such monopolization of Bitcoin is already
a bit separate to the spirit of Bitcoin.
I’m following this, folks.
If you see something, if you hear it, if you
share it with me, friends will be super.
Anyway, let’s talk about some nice things.
There is a Bitcoin ETF process that returns
to this snake story about Bitcoin, what can
happen to us in the future, how can the rise
I want to share this scenario with you in
such a sincere way.
In the meantime, let us make the definition
of ETF once again if there are new friends
joining us.
Now, ETF is based on an ETF index, where it
becomes Bitcoin itself, friends, an investment
fund whose shares are traded on the stock
exchange, aimed at reflecting Bitcoin’s performance
to its investors.
This definition does not belong to me anyway,
I gave you the ETF definition of Borsa İstanbul.
On the other hand, I must tell you very clearly
that Bitcoin was also immune to the ETF rejection
4-5 days ago, for example, another Bitcoin
ETF, Bitwise’s ETF application, I think was
rejected, but with this news, Bitcoin’s price
to stop falling, brother, even remember you
began to rise.
In the meantime, I would like to discuss how
ETF will give Bitcoin investors an opportunity.
In fact, if you want a scenario that is very
possible to take place, let us draw here.
There will be strong winds and rumors that
the ETF will be accepted before the adoption.
These rumors will raise Bitcoin, as we have
seen the similar one a million times or so,
which is likely to be accepted in some way
or another.
Anyway, the beneficiaries of this increase
will make money by selling and selling at
the right time, and when it is announced that
ETF is accepted, the price will begin to drop
in the classic way.
Classic business rumor, buy it, news scenario,
sell, friends.
I think it’s going to happen.
In the past, we have lived in Verge’s agreement
with pornhub, for example, when this rumor
comes out, sell the scenario when news comes.
Practitioners won.
Of course, you know, it may be similar again,
but I’m not saying it will be certain.
I say there’s a chance.
Look, for example, by 2020, we will probably
experience this scenario in halving, which
we call block half in Bitcoin.
Remember, folks.
Keep this information in your pocket, especially
if you’re new, when the rumor comes out, buy
the news and sell fiction, remember, keep
in your pocket.
And look what I’m gonna say.
Since the ETF is a derivative market, I think
it will also hit Bitcoin, which is inspired
and powered, in the medium and long term.
Gold, for example, we think we actually bought
gold from the bank, but he only sells a figure
that is equivalent to gold.
Normalde what is brother we want to buy gold,
so we have such a demand and this demand will
reduce the amount of gold in the market for
the price of gold technically need to raise,
but we go to the bank to buy a product indexed
to gold under the bank due to the fact that
the dollar technically.
With the adoption of the ETF, there may be
enthusiasm, which can then suppress the price
of Bitcoin in the medium and long term, just
as you see in bingo futures.
Now, if you want, let’s move on to the second
item, the second coin we will talk about in
this video, Cardano, which is known as ADA
by some investors.
By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to my
channel yet, I think the time may be right
If you subscribe and tap the ringer, you can
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Anyway, the most important news in Cardano,
I think, is that there’s something we call
staking in altcoins.
It is also a way to determine who will make
the next block in Blockchain.
From the investor’s perspective, you keep
that coin in your wallet, and you usually
earn extra coins and do extra money without
doing anything else.
The course returns are discussed.
This staking will no longer be in Cardano
but probably not through individual pools
that will be staking staking solo but will
not be done while the paper by delegations
from direct hardware such as wallets or purses
Ledger staking.
Staking is currently under development and
testnet testnet before the test network to
gain experience to be tested and then to be
integrated into the main blockchain mainnet
friends.You keep a large amount of Cardano
to keep extra coins I would follow this topic.
There are also sites that calculate how much
extra coin you can earn daily, monthly and
yearly by writing the amount of Cardano you
already have.
If I don’t forget the link of one, I will
add it to the description part of this video,
if I forget, remind me in the comments.
In addition, Cardano will meet in Washington
on the 16th of this month.
Let’s see, although the software development
is heavy, this meeting will affect the price
of Cardano, especially a special announcement
will come?
Let’s see it, you have to read it.
Cardano’s CEO made a very logical statement
to me and said that if Bitcoin loses, Cardano
cannot win.
I find this point of view very healthy, very
Because there is a bitcoin that has imposed
itself badly.
I am not exaggerating Today, I am not exaggerating
every 100 Altcom occurred to you 90 of Bitcoin
to, Ethereum strobing on a Cardano’s CEO Charles
Hoskinso’s says he tried to rise, one hundred
percent can not say I’d be successful, but
will fail Bitcoin.
If Bitcoin fails, he says it’s the worst time
for the entire crypto currency industry.
Now he’s right when he pauses and thinks.
If Bitcoin fails, there is no Bitcoin brand,
and whether or not we accept it today, almost
the entire crypto-money sector is powered
by the existence of Bitcoin, using its brand
in some way.
I’m throwing it out because everybody trusts
Bitcoin x can tend to trust a coin.
At this point, the CEO of Cardano, Bitcoin
urgently needs to solve problems such as scaling
problems, the lightning network, for example,
can be developed more quickly, he says.
If so Bitcoin bit says we’re finished.
If we take a look at Cardano’s technical analysis,
we see an inverse flag formation, a mold movement.
This formation usually symbolizes rest and
If this staking or something doesn’t bring
Cardano some excitement, or if they don’t
explain something nice at the event in Washington,
the technical side wouldn’t be investment
advice, but I think it’s very likely to fall.
If the reverse flag works, it may fall another
round as hard as it falls, and Cardano may
return to support points in December 2018.
And that’s a drop from 0.041 to 0.027 to 26.
Friends I hope I have been able to satisfy
you as much as I can on Cardano’s side because
there were comments coming from you to talk
about Cardano.
Now, if we talked about Cardano, let’s talk
about Binance’s BNB in ​​the third clause.
Now we have a clear picture very middle BNB.
Please listen carefully, I will share this
with you.
Binance was selling the launch coins on the
Launchpad platform from the front and then
adding them to the stock market, leaving very
good profits, especially in the early days.
That could not continue this LaunchPad winds
of buildings, leveraged what we call the margin
operations on lending as we con leasing, futures,
took many products commissioned or something
Binani of America but investors could not
catch a synergy that will gather around as
That’s why the BNB is increasing every day,
while the price has tumbled down to $ 40,
and even the last Binance CEO, CZe retweeted
a tweet.
BNB’nin Bani used to increase the price of
falling, but pointed out that Binance’a need
a new excitement now.
I need something like a launchpad, but beware,
I certainly do not underestimate any of these
new Binance products.
In the long run, all of them are potential
BNB reasons.
I’m just talking about short-term gains.
You know, the BNB, which was $ 40 for a while,
fell to around $ 15, or let’s not be unfair,
but the overall withdrawal of the altcoin
market has an effect.
I think the BNB is still solid in the long
run because Binance opens up a wide range
of uses for BNB, but the short-term and long-term
motivations of investors are different.
In the short term, when the excitement comes
to Binance, the BNB as in Launchpad, then
the ascent may begin again.
Of course, if the altcoins come in a wholesale
bull season, then many coins from BNB to Waves
may start to rise.
If we look at the technical analysis of the
BNB, we see a descending wedge.
BNB, meanwhile, is one of the coins that is
relatively less misleading in technical analysis.
Of course we can’t say it will, but it seems
that BNB broke this block right now.
If it holds over $ 17.40, it may not fall
back into the drop line and rise from there.
It was about $ 18 today.
I think we can get confirmation if the BNB
holds over $ 18.80.
Then the new target would be $ 19.50.
I mean, at least now I think the outlook is
positive in BNB.
Why am I saying that?
50-day moving average BNB, crushed past.
Although the RSI has tested quite a bit of
the peaks and landed.
Now let’s talk about Tether.
Tether is claimed to be the most stable dollar
coin that is indexed to the dollar but there
are issues we need to pay attention to, folks.
Tether published a new transparency report
that Tether had started working with the FSS,
a Washington-based law firm earlier this year,
and had it checked out, and everything in
this report was very good and very good.
Nobody is sour yogurt.
So, I don’t have a lot of reports, Tether
is a very questionable company, and most of
the coins he sells don’t even have a dollar
Even in the past, they themselves confessed.
Whatever you say, it means.
If I have Tether’s USDT, for example, if I
have $ 10, I think that $ 3-4 of this will
only have a US dollar backup by the Tether
Okay, there hasn’t been any new suspicion
lately that will lower Tether’s USDT from
$ 1 to $ 80-90 cents, but I don’t recommend
holding a long-term USDT.
Please never keep this from getting real dollars.
If the grasshopper bounces, two bounces explode
in the third, Tether explodes one day tomorrow,
the USDTs you’ve hidden can barely be garbage.
What am I supposed to keep?
Of course, I keep USDC, the stable coin of
the Coinbase stock market, which I don’t trust
too much.
Anyway, those who use Tether recently got
into a shame with Bitfinex.
There’s another case coming up against him.
He said they should follow good.
This month, there is a possibility that new
developments will be possible.
Apart from that, the Tether company started
working with Justin Sun’s Tron a while back,
and there is now USDT on the Tron network,
just like the Ethereum network.
Justin Sun just tweeted 2 days ago and said
that the value of the USDT coin in the Tron
network is 191 million, and you immediately
come and take advantage of the 16% interest,
but here we go to the same door.
When we think of Tron, Justin Sun, and his
unreliable attitudes in the past, not even
one of those $ 191 million USDTs might have
dollar support.
You know, folks, what do stable coin companies
If the 100 million coins press and that they
in return if you say it is equal to 1 100
million dollars should keep the bank took
the US dollar in
the same’re contributing Be dollars in a smaller
$ 100 million from such dollar market which
in truth, but more importantly, tomorrow is
a day these coins will explode, garbage if
it was 100 people who have paid $ 100 million
for a million coins can be reimbursed, but
there are serious black holes around here.
I don’t know, and I don’t believe they backed
up dollars.
Folks, that’s how I feel about Tether.
Now let’s move on to today’s bonus information.
While the whole world is
living in 2019, no one claims otherwise, but
do you know that Ethiopia is living in 2012?
The Ethiopian calendar, based on the ancient
Egyptian and Alexandria calendar, is now the
year 2012.
They even entered 2012 on 12 September 2019
and celebrated it.
Now if you want what I have come to
the last video I published, which questions,
which comments let them read.


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