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Welcome to Plum Landing.
“Biodiversity Bingo.”
We’re on a mission for Plum.
We’re playing…
what’s it called again?
Biodiversity Bingo.
Yes, Biodiversity Bingo.
“Biodiversity” means how many
things live in your environment.
It’s plants and animals.
A jungle has biodiversity,
but so does a city park.
This is our bingo card.
These are all things
that you can find in nature,
so we have to find five of these
in a row
and then we win the game.
Look over there!
– Yellow flowers!
– Oh, yeah!
Plum sent the kids to the jungle
to explore biodiversity,
but you don’t have to go
to some faraway world.
You can explore your own world
to play this game,
and you’re having fun
while you’re doing it.
They’re not yellow flowers,
they’re just yellow leaves.
There were two teams.
The first team
was Lucy and Henry.
This is a maple leaf,
a leaf with pointy edges.
And then the second team
was me and Zuzu.
A leaf with wavy edges.
Right there!
An animal flying.
A flying animal, perfect.
You found a flying animal.
Because we have all these leaves
on the ground,
we’re finding everything
already here.
Look at this one, see?
And we found a tree
taller than we are.
If you’re just walking around,
you might not see
the biodiversity,
but if you look close, you’ll
find a lot of living things.
I think we found our…
Oh, well,
that’s a flying animal.
The bee is actually
on our bingo card.
But it has six legs.
This could be a good area
to find a flower.
With six or more petals?
We can do that.
Lots of dogs.
This is like a dog park.
We’re going to circle
“animal with four legs.”
There’s some litter.
We are seeing litter.
People just throw litter
and they don’t care.
Litter can have bad effects
on an animal habitat.
An animal could eat the trash
and get sick.
Okay, leaf with wavy edges,
leaf with smooth edge,
a flower with six
or more petals,
a tree with smooth bark,
and a tree taller than you are.
– We got a bingo!
– Yes!
I think that me and Zuzu won
because we got our first one
in ten minutes,
and they took half an hour.
This tree can give us
two squares.
Here it has smooth bark,
yet here it has rough bark.
And there’s one that says
“a tree that’s taller than you.”
That’s three.
But it doesn’t matter who won
because we got to see
all kinds of biodiversity, and
that’s what the game is about.
We already have bingo,
so we’re still looking
for stuff because it’s fun.
Explore your world
and then tell Plum about it
at the Plum Landing site
♪ ♪

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