Bingo U8 Smartwatch Review

and then and that review of this watch it’s a SmartWatch bite IRulu it’s also called the u8 smartwatch its Android wear so it’s not going to work with your iPhone or your iPad it would work but you can’t get any other notifications on the phone you all you can do is adjust the volume improvements that’s it that’s going to the watch features bluetooth and Wi-Fi has apps like dude itself which will show you all the devices connected next thing is the dialer and you can dial calls other thing is a phone book and access to your phone book you can read your phone messages you can see your call log ok the touch on the water Springs going to expect this wiki you know if you get any notifications when your phone is gonna ring on your device right here didn’t notice you just need to install the video is up with you can play music and the next features are the parameter T I made me to the parameter and stop listen sometimes they reset serious Hampton as your reason about it will tell you the height in meters with respect to the bring your side not that accurate but you know it’s free and escalator other calendar and the sleep monitor sleep monitor will continue times and you and Josh winger and pausing you have four different at three different clock case why you have full in the latest version of day the derivative mountain ridge you see the field for should get batteries pretty good hash I must see it’s pretty good battery like it gets charged in 30 minutes 32 minutes and its last ones for around you know I don’t elite Ali portraits are entering although i might I cannot compare it to the cannot compare it to the model 360 or the apple watch but you know if you want to get a SmartWatch i would say can get this one but i’m going to put the link in the description if you want to buy in this case and thank you for watching this week

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