BINGO *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

– So once again, Shride has done it again.
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Bingo, you guys know the classic game,
we all create our own game board
and whenever we fill out a line,
that’s the loot we get to fight.
We’re doing one round,
ten kill eliminations.
Winner takes all.
Whatever loot drops, that’s
what we mark off the board.
I hope you guys enjoy the video.
All right, does everybody
have their sides?
We all good, everybody knows the rules.
I’ve already explain them.
Crainer, go to your side, you dingle.
– [Crainer] This is my side.
– Get our of here, dingle.
– [Nico] I’m number one ’cause I am buns.
– Okay, everybody, build your set,
we’ve already explained the rules,
build your board.
Build your board workshop, yay.
– [Crainer] Oh, it’s
like build a bear dude,
but it’s a board, build
a bingo board, dude.
– There it is, dude.
B, B, B, B, B, B, B.
Better business bureau, what?
Why do I say those, what?
– [Crainer] What is goin’ on?
I don’t know what’s happening, dude.
– So we need 25 different areas,
we can’t duplicate
weapons per their rarity,
so what I’m gonna do, I
wanna’ strategically place
shotguns, ’cause shotguns, dude shotguns.
If you don’t have a
shotgun during a battle
you’re gonna’, oh crap, crap,
well I got a blue shotgun there, dang it!
So you guys know how, you
guys know how Bingo works.
If you get a line complete
you get a Bingo, right?
So what I’m gonna’ do, I’m
gonna strategically place
around my shotguns, right, so I’m gonna’
put a gold shotgun in
the middle right there,
so I have one, two,
three, four, four chances
of getting that gold shotgun in my Bingo.
Okay, okay, let’s keep doin’ this,
I gotta’ strategically place these.
Maybe if I put um’ outside of the corners?
Oh, dudes, this is tough, I’m
tryin’ to cheat the system,
I will cheat this Bingo system.
Okay, let’s put one there, one there,
and then one there, we have a good chance
of getting shotgun now.
Alright, so there’s all the good shotguns.
I don’t really care about the tac.
Next up, I definitely want a deagle,
so we can get two deagles.
Where is the best spot for these,
maybe like here, one, two, crap!
Oh, maybe it was in the corner,
one, two, three, oh I don’t know,
let’s put a deagle in the corner.
I don’t know and of course
I gotta’ get my combo going.
Let’s drop that there,
that’s in the corner,
that’s a good spot ’cause that’s three,
a corner is three, three
lines that you could get.
There we go, let’s get that.
So I could actually get my combo
with that top one, oh that’s pretty good.
And then of course the new bottle rockets.
Where should I put this?
Hold on, guys, give me a minute,
I’m gonna’, I gotta’ fix my board.
I gotta’ fix my board, be right back.
(weird music)
Alright, throw the new rockets there.
Okay, I will make this board pretty now.
Alright, does everybody have their boards?
Oh, Sigils, Sigils can I
steal your board, Sigil?
– [Crainer] Yep
– [Sigils] Yeah, yeah.
– Can I steal it?
– [Sigils] Well, no my
board’s really good,
you stay away from it.
– Okay so Shride is up
there, he has all the loot,
all spread out, he’s gonna’
drop um’ down as Bingo balls.
– [Crainer] Yay! Wait Bingo
Balls is that a thing?
– Bingo balls
– [Nico] Dude, they’re
literally right here on the map.
– They’re right there dude,
they’re Bingo balls, dude.
– [Sigils] Oh yeah!
– [Crainer] Who plays Bingo
dude, okay, I’m not 90, dude.
– Shride, go ahead drop down
the first random number.
What is it, everybody look at the center.
– [Crainer] Lookin’.
– [Sigils] We’re lookin’.
– Whoa! Gold Famas, I
know I have one of those.
Wait did I not put that down.
– [Crainer] Wait, so it has to be gold?
– Yes, oh, I got, no that’s it, oh no.
– [Sigils] Why’d you put
a purple famas, Crainer?
– I put a purple famas,
too, because we’re tryin’
to guess his randomness, you know,
we’re tryin’ to pick
the right balls, what?
Okay, okay, alright, Shride,
go ahead with the next weapon.
– [Crainer] Oh, dual pistols I got those!
– Wait, Crainer has those?
– [Sigils] Why do you have dual pistols?
– He does!
– [Sigils] Blue ones!
– [Crainer] Oh, dude I got one line!
No come on, I got one thing, sorry.
– Crap! Alright, well, alright.
– [Nico] Do you know
what a line is, Crainer?
– Alright Shride, go
ahead, next Bingo ball.
Oh, I got that, I got
that, impulse grenade!
– [Nico] Wait.
– There we go.
– [Sigils] No I only have shockwaves!
– [Crainer] Yeah, I got shockwaves too,
dude are you kidding me Shriderino, dude?
– I will get my combo, okay, okay.
Shride it’s on you, go ahead.
What is that?
– [Crainer] Woo!
– [Nico] I have that one, I have that one.
– Is that a green AR?
– [Crainer] Green AR, green AR, dude.
– Eww, Shride why? Eww, Shride.
– [Nico] I got my first one.
– You put a green AR on your board?
– [Sigils] What are you doing?
– Nico, what is your life?
– [Nico] What are you on about?
– What are you on about?
Oh, a grapler!
– [Sigils] Oh, I have that!
– Yes! I got it.
– [Sigils] I have that.
– I got it, there it is.
– [Nico] I forgot that existed.
– Oh yeah, remember the
rules, remember the rules,
whoever gets Bingo
first, they win the line
that they won and they
also get an additional item
that they can choose, right?
– [Nico] Oh.
– The second place has the same thing,
but the item has to be purple or below.
The third place blue or
below and the last place,
not only do they not get an extra weapon,
we get to choose the line
that they fight with.
– [Sigils] Oh.
– [Nico] Gosh, dang it.
Okay that’s gonna’ suck.
– I heard it, oh.
– [Sigils] Yeah, yeah, yeah!
– Yeah, I got that, I got that!
There it is!
– [Crainer] Gold heavy AR, was that it?
– [Sigils] Yep, that’s the one.
– [Crainer] Oh, I got that!
I got two in a row here!
– [Sigils] What’s wrong with you?
– [Crainer] Oh, I got that,
I got that, launch pad.
– Who put a launch pad?
– [Nico] Now way!
– Why would you put a launch pad?
– [Sigils] You’ve almost got a line!
– Why would you put a launch pad down?
The heck is wrong with you?
– [Nico] The one time Crainer gets lucky.
– A blue tac, if anybody put a blue tac
on your board you’re a sadist.
– [Crainer] I put a blue tac,
no I didn’t, I’m kidding.
– Oh, is that a deagle?
– [Crainer] That’s a deagle.
– Purple deagle, yes!
– [Sigils] Uh oh.
I don’t like where this is going.
– [Crainer] Oh, I got that too, dude!
– I’ll take it.
What was that, I didn’t see it.
– [Sigils] It’s C4 man.
– Oh, C4, yes!
– [Sigils] Got it.
– There we go.
– [Crainer] I don’t have
that, I don’t have that.
– Here we go, here we go, this is so good.
– Chug jug, oh.
– [Sigils] Okay, a chug
jug, yeah really, really?
– [Nico] I got that.
– Did you put a chug jug?
Wow, why is this campfire like massive?
– [Crainer] I’m not sure
what happened to that thing,
now you can’t see me.
– Oh, okay.
– [Sigils] Hey, he’s not wrong.
– [Narrator] A few moments later.
– [Crainer] Oh that’s a campfire!
– He literally, oh my God!
– [Nico] I clearly put
a campfire right here.
– I don’t think Nico has a campfire.
How the crap, fricken’
Shride make it more random,
so Nico doesn’t win.
– [Crainer] Oh, I have those.
– Whoa!
– [Sigils] Shockwaves, shockwaves.
My combo, my combo, yes.
– [Nico] I might be in trouble here.
What is your loot, dude?
– Did you put it out wrong?
If you get this bottom
one, all you have is heals.
– [Nico] Yep.
– [Crainer] Yes, oh my God.
– That’s why you gotta’ make
your board more strategic.
Alright, go ahead Shride, it’s on you.
Come on, give us something good.
– [Nico] What’s it gonna’ be, buddy?
– What is it? Oh! A gold, yes!
– [Sigils] Oh, I got that, I have that.
– [Crainer] I go that one!
– Dead center.
– [Nico] I need one more
to have a complete row.
– [Crainer] Look at my board, dude.
– Wait, hold on, let’s see your board.
– [Crainer] I’m gonna fill
it all out soon, dude.
– Oh, God, dude you’re
gonna’ fill it all out,
yeah that’s pretty cute.
– [Nico] Oh, they’re
rockets, they’re rockets.
– [Sigils] They’re rockets.
– [Crainer] They’re rockets drop!
– Oh, wait did he do the rockets?
– [Crainer] Yeah, you have those dude!
– Oh, he did the new
rockets, right here, yes!
Did nobody else get the rockets?
Oh gosh.
– [Nico] No.
– [Sigils] I think we all forgot.
– [Crainer] I forgot those.
– How do you forget
about about the new item?
You little newbies.
What is that I can’t see it?
– [Crainer] Gold scar.
– [Nico] Gold scar.
– Oh, a gold scar yes, I got that!
– [Crainer] I got that too dude!
– Wait here it is dude,
there it is, we did it.
Oh, yes I got that!
– [Sigils] Minis!
– [Crainer] Oh I put
down a slope not minis.
– [Nico] I’m one away in two things.
– Wait hold on.
– [Sigils] Wow, dude brag about it.
– Like that and that.
– [Crainer] I think I’m on away, too.
– Get that, get that, oh!
– [Sigils] What?
– Nothin’, nothin’.
Go ahead Shride it’s on you,
go ahead Shride it’s on you.
Don’t you look at my board.
What do you got?
– [Sigils] No cheating,
no cheating, Crainer,
alright, come on now.
– What was that?
– [Nico] Oh, we got a shotgun.
– Was that a heavy yellow?
– [Crainer] Heavy shotgun.
Yellow, yellow, yeah.
– I know I have that.
Oh, right there! Yeah!
– [Crainer] You’ve
almost got a whole line!
– [Sigils] Oh my gosh,
I’m so unlucky right now.
Dude my board is so scattered.
– What do we got, oh, yes!
– [Nico] Hey what, what happened Ian?
– [Sigils] Wait what’s that
sound, what’s that sound?
– [Nico] Oh, my gosh, Ian
is so close to winning.
– Hey stop looking at my board!
This is my board there are many like it,
but this one is mine.
– [Crainer] Okay, I’m lookin’, I’m lookin’
at your board, I’m sorry, I’m sorry sir.
– Oh I got that.
– [Nico] Oh.
– [Sigils] Oh, I have that, I have that.
– Yes!
– [Crainer] Oh! I’m so close!
– I am too.
– [Nico] What is that?
– Wait I didn’t see it,
what was it I didn’t see it.
– [Crainer] Golden scope revolver thing.
– Oh, I got that.
– [Sigils] I don’t got that.
It’s gross, bad gun.
– Nice, okay, there we
go, yeah I’ll take that.
What do you mean that’s a
bad gun, that’s the best gun.
– [Crainer] I am really close!
– I am too.
Alright, Shride, it’s on you, go ahead.
Oh, gold SMG.
– [Sigils] Oh, oh, yes!
– [Nico] I didn’t get that one.
– Oh, no I didn’t put that.
– [Crainer] I didn’t put any SMGs down!
SMGs in 2019, lol in the chat, chat,
right chat, who’s chat?
– [Nico] Wait Sigil’s had that.
– Of course Sigil’s does, oh gosh!
– [Sigils] Look at how
bad my board is now.
– Alright, it’s on you Shride.
– [Sigils] Give me something!
– [Crainer] Oh, stinks!
– Fart grenades.
I think I have those, oh
I got those right there!
There we go.
– [Crainer] Of course Ian has stinks.
Okay, that’s understandable.
– [Sigils] That’s toxic.
– Alright, go ahead Shride, it’s on you.
Come on, oh, yeah, Bingo, Bingo!
I got Bingo! I got!
– [Sigils] No, dang it what’d you get?
– There it is, dude, there’s my Bingo!
– [Sigils] Oh no.
– [Nico] Oh my.
– I get a shockwave,
shotgun, impluse nade,
hunting rifle, and a deagle, right,
and I can choose an additional weapon.
– [Nico] It better not be
a dance nade or I’ma’ cry.
– No, I wanna’ do dance grenades,
but I also wanna’ try the new gun.
– [Nico] Oh, yeah, oh yeah.
– I’m gonna’ do it, I’m doin’ it,
I’m doin’ the new one,
I’m doin’ the rocket.
So that’s my loadout,
now you guys keep going
for second and third place, remember,
fourth place we get to choose his weapons
and he doesn’t get an extra.
– [Narrator] Much later.
– [Nico] Oh a silence.
– [Crainer] Sniper.
– [Sigils] Dang I didn’t do that.
– Dang it, I don’t have that, crap, crap.
– [Sigils] You’re not in anymore!
– What do you mean dude, what do you mean?
Alright go ahead Shride, it’s on you.
– [Crainer] What’s the next?
– [Sigils] Oh, oh, oh.
– [Sigils] Oh, oh, wait
a minute, wait a minute!
– Is that silent scar?
– [Sigils] I win!
– [Nico] Dang it.
– [Crainer] Wait you win?
– [Sigils] I’m winner number two!.
– Oh, he won!
– [Sigils] Yeah, look at this!
– [Crainer] Oh, that’s a
good load out, already.
– So you get that load
out and you can spawn in,
– [Sigils] Oh, smoke grendades!
– you can spawn in an additional item,
purple or below.
– [Crainer] The new rockets?
– [Sigils] I kinda’ want
the new rockets, too.
– [Nico] Dude get the
new rockets, too, dude.
– [Crainer] Alright, so it’s me and Nico.
– [Sigils] Yeah, you and
Nico dude, you and Nico.
– [Narrator] Much, much later.
– [Crainer] What you got dude?
– Green revolver.
– [Nico] Got that.
– [Crainer] Why do you have these weapons?
– [Sigils] Are you kidding me?
– Wait so Nico won, Nico came in third.
– [Sigils] Wait, what, no he didn’t.
– Yeah.
– [Crainer] Oh, yeah he did.
– [Nico] Oh, I got it across!
– [Sigils] He got a diagonal!
I didn’t even know!
– So you get another weapon or item,
blue or below and then Crainer uh.
– [Crainer] Well, like what about me dude?
Do I keep going?
– So Crainer came in last, right?
Let’s just look at his loot and,
you know guys we can pick
any line that we want him
to have and that’s what he has to use.
– [Crainer] Oh, can
you guys pick this one?
– Hold on, hold on, let’s
look at this for a minute,
give us a quick minute,
give us a quick minute.
So this line here doesn’t have a shotgun.
– [Crainer] Oh that’s really bad line.
I thought I didn’t have any bad lines.
– [Sigils] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Crainer, take number three.
– [Crainer] Wait so, oh
geeze, but what do I get?
– That’s what you get
dude, that’s your loot.
– [Crainer] But what
about the additional item,
like you got, no?
– No you got no additional
item ’cause you didn’t win.
– [Nico] That’s for winners Crainer.
– [Crainer] Really?
– Alright, let’s get our loot,
let’s go fight, ten eliminations.
– [Craienr] I don’t like
you guys, anymore, dude.
– Alright is everybody ready,
you all got their stuff?
Who’s got a giant one by, Crainer!
– [Crainer] What’s up?
– Why you respawn on the ground.
– [Craienr] Dude, I have fun, okay.
Whoa, this is actually really tall.
– Yeah, okay, okay we’re
fighting ten eliminations,
three, two, one, ha!
(all yelling)
– [Crainer] Alright, am
I even hitting you, Nico?
(fireworks blasting)
– [Nico] Who just hit me
that wasn’t very nice.
Is that Crainer up there?
– [Crainer] Wait is somebody
shooting down my tower?
– [Sigils] No, why is Ian so quiet?
– [Crainer] I don’t, ah!
– Dude these rockets are.
– [Crainer] Ah, oh, I can’t build!
I can’t build!
– [Sigils] Bye.
(rockets blasting)
– [Crainer] Oh!
Oh, geeze, dude really?
– [Nico] Bro what are these, what is
this new rocket thing they added?
– Ow! Oh the rockets do
damage, I forgot about that.
– [Sigils] No!
– Yes! Oh, crap.
Oh my gosh, how, why?
– [Sigils] Why the pain Ian?
– [Nico] Oh gosh, has
anybody gotten’ a kill yet?
– Yeah I have.
– [Sigils] Yeah Ian killed me.
(gunshots, bullets ricocheting)
– Ow.
– [Crainer] He’s lying.
– No I have, I promise.
– [Sigils] Crainer come here. Whoa!
– Whoa! Got Crainer!
Nico, Nico!
– [Nico] Ah, no the smoke!
– Oh, yeah you have a gray tac
and a revolver no wonder that tickled.
Oh my gosh, there’s so
many, you know what?
– [Sigils] Rockets! Rockets!
– You wanna’ play the rocket game?
Let’s play the rocket game!
Oh you can only have two
rockets out at a time.
Yeah, yeah that’s right.
– [Crainer] Are you guys
just throwing rockets
at each other right now?
– What do you mean dude?
– [Crainer] It’s all I can hear!
– [Sigils] What?
– Hey stop shootin’ that
stupid revolver at me,
upgrade your gun boy!
– [Nico] Upgrade your life dude!
Got him.
– Oh, that’s too bad!
That stupid gray tac you’re a little,
your a tac stupid, what?
Just go with it.
– [Nico] You little.
– [Crainer] Oh my God!
– [Sigils] Ah! Oh!
– [Nico] They took damage
from their rockets.
– [Sigils] Dude, what is happening?
I don’t like it.
– [Crainer] Who threw
a rocket in my build?
– [Sigils] Had to be Ian.
– I think I found the new strategy,
instead of shockwave dance,
shockwave rockets, dude.
– [Crainer] Where is everybody at?
The only thing I see is stupid rockets.
– Oh, comin’ in, comin’
in, high ho’ silver!
– [Crainer] Stop the rockets!
– Yo!
– [Sigils] Oh my gosh, dude.
– Ah, who’s got their revolver?
Nico, literally.
– [Nico] That one’s not me.
– [Crainer] Wait you have
a revolver, too, Nico?
– [Nico] Yep.
– [Crainer] What the heck?
– [Sigils] Did you really just? Ian!
With the fade away
rockets are you serious.
– Crainer destroyed my face.
(yelling, laughing)
– [Crainer] I just got deleted, dude!
– [Nico] Deleted?
– [Crainer] Deleted, wow.
– [Sigils] You idiot!
I was gonna’ kill Nico!
Back out and let me have
this moment with Nico!
– Never!
– [Sigils] Stop roofing me!
– [Crainer] Ow!
– [Nico] It’s not my fault
that they added them.
Where are you, did you
just, did you just run away?
– [Sigils] Yeah, I left.
– Okay, okay, now where are you boys?
– [Sigils] I tried to come
play with Nico and no.
– Oh! That SMG melted me, dude!
– I wanna’ kill somebody with the rockets.
– [Sigils] Oh I wanna’ kill somebody.
– [Nico] I don’t think
they do much damage.
– They do ten per.
– [Sigils] Crainer!
– [Crainer] Get deleted kids!
– Did Crainer just third party, Crainer!
– [Nico] Oh, Crainer with the double kill!
– Oh my gosh, Crainer.
– [Crainer] The revolver is OP dude!
– [Sigils] Nico what are
you like building and why?
– [Nico] I’m just tryin’ to not
get killed by Ian right now.
– Oh, no, no, no, how did you get in here?
My house.
– [Nico] I was always
here Ian, that’ my secret
– You know what, you know what?
It is time, it is time.
– [Nico] Is it, is it?
– Oh no!
– [Nico] You think that it’s
time, but it is not time!
– [Crainer] Dude I got five
kills, I’m on my way to wictory.
– Wait, what is wictory? What is wictory?
– [Crainer] I don’t know, dude, okay?
– [Sigils] You think you’re so cool.
– [Nico] Who’s chasin’
me here? Oh it’s Ian!
– I just hit the w button,
just hit the w button.
I know, I know.
– [Nico] Oh, crap, no, no, no, no.
I didn’t think you could get that angle.
– Dude, deagles are so broken.
– [Crainer] Oi!
– Did you just turn Australian, mate?
– [Crainer] Whoa!
– How did you hit that?
– [Crainer] That was insane!
I think I’m the best at
deagles, dude, in the game!
– Ow, ow, ow!
Wait, wait, who’s shooting?
– [Nico] Nobody.
– You know, I don’t like this.
I don’t like this, I’m out!
– [Nico] Course you don’t like it, what,
okay, hello lag, hello!
– [Sigils] Who is doing this to me?
– My rockets are gonna kill him!
– [Sigils] Whoa! No!
And then Nico shoots me in
the back are you kidding me?
– [Crainer] Come back here, you!
– [Nico] I was not even shooting
at you, you bumped into it.
– Dude, these rockets, I think
I understand the rockets.
You know how people push build you
with like triple ramps and stuff?
Place a rocket down they can’t do that.
– [Sigils] Ah! What are you doing?
– [Crainer] I thought you
had ten health, dangit!
– [Nico] No that was
me that had ten health.
– [Crainer] Oh, no! I
lost a pickaxe you, dude!
– [Sigils] I was like what are you doing?
– [Crainer] How many kills do you have?
– [Sigils] Uh, six.
– Oh no.
– [Crainer] How many
kills do you have Ian?
– A lot.
– [Nico] Oh my gosh.
He does have a lot.
– Oh no!
This entire map is destroyed
because of these rockets.
– [Crainer] That’s your
fault, that’s your fault.
– What do you mean?
– [Sigils] Yeah, that ones on you,
that ones big time on you.
– Did you just jump, he just tried to, ow!
Oh, that hurt.
– [Nico] I’m so sorry, dude.
I just wrecked you.
– I’m over here chasin’ Crainer.
– [Sigils] Like a normal person.
– Ow!
– [Nico] What had happened was.
– Oh my God.
– [Sigils] Nine kills my friend.
– We gotta’ kill Sigils,
we gotta’ kill Sigils.
Take out Sigils.
– [Sigils] No, no stop it!
– Good job.
– [Sigils] I have a plan.
– [Nico] You were too on fire,
dude, I had to calm you down.
– [Sigils] Yeah, dude, I know.
– [Crainer] Everybody after Sigils only!
– [Sigils] Why does this
always happen to me?
– Here we go.
– [Nico] Oh gosh.
– [Sigils] How did this happen to me?
I’ve made my mistakes.
– Crap I can’t build.
– [Nico] He’s not saying
anything dude, he’s scared.
– Fade away.
– [Nico] That’s how you
know, oh not the fade away.
– Fade away, get fade awayed.
Here we go, here we go.
– [Sigils] Dude the amount of times
I just Harry Pottered myself.
– [Crainer] I saw that.
– [Nico] Alright, come
on, come on, come on.
– [Sigils] I’m doin’ my civic duty.
– [Nico] I don’t even, dude,
there’s noises everywhere
with these rockets, I don’t
even know where anyone is.
– Okay, okay, okay,
right there, right there.
– [Crainer] What the heck?
– Oh did you use another launch pad?
– [Crainer] Dude, I have one more left.
– Oh, wow, what happened to this build?
– [Nico] Oh, it actually,
you guys actually,
finally knocked it all out.
– [Crainer] He he.
– [Nico] Is that a reset we got?
– [Sigils] We got a reset dog!
– Whoa!!
– [Nico] Don’t do that,
again, ever, please.
– [Sigils] So you better get this rockets.
– Oh no are you rocketing again?
– [Sigils] Of course, dude.
Nope okay that didn’t work.
– ‘merica, ‘merica, oh crap, oh crap!
– [Nico] No!
– I didn’t know you were there!
– [Sigils] Oh no!
– Oh no, I gotta’ go, I gotta’ go.
– [Sigils] And he’s out!
– Oh.
Here we go, here we go.
We can do this right here.
Oh no, where is Crainer?
(yelling, laughing)
– [Sigils] He’s hiding at Granny’s.
– [Crainer] You were hiding at Granny’s
and I caught you.
– [Sigils] What you didn’t catch anybody.
– [Crainer] Oh what are you doing?
– Ha ha, where’d you go, where’d you go?
I miss you so, feels
like it’s been forever.
– [Sigils] I need more, no wait, wait.
Crainer killed me, dang it.
– [Crainer] I got seven kills, buddy!
– Yes!
– [Sigils] I came in last!
– [Crainer] That was a sick kill you know?
– Dude, you had nine? Holy crap.
– [Nico] I thought I was
so far ahead I was memeing.
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– [Nico] I got you dude.
– Somebody finally listens
to me, finally, good job.
(bouncy music)


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