Bingo Lingo

CYRIL- I think you know we need to talk about
this Beryl because we’re spending all our
budget on your makeup and costume Department
BERYL – But Cyril its all about this face
CYRIL – I think you’ll find its all about my bingo balls
BERYL- We’ve really made it up in the world lately
CYRIL- Do ya remember when we started
BERYL – It were nothing like it is now
CYRIL – The pits had just shut and the miners couldn’t see
and couldn’t hear much, cause of spending too much time down pit
So we had to make the cards a little bit bigger
BERYL -cause they got soot in their eyes from being down pit
CYRIL – And then they couldn’t hear very well
so we got megaphones
and before you knew it just got bigger and bigger and then
its being booked in that there London.
Well I think it’s time for the voice warm up
Wheelchair Queen… number 18
I said…Wheelchair Queen… number 18
Artificial legs 11…. Artificial legs 11
(sings) Bingo..Bingo..Bingo..Bingo..Bingo..Balls!
BERYL- You know I still do get a little bit nervous
Cause you never know do you, especially down here
CYRIL – I know it’s different down south
BERYL – You just never know what people are going to say
BERYL – I do get a little nervous and its excitement as well
CYRIL – I do love hearing them laugh for first time
It used to be called Bingo, we added the Lingo ourselves
We needed to stand out from the crowd
BERYL- we’re not just ordinary bingo
CYRIL- that’s why we came runners up in bingo caller competition
BERYL – we did, we got pipped at post by Lanky Larry from Lancaster
CYRIL – Don’t get me started on that. Anyway he’s never been booked in London!
BERYL – Do I look glossy enough luv? or do I need more Brozer?
(Voice of camera) Yeah a little bit of bronzer
CYRIL – Bloody hell, I’m not waiting around for you. I’m off to play Bingo
(music plays and fades out)

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