hello, my name is rafael astorga
I want to share them a job I did in excel
which is very good, according to my assessment, I commented what many people
I said, why not share it and well, I’m doing
It is a BINGO in EXCEL
Many times, there are people who do bingos benefit and the system is very expensive
So there is a way that can facilitate them life
The file is called BINGO and then teach them where shares
This file can be viewed on the big screen and data show
Have to tighten options, enabling this content, so that function macros and formulas
The menu can be removed with CONTROL + F1 and put back with CONTROL + F1
What they see is the main screen of BINGO in EXCEL where the image is displayed to the public
We have 6 sheets where we work our BINGO
First, we cartons
I did 500 random cartons
For more cartons have to go to the sheet “D” and copy the data into cartons. how do they do that?
Copy all rows in the last cardboard and stick it then appears automatically the next carton
Momentarily the above numbers are equal to those below
To make them different, we must go to sheet “D” and press “create cardboard”
Thus, different numbers are created
copy and paste as “values” in the sheet “cartons”
And so, etc etc etc if they want to take the job, but I think 500 cartons are sufficient
If you want to place any mention distinction to make each carton, you should only write
As Juanita Perez, the family and organization thanks you for participation
In the cards played, you must enter the cards they are playing on the left side
No cartons already played this because this form helps you keep track
And when you go to the right side, the cards will not be valid for a second game, yes, if you so desire
They can also score in the middle range of boards that wish to enter direct mode
OK, we have the game itself, BINGO
They have to position themselves in the cell “tombola” and press the Delete key, keep it tight
then they released and say “N34”
we click “pass number” and the number passed to the board
Then we press the delete key again and release
So now we “O75”
and so on
So people will have the display of numbers that come out
ah !! I forgot a detail
In the game we want to make a MINI BINGO, for example form the letter “T”
So people understand that should form the letter “T” in the MINI BINGO
So we continue to make the game (…)
OK, someone shouted BINGO!
Now, we will review the automatic sheet
In auto review, the form of “MINI BINGO” is also displayed
Where is the blue box, we note the number of cardboard to review and write the number
Here the number is automatically displayed cardboard
If we want to validate the cards that are played in a second chance
I write the word “S I”
Or just do not write anything
If we write the 300 in this example, I will put valid
because we did not put as cardboard played
The numbers are in green, are valid, the Reds are invalid (not left on the board)
I’ll put numbers that are right for carton No. 1 to see what happens
Someone yells “BINGO” and as we see, the carton is valid, because they are all in green
Now, if one of those numbers came out, the number will appear in red.
Hence we say: No, sorry, the cardboard is no winner
For two reasons: because the cardboard was played before and because it lacked a number
In my last explanation, when we make a new game
press “J U E G O N U E V O”
That would be friends, share, give like
If you want to download, check the message body as comment, where the link appears
If love can solicitármelo and I have no problem sending your emails.
See you in another file EXCEL
~ BYE ~

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