Bike Park in Fernie | DH Riding at Fernie Alpine Resort 2013

I don’t think Fernie caters to one style of riding.
I think,
It’s kinda like one of those places you can bring anybody
and they’re gonna have a good time, because
the trails, they can be taken every which way.
and, from beginner to top level pro
it’s definitely a place where you’re going to be entertained.
Basically, I like riding Fernie because it’s home to me
I’ve ridden here for so many years, it’s always been the same in the fact that
it’s nice and calm, and relaxed
and it’s always just fun to shred there.
The trails are always in good conditions,
and it’s a good atmostphere.
I’ve been riding Fernie for as long as I can remember
and I’ve been to so many other bike parks
and there’s no other bike park like Fernie
It’s just the funnest place to be.
Let’s me kick back and have a good time,
It’s got all the amenities at the hill
and Fernie is super close
In terms of experiencing the bike park, you also get to experience Fernie at the same time.
so it pretty much becomes this all-time trip.
It’s something we try to do every year. We can’t think of a better place to go.


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