[BETA VIDEO] GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME | Player Progression Redesigned

Hello everyone! This is Marcin and Jason.
We’re here to talk about the progression system in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.
In particular some of the changes we made based on your feedback and suggestions.
So thank you very much for sending those our way – they help us
shape the game and make it a better experience for everyone.
Jason, I think you could tell us more about those changes in details now.
So we’ve been looking and thinking a lot about how to improve our reward system and
while most of you in our community seem to really enjoy the rate at which you get the rewards in a day,
there could be room for improvement in the
sense that we want to give players progression
even if they don’t win their match but
they still fight valiantly in the battle.
And the way we did that is instead of only
progressing in the rewards by winning a match
now whenever you manage to win a round, you
will progress through our reward system.
As you know, when you win a round, you win
a crown half and so the progression is
now measured by the amount of crown halves
that you got at the end of the match
allowing players who skillfully fought
to the end and got a draw or at least
managed to win that one round actually
progress towards their rewards
which, I think, gamers are really gonna appreciate and have fun with.
So users can expect to earn
rewards by winning rounds
and getting those crown
halves in the new system.
Nice! And what about the types of rewards and the tiers?
So, the tiers and the types of rewards – we
were quite happy with so we didn’t change them.
The only difference is, since two crown
halves equal a win – the progression is the
same as before – it used to take 3 wins
to fill the bar, now it’s 6 crown halves
which should be actually a bit faster than before, but roughly the same.
So I noticed that there’s a new experience section during the end
screen summary after the game. Could you tell us more about that?
So we had a level system in our previous versions
of GWENT, but we weren’t really happy with it.
We didn’t think there was much of an experience to it. Leveling up itself
didn’t really provide much that the new reward system doesn’t already cover.
So we wanted to take it a little to the next level, if you will…
So the first thing to notice is, everyone starts at level 1
and depending on how well you do in your match and the fact
that you actually finish it and whether you win or lose
and various factors that we’re not sure exactly what we’re gonna end
up for the final version, but for now you get experience points.
And those experience points fill a level. Each level
will take progresively more experience points to reach.
And each level-up will actually give users a reward. A reward specific to that level.
It could be a card keg, it could be a specific card, it could be scraps, ore.
It gives you another way of getting rewards and progressing in the game
that isn’t really tied to winning or losing at all.
So what happens to all the levels you gained in the previous system?
For those who are below level 10, they will keep the level that
they had before – they’ll be transferred into the new system
and all the rewards will be given to them, however if you’re
greater than level 10, you will be brought down to level 10.
There’s a few reasons that we think are pretty reasonable for this. 1 is
that the rate at which you progress through levels has drastically changed
meaning that what was a level 100 in terms of
hours is not a level 100 in our new system.
The other thing is, we acually have a maximum level of a 100 right now,
so people who are above level 100 wouldn’t even fit in the new system.
So we do have a cap on levels there,
which is another one of the reasons.
And the reason why went all the way till 10, and not set everyone
to 1 is that you actually unlocked Ranked Play at level 10
and we wanted people to be able to have access
to all the features they’ve been playing so far.
And by playing Ranked Games you get a lot more cool rewards…
Absolutely! It’s another way to reward players, but we’ll discuss that some other time.
Is the level cap permanent or are we planning to increase it later on?
The level cap is actually quite high and we don’t expect the players
to reach it in the first day, let’s say – shouldn’t even be possible
but eventually, you know, we’ll likely, maybe possibly add it in the future.
It’s definitely something we are considering.
But seriously speaking it will take much longer than just 1 day to reach that cap.
Yes, yes.
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate all those beautiful visuals, we have right here!
Yeah, our team worked really hard from animators to VFX artists to UI Designers,
to all of our programmers to make it much better, more user-friendly,
to give you more information without making you trapped in a
really long sequence. It’s a rather big improvement for us
and we’re quite happy with the way it’s turned out.
It’s super pretty!
Alright! Thank you very much for watching this video.
That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed it.
Yup… Definitely…
If you do have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.
We’ll do our best to answer them as soon as we can.
And I hope you guys have a lot of fun with our recent changes.
And see you in the game!


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