[BETA VIDEO] GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME | Player progression explained

Hello everyone! This is Marcin together with Jason.
Hey guys!
We’re here to address some of the questions you guys had about player progression in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.
You left those questions on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and our forums, so I think without further ado, let’s just dive right into them.
So our rewards are broken down into essentially four tiers, which reperesent about four levles worth of wins.
And as an example, in the first tier you only need 3 wins to gain a level’s worth of experience
The next 6 wins get you a level’s worth of experience and so on and so on and it kind of diminishes to stabalize at the standard 12.
So your rewards for your first tier are much higher than the fourth tier, and there’s a reason for that.
We wanted players to have a certain progression on a daily basis.
We didn’t want you to get all the cards in the first day because that kind of defeates the purpose of a collectible card game
So instead of spreading out your rewards over 12, 14, 15 hour farming we decided to give you more rewards very early on and have them taper off
And the reason for that is very simple –
We wanted people who have less time to play to be able to get their daily rewards without being punished for having to work long hours, or whatever reason you couldn’t play that day
And one thing to note is, those 100 ore that you get for your first tier level up is enough to get you one card keg, which is pretty nice
And also let’s mention that the tiers, they reset once a day
And what about those question marks?
Right. So those question marks again, we give you more of them at the start
And what about those question marks?
Right. So those question marks again, we give you more of them at the start
You can see that for the first two tiers every win, if it’s not a level up, you get a guaranteed smaller reward, that’s what those question marks mean
Then starting at tier 3, it’s only every other win that you get one of these smaller rewards and then eventually they just disappear.
So these smaller rewards will give you one of three things,
They’ll either give you 15 ore, 15 scraps or a card, and that card has the equal probability of the first four cards in a keg
Which means it could end up being Ciri, if that’s the card you’re looking for.
And remember there’s actually another reward system that we can talk about here, which is the good game rewards
And since it’s so community driven maybe you can explain it
This is actually something we came up with to help spread the good energy within our community
Because obviously GG, you know, good game, when you think your opponent did well even though he won or he lost to you
You might still want to give him some props, award him with some scraps or ore, because this is actually what you get when you’re getting a GG from your opponent
So this is a nice hefty feature that we have and I think we’re all very proud of it
I like it, I think it’s pretty cool
Alright guys, that’s it for today. I hope we shed some light on the progression system in Gwent
And since both me and Jason are playing a lot of Gwent every day, so we’ll be seeing you around.
And I just want to remind everyone that we’ve been reading a lot of your feedback and we really appreciate it
And we want to throw a bit of our love back at you for all the love you’ve been throwing at us, thanks a lot guys!


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