Best Tree House Resort in Munnar? Visit Dream Catcher Plantation Resort to make your stay memorable

Hello Everyone. This is Sujith Bhakthan from Tech Travel Eat. Today I am going to show you an awesome plantation resort at Munnar.
And the resort is famous for tree houses. I am exploring tree houses that are there in Kerala now.
This is the 2nd part in that category. Today I will be staying here. Shall show you Dream Catcher Plantation Resort views and attractions soon
Its at Munnar, Byson valley road. Its a bit away from Munnar. But its a beautiful place just like you see behind me
Lets check it out and come.
This is the way to Dream Catcher Plantation Resort. I have finally reached here.
The specialty here is that it is a plantation resort. On one side you have full of tea gardens.
There are orange trees in between the tea gardens. I can see the ripe oranges.
Then on the other side they have plantations like cardamom and other spices. Lets go in now!
Now its 1.30pm. We checked in. Thought of having lunch and then going to the room.
I have now reached the restaurant. Look at the tea gardens on this side. The other side is mountains.
The tree house is at the end of this area. So thought of having lunch n going. You can see lots of oranges here
This is one. Saw this bridge here
Its nice to walk over the bridge. I can see the oranges here. Lets see if we can pluck one.
Its a green one here
This is the restaurant. You can see rooms below.
You have standard rooms here. But the main attraction here is surely the tree house. I am so excited to get there
We shall have lunch and then go to the tree house.
Look at the coconut tree swaying in the wind. This is one side of the restaurant. The other side has tea gardens
We entered from this side. You can see big mountains there. Down there you have cardamom garden
You have lots of other trees like jackfruit, mangoes and coconuts too.
This is an orange juice made from the oranges plucked from here itself.
Now we are going to our room. We are walking through the plantation. There are lots of tree houses here
Saw one there.
This is the one where we are going to stay.
This is going to be awesome. They accommodate only 2 people in a tree house. Small children are not allowed
You have raw and ripe oranges on this tree.
So this is the tree house where I am going to stay today.
This is a tree house made in between 5-6 trees.
Its beautiful. This side has tea gardens and this side has cardamom gardens.
You can see other tree houses from here. I am staying at the tea plantation view.
So this is my tree house today.
Lets see the inside of our room and come. This is where I am going to stay today.
This is a room that has very good view. The room is well maintained. All the basic amenities are provided
TV, fan Since we dont need an AC in Munnar, its not there. Now lets check the bathroom.
To reduce the weight on a tree house, things are also kept in that manner. The room is good.
The sounds of living things are the only thing you get to hear here. Enjoy it.
Now we are going for a ride. Kareem is taking us. This is a Polariz vehicle. Its a 4/4 drive vehicle
Its an American import. This is to avail the service for the guests who come here.
We are going for an off road ride. Lets enjoy and see it. Its a left hand drive vehicle. Lets go
You shouldnt miss this ride. We are going off road. On the left you can see tea gardens and oranges
The name of this area is called Kuttappan City.!
Its even known as the Nilgiri of Munnar.
You will have to pay extra for this ride here. One person pays Rs 400/-You need minimum 2 people to go
Maximum 4 people can go. Its really worth the ride.
On the right side you have cardamom plants. You can see them lying here.
I sat for a long time in the front. Now I have come to the back seat. You can sit and stand also here
Its an adventure like here. I am feeling scared.
We had a good safari in the polaris. Now we are back to the hotel.
These types of tree houses are a specialty of only dream catchers. They are so beautiful and lots of fun
Now they have a spa and 2 treatment rooms too. I am going to try a massage here.
I have done a massage and I feel so relaxed. The massage was excellent. Its an Ayurvedic center.
I think they can improve that a bit. But the massage was excellent. I am truly happy and relaxed
Good morning. Its 7.30am. We woke up and had a bed coffee. Look at the mist here.
It began last night. Because it was dark I couldnt show you this yesterday. Look at the beauty between the tea gardens.
You cant see anything else now. We shall walk through the plantations now. Shall try to pluck oranges
Lots of things to do now. We shall return, have breakfast and check out in the afternoon and go.
Lets go and see the beauty.
We are going for the plantation visit now. Lets enjoy walking in the mist.
The rates here are depends on how you book. If you book through goibibo or make my trip, it starts from 2500/-
But the tree house is not of that rate. 2500/- onwards are rooms near the hotel. They are deluxe rooms.
The rate for treehouse in goibibo starts from 6000/- onwards. Its a room for 2 people. Family rooms begin from 5000/- onwards.
You can find out the other rates by contacting the hotel directly. If you see this video and call the hotel, you may get a good discount too.
Anyways check all the means and do your booking if you are intrested to visit this place.
Tea gardens are at a spread of 30 acres here. In between they have orange trees too.
Not only oranges but many other trees too. I am not able to identify all of them.
Further down they have lots of cardamom plants. We shall go and check it out. Lots are seen on it.
They have just plucked the oranges from this area. It seems there are lots of oranges further down
Lets go and check that out and pluck some if possible
Now this is the where they have swings and a campfire place. There is a place to climb up and enjoy the view around
Lets climb up and see. They have more swings here.
This is one of the main advantage here. A bridge has been built to go straight down.
You reach the main buildings restaurant.
We are now on top of the tower. You have place to sit. Its misty now.
Because of the mist you cant see anything. This is the plantation area. The other side is the hotel with tea plantation
After the 45mts morning walk we are going to the restaurant to have breakfast.
Morning they have idly, poori, upma and different curries for it. I am sure it will be delicious. Its a good spread.
Now we are plucking some oranges. There are lots on this. Kareem bhai is the one who took us on a polaris ride
People coming here will surely enjoy the oranges and the chance of plucking them too.
Its a different experience to walk between the tea gardens and pluck oranges.
These are the best oranges. No medicines, manure or anything added to it. It just grows naturally
I have them often. Its not like the ones you buy from outside. Even if its a bit less sweet, they are healthy and natural.
We have plucked some. Its not enough just plucking them, lets eat and see.
Its sweet.
Its not such an easy job plucking oranges. People seeing it might think its easy.
Going through the plantations and plucking them is difficult. Its in heights. There are very little oranges in low heights.
You should make sure to pluck them without breaking the branches. Its a challenging task.
Its an awesome experience. You have some love birds here. There are lots of flowers here.
This is a medicinal fruit and not available everywhere. Its called marathakkali. Its just like our tomatoes
Tomatoes are sour but these are different in taste.
You get to see lots of these here in Munnar. They sell each for 5/- in town
See how pretty this flower looks. Its look like a plantain but I cant understand what it is.
The flower looks very pretty
All that you see down there is cardamom plants. They have lots on them. Other trees also are seen
But cardamoms are more seen here
Lets go check out the cardamoms like we checked the oranges. I had seen lots when we had walked yesterday
These are the ones. We pick the ones ready. You can see its flowers too.
The soil should be very neat and always wet too. Thats whats to be done to get good spices.
So finally its time for us to leave Dream Catcher Plantations. I dont feel like going at all
But we have to go. Hope all of you have liked this video. If you are coming here, do opt for the tree house stay
Thats the best stay thats provided here. Other rooms are also good. I shall be back with another tree house video
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Until we meet with my next video, this is Sujith Bhakthan signing off from Dream Catcher Plantations, Munnar.


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