Best Resort In Vietnam | Bamboo village Resort & Spa

Hello, my name is Larisa Yashchenko.
I am from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.
Everyone travels differently.
My trip was actually a surprise.
My children treated me a vacation to Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa
What a wonderful destination. A corner of paradise.
I like everything here.
I’ve been treated like a queen
from how my day is going, what I’d like to eat, how I enjoy my swim,
just wonderful people.
You can’t imagine how kind and hospitable Vietnamese are.
I like it when Vietnamese say they like Russians.
It’s true. We love Vietnamese and Vietnam too.
You guys are super.
Thank you very much.
I know Bamboo Village is the best resort in the area
because I have talked to many guests staying at other resorts.
I let them visit here and they enjoyed it very much.
I do not regret it one bit when my children surprised me with this trip
to stay at this lovely Bamboo Village Resort.
They knew my wishes and what I would enjoy.
I’m very happy.
Thanks to all my kids. Best wishes to all of you.

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