Best Places to Stay at the Disneyland Resort – How to Pick the Hotel that’s Right for You!

Hey everybody it’s Julia at Konkin Can Do
and today, I’m going to talk about where to
stay at the Disneyland Resort.
So you’ve decided you’re going to do a Disneyland
resort vacation, good decision.
But now, where the heck are you going to stay?
The best option, but also the most pricey,
stay at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels.
You’ve got three options.
The swankiest, but most expensive hotel is
the Grand Californian.
This place is great because you actually get
your own entrance into Disney’s California
Adventure Park.
Number two, The Disneyland Hotel.
Be retro, that’s the original place to stay
and that’s where I’m going to stay this coming
And the last one is the more budget conservative
hotel I guess you could call it.
Paradise Pier.
The awesome thing with these hotels is you
get that extra hour in the morning to access
the parks before everyone else.
That is huge!
Especially if you’re only there for a couple
On top of that extra hour, you get tons of
extra perks.
So let’s say you don’t want to break the bank.
Being in Disneyland is going to be expensive
as it is.
The Disneyland Resort Good Neighbour Hotels
are your next best bet.
A good number of these hotels are actually
closer than the Disneyland Resort Hotels.
Make sure you do your research.
I always like to go on Trip Advisor and read
the last ten to twenty reviews for that hotel
before I even book.
I highly recommend looking on Google Maps
to see how far away it actually is.
A lot of these places are close but even though
it says it’s in the Disneyland Resort area,
it may actually be a twenty minute or half
an hour walk.
Part of the excitement for us is walking to
the park, but you know what, if you’ve got
kids, it’s not the best option for you unless
you’re actually right across the street.
If that’s not in your budget, don’t worry
about it.
Now there is a transportation system for all
the good neighbour hotels.
But you’ve got to keep in mind, if you’ve
got two adults and two kids, you could be
spending up to $15 a day.
Just make sure that you add that cost into
your nightly stay.
Your third option and probably the most economical,
especially if you have a large party, is booking
a vacation rental property through a third
party, for example, Air BnB, Vacation Rental
By Owner, Home Away.
You can also book these through Expedia, Trip
Advisor and many other sites.
Just make sure when you find a property that
you like, read all of those reviews, and I’m
not kidding you.
If they’ve only got one or two reviews, it
might be a little too iffy.
If they’ve got twenty plus reviews and they’ve
all been good, you’re probably okay to go.
Just make sure you do your research.
If you book a vacation rental property, how
are you actually getting to the park?
If you’re only planning on spending one or
two days in the park, I really highly recommend
that you pick a Disneyland Resort hotel, or
one of the close, good neighbour hotels.
Otherwise you’re going to spend a lot of your
time getting to and from the park.
It’s not worth it.
I’m going to be staying at the Disneyland
Ben and I are going back to Disneyland again.
Anyway, I’m going to let you know how it goes
because I’m so excited.
If you want to know why I picked it, well
guess what, You’d better subscribe cause I’m
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Thank you guys so much for watching.
This was Julia with Konkin Can Do, We’re the
Canadians on our way to Disneyland, we go
a little too often.
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Resort, please let me know write it in the
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