BEST OF ALL TIME WickN’s Gaming (Funny Moments)

Are you recording?
You were recording during the part where I was talking about my boner?
Yeah, that’ll be a separate video ha ha
“Talk about my lover”
Someone lives in just a freakin rock.
It’s like a freakin cave.
Alright! Mother frencher!
Quit having a name that attracts people
He just left! (laughs)
*discord beep*
He left Discord (laughs)
You shooted
“Oh man, I shooted” (country accent)
Holy guacamole!
What the freak is happening here!
This guys flying! This guys flying!
Well, this is awkward…
His friend just abandoned him.
Oh! I found his friend.
Repair that wall, that’s right on me. To the left.
Oh, dude! I’m dying (intense laughter)
Have you ever tried eating a loaded baked potato? You ever wish it was in a single chip?
Well, french you!
Let’s see who I get…
Hopefully, I don’t get the…
Oh, you’re gonna say it out loud so that we all know here?
yeah I’ll say the breast or chest plate
whatever you wanna call it, okay? Men can have breasts too!
The last one looks like a skyscraper with a horizontal and vertical line.
Could it also look like a ?
Yes, I was trying to find a more eloquent way of wording it…
How’d I only hit him for six? Are you chokin’ my sister?
So what’s your favorite YouTuber?
You ever heard of TheDeluxe4?
haha I think I’ve might have. If that’s a real person?
Yeah, he’s a real person!
Wow, have you heard of KYR_SP33DY?
Gaming legend K.Y.R. Speedy?
What does he do?!
Besides doing your mom, he uploads a lot of like csgo.
I’m glad he’s doing my mom for me.
I was worried I was going to have to start
doing it, ever since my dad died.
Imagine when porno has evolved to that…
“Doing your mom at your Dad’s funeral”
(hysterical laughter) “I can’t”
I was trying to talk to them but I couldn’t speak right. So, I left (intense laughter)
I’m gunna go apologize
Just admit it, I’m your favorite.
I gotta pee. In real life.
What did you just open? This door right here…
That’s where we’re sleeping, this is our Clubhouse I think…
Ohhh, wait. We sleep together yeah? Hot.
I’m gunna go with…Oh, shoot!
I hit enter on accident. Hold on, jump cut!
What do we do? How do we get away from her?!
She’s coming back! She’s coming back! (screaming)
Where is she? I hear her flapping around.
Why is she hobbling?
I think she has something stuck up her butt or something.
Well, this is awkward.
Oh my gosh noooo
It’s the color of the assault rifle.
The AR goes boom boom boom boom
Shotgun goes boom!
grenade goes kaaaaboom
We’ll get Hadley the minigun and she’ll take down the tower we go after.
Oh the one that goes ding ding, that goes really fast.
The one that’s like duh duh duh duh! Brrt Brrt Brrt!
Ohhhh! I nutted in my pants!
One is radio. Oh, I’m cheating!
You have to hurry up. You hear him!
Oh my gosh! THANK YOU!
Oh my gosh he is so loud. Can we turn him down?
Can you speak up? I can hardly hear you…
Can you speak up, please? (giggling)
(kid screaming)
This is not the time. Snap out of it!
Stop moving. Hang on.
Is he coming? (screaming in background)
Is he coming or not? I was so close.
(in background) GO! He’s reviving him I see him!!
Go out the door!
Thank you! Gosh, darn it!
Guys calm down. 195, last guy. (laughing)
wait in your line, we’ll revive everyone don’t worry
(intense victory screams)
Here, I’m gunna throw your stuff down.
It’s like that game five hundred. Four points…
here you forgot this….
Chris?! Has anybody seen Chris?!
We need to organize a search team to find this Chris guy.
What does he look like? You know he’s white, with a face.
White with a face, I think I know the guy!
Hit it Oh Oh go in Oh
go in yeah I noticed I just noticed that
yo WickN with the freaking good moves
Poll for the viewers, if he gets a hat-trick, I will do one dare of your choice.
There we go now we’re not exactly the same
Conner, come check out my deck.
Has anybody seen my glasses?
I really wish I could find my glasses…
Oh! Kiss me (smooches)
All I have is a pistol bro.
It’s fine. You just come behind me and when we finish this guy…
GG’s buddy
GG man
He’s across the other second-story just
wait for me
Game over bois, he has a pan.
“guys, guys wait” “ow ow ow”
Relax, my friend. Go sleep.
“There’s some other people there”
Now we sleep. Goodnight! Nighty night! (intense laughter)
Idk what we were doing there…
So you need a more POWERFUL ?
Well, what we have IS
Should I do it?
Momma ain’t raise no woosie


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