Best Friends Play the Game Truth or Drink (Patrice, Mele, Escence, Casey) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Have you ever pooped
yourself as an adult?
– Don’t throw up, okay ready?
Let’s just do it fast, throw it back!
Like just open your throat.
– I’m Patrice.
– I’m Mele.
– Escence.
– Casey.
– We’re best friends.
– I want Mele to ask Patrice
“A” and Patrice ask Mele “B”.
– The aliens can only make
themselves have one human
characteristic at a time.
What do you ask for to make
the sex as good as possible?
– From the aliens?
– Yeah, like you’re gonna
get it on with the aliens.
– [Patrice] To make it like super A-1?
– Got it.
– The alien gone need to have
that long, long, long, long,
I don’t even know what,
what do you guys call it?
– [Escense, Casey] Dick!
– You just say dick?
– I hate people that say cock.
– That’s what I was gonna
say, like what do y’all say?
– Long cock.
I can’t even say it right.
– Mele, do you have an age
ceiling for a one night stand?
– Absolutely.
– Would you fuck a 60 year-old?
– Hell no.
For me, I just think about when
I was 10, how old were you?
– But like, you’re not 10.
– I know that.
My cap would probably be 36.
– I’m gonna give it to
the alien peen over there.
– Oh everybody has to
answer this question.
Where’s the strangest
place you’ve had sex?
– On a washing machine.
– On a washing machine, okay.
What about you?
– In a movie theater.
– [Patrice, Escense] Oh my god! Me too!
– I forgot about that!
– What would you guys do
would you sit on them?
– On top.
Yeah girl.
– Mine was very awkward.
– Were you on the ground?
– Yes.
– Oh my god no!
– I’mma give you this card
because you went into detail.
You deserve it.
– Everyone answers but me.
Have you ever done butt stuff?
– Somebody tried, no no.
– I’ve done it.
More in my past life.
– Are you talking like, penetrating?
– Yes.
When I was younger.
– Eating it?
– Oh.
– Oh absolutely not.
– [Escense] You crazy?
– What’s up, Mele?
– No!
You’re gonna flip this shit on me?
– I’ve done it a lot.
Well I’m just saying I’ve
probably done it more.
– Patrice wins!
– I’m astonished.
– I just had no idea.
Okay, so here.
– I mean, I don’t talk about it.
I don’t like it, I don’t talk about it.
– Alright Mele I want you
to ask Escense question A.
– What sexual interest do
you have that might be unique
among you and your friends?
– I’m gonna do a twist.
So now you have to answer
the question as me.
– I like them freaky, I like
them to throw me around,
toss me up in the air.
Might break the bed.
But I don’t give a fuck.
Oh, smacking it.
Not clapping.
– Okay, the various sex juices,
sometimes they get on clothes.
Tell us about when it happened to you.
– I get mine on myself a lot.
– So you squirt?
– No.
– I do.
– I low key wanna give it to
Patrice, that bitch can squirt.
– Oh my god, wow, Jesus.
– Patrice, ask A to Casey.
– What would we do on our first date?
– Butt stuff.
– Alright Patrice have you ever
pooped yourself as an adult?
– No!
What the fuck?!
– I’ve never like, pooped
on myself, but like I almost
confused a fart for a poop.
I was like oooh!
– Don’t say too much, it’s okay.
– My date was amazing, come on.
– Nope.
– Yeah, you didn’t shit your pants.
– Okay, Escence is going to answer A.
I guess Casey gonna answer B.
– Oh my God.
If you were to kill me,
how would you do it?
– I would give Escence poison
through wine and she would
drink it and slowly pass away.
And then we’d burn her.
I’mma ask you A.
Escence, tell us about a time
you got more wasted than you
should have?
– Shit!
We drank a whole entire bottle of Ciroc.
I had like four shots of Hennessy.
They took me to freaking China
Town and left me in the car.
And I just remember opening the
door and I fell face forward
into the cobblestone in China Town.
– Essie, you win.
That shit was so funny.
– I have three.
– Three.
– I have four.
– Two.
– I do win!
That’s okay.
– That was fun.
Basically what I learned is I need to ask
you guys more questions.
– I think this game’s hella
fun and you should totally
go and buy it.
– Go to
– Buy the fucking game.
– Buy the game.


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