Best Florida Beach Resort for Family Adventure on St. Pete Beach

Our thrills. And we really mean it. Take your
vacation to new heights. If you’re into adventure
and thrills we’re really like a beachfront
theme park. “It’s like having your own Disney
World in your backyard.”
You can slide, splash, surf, and soar. Slide
down our three story, 200 foot long water
slide. “On the curves, my stomach just like
dropped. It was awesome. It was amazing. It’s
the best.” We’re now offering unlimited slippery
fun. As a registered guest, you’re welcome
to take the soaking plunge all day if you
dare. “Our kids cannot get off the slide.
It’s like again, again, again!”
Splash into the warm gulf and jump right into
our Splash Island Water Park. This giant floating
playground let’s the whole family bounce,
slide, climb, and rock ‘n roll. “This place
is just incredible. You know, we don’t live
too far and it’s just a really awesome experience.”
Yes, you can surf right here on Florida’s
west coast. TradeWinds is the first resort
in Florida with WaveJet. “WaveJet brings a
whole new meaning to Hang Ten.” On our jet
powered surf boards, our surf school makes
it as simple as getting a tan.
Soar. Strap on the power of JetLev. “Waverunners,
boating, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, but this
is just a totally different arena than anything
I’ve ever done. It was insane.” Like something
right out of an action movie thriller. “I
can conquer the world!” You can even video
your flight to prove it to your friends.
We also have rides for all ages. From banana
boats to waverunners. “She goes a little faster
than I do.” Kyaks, paddle boards, and something
to really give you a lift, parasailing. “I
loved that take off. It was so smooth and
then we finally got the whole way up there
and we were looking down. Then you come to
the realization how high you are.”
For land lubbers, shake it up with our extreme
bungee trampoline and Gyrosphere. “My sister
was just right next to me. She’s screaming
her lungs out. She was having as much fun
as I was. Maybe even more.”
TradeWinds rocks!


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